Saturday, August 31, 2013

NOTD : Holika Holika Magic Pop Nail Natural in 04

Hey loves!

How's your weekend? I can't believe it's the last day of August already!
My birth month will be approaching in a few and I'm turning a year older again... I feel old. Haha! But anyway, here's a quick NOTD post for the night.

Bought this nail polish during the opening of Holika Holika at SM Fairview.

Holika Holika Magic Pop Nail Natural in 04

It looks much, much better when you see it in person. I love the shade because it looks so clean. Excuse the bad application though. My hands are pretty dry from all the painting I've been doing. I blame the oil paint thinners. :P

And since I have some spare paints, I use some acrylic ones to draw these details on top of the polish!

I still need to improve on applying the details though. But I think the imperfect application makes the look more quirky and fun.

Would you wear a nail polish shade like this?
Have you tried Holika Holika nail polishes yet? Which one?


Friday, August 30, 2013

Yabu: The House of Katsu, SM North Opening

Good evening ladies!

We were really quite happy to have been invited to the opening of Yabu's 6th branch at SM North Edsa, The Block, Liz was more excited though as she's been craving to eat really good food.

First off, we're very big fan of the manga arts that decorate every Yabu restaurant. So here's the four "paged" manga of SM North's Branch.

We started with a blessing and it's a little bit of a shock to see so many people working in one restaurant. Well, anyway, after all this was a big day so everybody has to be on board. :)

I love how the space feels so spacious. Because when you look at it outside, it seems too small, but you get inside and the does not feel cramped. I cannot express how much I love the modern minimalist interior. Although I know all Yabu restaurants are like this. :)

Love the bar. Always wanted to taste one of those, but it's the middle of the week and I have duty the next day so I passed on the alcohol for the night.

And here we go with the food.

Liz had the hardest time picking what food to eat as it's only her second time to eat in Yabu. Thankfully Dawn has been a frequent customer.

And today's tasty treat... CURRY!

Hire Katsu Curry for  Liz. (sorry for the unappetizing pic... this proves Liz will not make it big in a food blog)

And Menchi Katsu Curry for Dawn.

The tasty sauces waiting to be mixed in. :)

And our after thought appetizer. Yummy octopus!

And then came dessert, choco lava cake. It was very very scrumptious but the serving was a little small, but then again since we were already full from the main course, the portion was more than enough.

Lastly, we love how Yabu serves their customers. They always always make up for any small mishap. They were a little late in giving us our dessert spoons and they make up for it with a second helping of that scrumptious choco lava cake. Yum!

So that's it for our Yabu experience, we had such a great time, before we knew it, it was already 9. Food was exquisite and service was excellent. This is their 6th branch and we cannot be happier that it is in a very familiar place. It's a great place to eat whether you're celebrating an occasion or just hanging out with friends and family. Hope you guys visit and check the place out for yourselves. See you in one of their branches!

Dawn and Liz

My Second Sample Room Order

Hey everyone!

I got my package from Sample Room yesterday! Yayy!

This is my second time ordering from Sample Room.
I paid last Tuesday and got the package on Thursday! Super bilis, no?

I got a Colour Collection Whitening BB Cream. It's worth 101 points only.

I've tried it today and so far liking the color and consistency. I'll make a full review sometime soon! :)


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Review : Avon Skin Goodness BB Cream in Nude

Hi lovelies!

One of the products inside my Special Edition Avon Glamourbox that got me very excited to try is the...

Avon Skin Goodness BB Cream

And I got it in its full size!!

The shade I got is Nude.
It has SPF 20 and PA ++.

This 18g tube is worth Php 399.00.

Info about the product as labeled on the box:

I'm not a fan of the packaging. I like that it's in tube form but I don't like the design. I guess it looks too cheap. For something worth Php 399 (with only 18g), I expect something that looks more classy.

Let's go to the product's performance...

Here's the product on the back of my hand.

Consistency is thin which makes spreading the product much easier. It has a mild scent that is barely noticeable.

The shade is kind of warm beige but not warm enough for my skin. I still think I can work with it unlike other BB Creams that are usually pinker or beigier that gives a greyish finish when applied.

When blended.

It doesn't do much coverage but it does give that dewy finish that makes skin looking natural. 

Below are photos of my cheeks:

Bare cheek and with the product on.

It barely did any coverage but it gives a semi-matte finish. There's still a dewy finish which doesn't make my face appear flat.

I'm not a fan of it having so little coverage since I have lots of blemishes that I prefer to cover up. Staying power is low to my oily skin. I can barely see/feel it's presence on my skin within 3 hours.

To sum it all up:

What I LIKE:

- Locally Available
- Dewy finish
- Has SPF20 and PA++
- Easy to apply on skin

What I don't LIKE:

- The price is too much for only 18g
- No coverage
- Not long-lasting
- Package Design
- Not my color match

So would I buy it again?
I don't think so. It doesn't have the qualities I like in a BB Cream. I have other BB Creams that work better than this one and that are much affordable than this.

That's all, guys! So what do you think of Avon's Skin Goodness BB Cream?
Have you tried it yet?


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Missha The Style Eyeliner Pencil in White

Hey dearies!

I was supposed to post a review on a BB Cream today but I got home late so we'll just have to settle with a swatch post again. :P

Missha The Style Eyeliner Pencil in White
Bought this some months ago at their branch in SM North. Unfortunately, I can't remember how much it is. I'm guessing it's around Php 200?

Some info from the website:

01 Features

The Style Eyeliner Pencil

- Pencil type eyeliner, easy to use even for beginner.
- Soft, creamy and long lasting
- Softly glides on the sensitive eye area without irritation, smudging and

Color: Black, Brown, White


02 Ingredients

- Botanical ingredients: wrinkle prevention and skin protection from lipoper odixation and extreme skin sensitivity.


03 How To Use

- Apply along the upper or lower lash lines.

- Sharpen Eye Definer with MISSHA The style pencil sharpener and
between each use to prevent the spreading of bacteria
- For a softer or smoky look, smudge the line with MISSHA Smudgy brush.
To make eyes appear bigger, try lining the lower eyelid (or on the waterlines) with Eyeliner pencil : White.
This is the pencil

swatch on hand

It's pigmented and matte. I did that in just one stroke. 

Used it to line my inner rim.

I just learned recently that it is better not to line the entire rim like I did in the pic. Just line middle area covering two-thirds of the rim.

The staying power is pretty decent. It can stay on my inner rims for 2-3 hours. I haven't used it on my lids yet (I find white lines on the lids awkward) so I can't say much about that.

That's that I guess... There's nothing too special with this product. It functions well but I know there are other pencils of the same quality that are much affordable.

Have you tried Missha's The Style Eyeliner Pencil?


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Laneige Snow Crystal Intense Lipstick in Orange Bloom

Hello loves!

Here's a swatch post of one of the lipsticks that make me feel simply pretty when I wear it...

Laneige Snow Crystal Intense Lipstick

The shade I got is YR28 or Orange Bloom.

I bought it for around Php 500.00 since it was on sale. 50% discount, baby!!! Yayyy!

Ingredients below:

The packaging is gorgeous! The bottom area looks pretty! It fits the name of the lippie since it looks like a crystal. The gradient effect adds a classy look to the tube packaging too.

Look at that beauty! I love PEACH! That's why I'm the "Peachy" part of the name of the blog.
Swatch on paper

Swatch on arm

On my lips

The shade is lovely—simple and beautiful. I like that it looks great on my warm-toned skin. I just don't like that it's not long-lasting and it's too creamy that some of the lipstick gets stuck on the lines on my lips. So it's very advisable that you get your lips exfoliated and very moisturized when you use this. If it weren't for the shade and the packaging, I would probably be disappointed with this since your lips should be in perfect condition before you apply it. Plus, it can be quite expensive... good thing I got it in a huge discount.

So what do you think of Laneige Snow Crystal Intense Lipstick in Orange Bloom?
Do you like this kind of shades too?