Thursday, August 15, 2013

Review : Too Cool For School Rules of Trouble Dual Cover BB Cream

Hello everyone!

Yayyy for another BB Cream review! 
I actually have a lot of BB Creams waiting to be reviewed. Yikes! Haha! :P

So I bought this BB Cream because it promises good coverage as well as it is made especially for those with troubled skin... who is soooo me!

Too Cool For School Rules of Trouble Dual Cover BB Cream

I bought this 2 months ago for Php 265.00. This is the deluxe sample size while the regular sized one is 1k+. I can't see the exact amount of product you have in this tube (it's not labeled) but this one lasted a month with me and I use this everyday.

I like that Too Cool For School has small versions of their BB creams and foundations so you could try it out first before buying the full-size ones.

Some info from the website:

▶ Constitution and capacity:50ml + concealer balm 1.5g (regular size)
▶ Product descriptions
:Formulated with tea tree oil and sopholiance, and can be used to trouble skin.
:Covers skin flaws and attached smoothly, and provides clear skin.
 : Dual item composed of [BB cream + concealer balm].
:SPF30, PA++

▶ Instructions
:After skin care, take a proper amount to back of your hand and apply to face.

I like the packaging to be honest. It looks serious and classy unlike most Korean products that are all cute and girly. The tube is made of plastic that makes it easy to squeeze out the product. The product doesn't leak too which I experience in some BB Creams, but I'm thinking that it's because of the thick consistency of the product.

So here's the product on my hand

The shade isn't exactly my shade but close enough. It is quite beige-y though.
It's creamy and easy to blend and it has a very mild scent, barely noticeable.

When blended.
It has a matte finish on me but it doesn't look flat. 

Let's see the power of the coverage when it is applied on my cheek:
Before and after shots

It has a medium coverage which is a lot compared to most BB Creams. It covered some of my acne scars but not the dark ones. I'll still be needing concealing with this one. Too bad the sample size doesn't have the concealer balm the regular one has. :P

I actually like the finish. It covered some acne marks, skin redness and brightened my skin. Lasting power is good. I just need a good setting powder. I usually put this under a powder foundation. And it feels light on my skin too!

What about oil control? I can't really say since I have a new skin care routine which is for acne and oil control too but I usually just blot after 5 hours which is really good since I do have very oily skin.

For the month that I have been using it, I didn't encounter breakouts nor skin irritations. I barely had new ones. I just really have a problem with the dark acne scars. :P

Semi-matte finish
Locally available
No breakouts nor skin irritations
Has SPF 30 and PA++
Brightens skin

Beige-y tone but I just top it off with a foundation of my color

None so far

Would I buy it again?
I probably will. Too Cool For School Rules of Trouble Dual Cover BB Cream works well on my skin. I do recommend you try this out if you have oily or combination skin. :)

Have you tried Too Cool For School Rules of Trouble Dual Cover BB Cream yet?
What about other products from the brand?




  1. I have been so curious about this brand but when I am in their store I don't know where to start! LOL Thanks for this post, very insightful ♥

    The Makeup Maven

  2. What I really love about this brand is that they come also in small packaging which is more affordable and makes it easy to try before purchasing a bigger size. I have the BB Cream one which I got from BDJ Box and I'm excited to try it! Great review by the way. I'll try this too since I'm updating my foundations :)

  3. Sabs - Same! I wanted to try a lot of their stuff so I just asked for their best sellers first. Haha! :)

    Genzel - True that! It saves us the money and it makes us sure that we like what we invest on. :D