Friday, August 23, 2013

A Plus Size Online Store I'll Surely Frequent—Ward88

Hello loves!

Are you a plus sized woman like me?
Do you encounter problems in finding clothes your size?
The hardest one to find, for me, is a good fitting bra! Most of the brands in the department stores do not carry my size. I only get them at stores that are quite expensive for me (oh how poor I am... tsk tsk tsk).

Well, I've been having a hard time finding those in affordable prizes. Sure I can get the clothes I want in international brands like Marks & Spencer and the like, but since I'm just new to the working force, I barely have the money to shop at these places.

And while browsing the threads on Girltalk, this online shop was recommended to me—Ward88. They have different apparels from dresses to underwear. They even carry some accessories too!

I was so happy to see that they have so many selections and I was tempted to buy so much stuff. But since I'm on a tight budget, I limited myself to what I really needed—new bras.

And I happily bought 4! Hooray that they carry my size! :D

I bought it last Saturday for only Php 300.00 each. Sooooo affordable, right? 
It was supposed to be shipped immediately that coming Monday but the typhoon+monsoon made it difficult so it was sent to the courrier yesterday instead. 

And the package was safely delivered to my house today! Awesome, right? I still got the package less than a week even if there were heavy rains and flood!

The items were cased in this bag (it's inside the LBC package FYI).

And I even got a freebie! Weeee! It's not my style but still a freebie nonetheless! :D

I tried on the bras and they fit perfectly! I'm really, REALLY glad that I bought them. I am super happy that I have to blog it the same day I received them! I'll surely shop at Ward88 again for sure!

For more info on Ward88:
Mobile: 09154517769 sun 09238357546

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Ward88 never contacted me prior this purchase. All the items I blogged were all bought by me.


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