Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Creer Beaute Moon Romance Moon Stick Liquid Eyeliner

Hello loves!

There are perks when you have friends who go out of the country for vacations, and some of them are getting pasalubong (gifts from their trip) or you can ask them to buy some stuff for you that aren't available locally. The latter was what happened to this particular product. I asked my friend to buy me this super adorable eyeliner...

Creer Beaute Moon Romance Moon Stick Liquid Eyeliner

...But what was supposed to be an item that I wanted to pay for became a gift. She gave it to me as a present! (Thanks, Tin!)

I requested a Sailormoon eyeliner just because it's SAILORMOON! I used to watch the anime when I was a kid. :D

(cue Sailormoon music)

I wanted to provide the product info but it's all kanji. I also checked the website but it's also in kanji and the translation doesn't make sense. Haha!

What I can understand is that it's worth 1,600 yen, exclusive of tax. It's a gentle yet long-lasting eyeliner with a fine brush applicator that's easy to remove with warm water.

The cap is different from the eyeliner's cap. As seen on the photo above, you can add the "Sailormoon staff" cap or you can completely remove it if you would rather have a slimmer, non-bulky liner in your kikay kit.

The brush applicator indeed is fine and creates fine lines too. It's easy to manipulate so creating the perfect cat eyes is not so hard anymore.

The blackness of the product is okay and it dries pretty quickly when applied. The thing I don't really like is that it sorta looks shiny... like a bit rubberized.

Here's how it looks when I use it.

I think it's pretty good! Other than the rubberized-shiny look, it's great! It can stay all day without smudging even when I sweat and get oily. Well, I do get the occasional smudge when my lids get super oily, but that's very rare. My eyes were on fleek during my three-day vacation in Singapore. No smudging even though I was walking around the country under the sun! 

So yeah, to summarize my thoughts on this eyeliner, I really like it! Not only does it have the design from one of my favorite childhood shows, it also performs greatly as an eyeliner. It's not perfect but I still consider it as one of the good ones I've tried. ;)

Have you tried the Creer Beaute Moon Romance Moon Stick Liquid Eyeliner? Which design do you have? Do you also liked watching Sailormoon growing up?


Monday, November 21, 2016

Pink Sugar: Sugar Tint Lip and Cheek Tint in Posh Purple

Good evening guys,

I've always wanted to try putting really dark lipstick on but I could never get it right. Dawn previously made me up using a dark shade of purple and it looked quite good on me. Since purple is also my favorite color in the recent years, I asked her to suggest a lipstick for me to use.

So one trip to SM Department Store in Makati and she introduced me to Pink Sugar's Sugar Tint.

I love how the product smells like grapes. It reminds me of the tetrapack grape juice I like drinking. But anyway, aside from that, this product is very pigmented. It's very friendly to first timers though as you need to do the blending very quickly or else you won't get an even finish.

Since I've been quite lazy when it comes to moisturizing, I have really badly chapped lips. 

It's not pretty, I know. But this helped me find out something about the product. So I cannot stress making sure to apply lip balm and exfoliate your lips before trying the product because the finish is very matte and will worsen dry lips. The good thing though is that the stain lasts long even after your dry lips flake off.

This is NOT the finish. I had to put lip balm on top of it because the dryness was so severe that it's not good to take a photo of. Though if you properly prep your lips it's a super chic color.

Anyway, here is a picture where I actually prepped my lips right.

As you can see, it's quite a pretty shade and seems to fit the vibe that my current hair situation is making.

Anyway, I hope this post is helpful. What do you think about this shade, share your thoughts with us.


Friday, November 18, 2016

Happy Skin Eye Need A Miracle Corrector

Good evening ladies,

It has been a while since I bought a concealer. The one currently inhabiting my make-up stash is Benefit Erase Paste and for a while now, I find that it no longer serves as a good concealer for me as I start noticing difference in color tone. So I asked Dawn to help me out.

Last year, Dawn gave a review on Happy Skin's Eye Need A Miracle Concealer, but she recommended I try the corrector instead. So here is my experience with the corrector.

Happy Skin Eye Need A Miracle Concealer
Php 799.00

There is only one shade for this here and that is 01 Salmon.

This is near peach in color as compared to the concealer which is more yellow in color.

The consistency is not very creamy but is easy to blend. It has a good coverage so I usually need only a half pea sized amount to cover my whole under eye area.

Here is my eye before application.

Here it is after. It has evened out the color of my under eye. Since it's nearer to my tone, it has covered the dark circles better than my long time concealer.

And since it has done quite a good job with my dark circles, I started trying it out with my pimple marks and spots of redness around my cheeks

Here is my cheek without.

Here it is with. Sorry if the angle is different, but it has decreased the discoloration around my cheeks and has hidden much of the specks of redness I have around this area.

I also noticed that this product has fine sparkly finish which I think helps in lessening dullness. Probably why I feel like my face looks like it's glowing.

I might start looking into more products from Happy Skin. I am super satisfied with the coverage offered by this product that I started ignoring my old concealer. It's also a plus point that it's in a tube and is travel-friendly (I just love everything travel friendly).

I hope this was informative, it's been a while since I wrote any reviews and also since I've tried any new products.


Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Whitening Set to Brighten the Holidays (A Skincare Set Intro + Review)

Hey everyone!

Have plans on having a whiter Christmas? And when I say whiter, I mean lighter skin. I always think that it's best to whiten skin a couple of months before the holiday season because the weather isn't sunny (it's actually mostly gloomy because of the rainy season in the Philippines), and we're usually indoors because of the rain... and well, we're stuck at work and in school and we're trying to save money for the Christmas vacation! Haha!

Anyway, if you're thinking of trying out some whitening skin care products, I think now's the time to try them out. I don't aspire to get lighter skin but I received an offer to try a skin whitening set and I thought, "why not?" I have quite a number of foundations that's lighter so I might as well use them. Haha!

The products I received came from Elsie Beauty Solutions. It's a online store that offers skincare products to give convenience to its customers who look for professional beauty products. Their products range from hair care to skin care and they carry two brands, namely Ahglow and Dermcare.

"Our brands Dermcare and Ahglow have been providing world-class beauty products in the Philippines since 1989. The products are made by Ahglow Corporation, the same company who pioneered skin whitening and hair rebonding in the Philippines.

All products are FDA approved."

I received four products that go hand-in-hand to help whiten my skin. The set includes:

1. Dermablanca Intensive Whitening Soap
2. RFL Lotion
3. Tretinoin 0.05%
4. Moisturizing Sunblock

The next photos contains solo shots of the products with the package labels. I also included info from the press release I received with the products.

The RFL Lotion (PhP 132.00) contains arbutin, a natura ingredient for whitening. It has the same effects of hydroquuinone, but safer to use and can be used long term. It also has glycolic acid, a natural fruit extract used for fast cell turn-over to improve skin appearance and texture.

The RFL Lotion feels like the usual toner (with alcohol). It feels cool and refreshing and it does an extra job of cleaning the face. As seen on the ingredients list, it has some ingredients that help mildly peel the outermost layer of skin so I guess that's where the "smoothens fine lines" part comes in. 

The Tretinoin Cream (PhP 113.00) is one of the very few agents whose skin rejuvenation effects have been documented in many well-designed studies. It helps in lightening skin discolorations, diminish fine lines, and improve the over-all appearance of skin.

The tretinoin cream works pretty good on my skin. When I used it for three consecutive nights, I can already witness some peeling, especially on my pimple scars. The cream dries pretty fast (maybe a minute or two) and it doesn't smell bad—just a mild chemical-medicine-like smell.

The sunblock is barely scented and it's non-greasy and also not sticky. I do wish for more SPF though but if you're just inside an office, school, or at home, then I guess SPF25 can work. But yeah, I would still prefer a higher SPF, especially since the whitening set will make your skin peel.

The Dermablanca Whitening Soap (PhP 59.00) contains a whitening ingredient from Japan, mulberry extract, and is proven not to sting or irritate skin like other whitening soaps.

The soap smells good. It's like a clean floral scent that makes my bathroom smell great just by being there. The smell alone make me like to use it. My skin doesn't feel dry after using it leaves my skin feeling clean.


1. Cleanse face with soap. Wash thoroughly.
2. Dry face and apply RFL Lotion on whole face with cotton.
3. Wait for face to dry. Apply Moisturizing Sunblock 15 mins before going out (Do not skip this step).
4. (Optional) You can also use an oil free daytime moisturizer before the sunblock.

1. Cleanse face with soap. Wash thoroughly.
2. Wait for 15-20 mins. Using a pea-size amount, apply Tretinoin to whole face starting with small dots on your forehead, cheeks, and chin. Avoid areas near the eyes, nose, and mouth.
3. Apply your regular moisturizer (depending on skin type).


1. Apply tretinoin at night only. For first time users, apply every 2 nights. If there is no irritation, gradually increase to every night.
2. Use only a pea-size amount of tretinoin. Gradually spread to a thin layer.
3. A little scaliness and sting is normal at first, but if the treated skin becomes usually sensitive, stop the use.
4. Never forget to use sunblock during the day.
5. After 2 months of using tretinoin, rest/stop for 2 months before resuming. RFL can be used day and night during the rest period.


Now that I've introduced to you the products and the instructions, I'll share my experience and short review of the whitening set.

I've used the products for a month now. In just a few days of using, I noticed my skin started peeling. It's not the huge peel that I can get a chunk of skin off if I pull the "flaky" bits, only really small and thin skin comes off, especially on the areas with dark pimple marks where I usually apply the tretinoin first. The peeling is not like a micropeeling thing also because the peeling is noticeable. Applying makeup might not look as good because of this and my skin feels tighter than usual, especially when it starts to peel. What I do is add a stronger moisturizer before the sunblock that can help make skin look more hydrated.

Even though my makeup application became a bit trickier, I do see some difference on my skin. The scars got lighter (well, they actually became more noticeable at first [like hyperpigmentation] but once they peeled, it became lighter). I can't say if my whole face is lighter now but what's important is that the skin color is even and it is. 

If you read some of the labels, there's a warning of stinginess. I didn't get this and I didn't encounter any irritations. Just follow the instructions strictly and don't ever forget to apply your sunscreen!

And that's all I can say so far. I'll continue to use the products (the tretinoin for another month only) and see if something else happens. I'll update this post then. For now, I like that it didn't irritate my skin and at the same time, was able to peel off the dark scars around my problem areas. The items are also pretty affordable and that's always good. ;)

You can check our more of the products carried by Elsie Beauty Solutions through their website and Facebook or email them at :)


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Sleek True Colour Sheen Lipstick in Smoulder

Hello dears!

I'm still not over my dark brown lipstick craze. Here's another one that I bought some months back...

Sleek True Colour Sheen Lipstick in Smoulder

I got it on sale and was able to get it for somewhere around PhP 200.00.

The shade is called Smoulder. Rawr!

Here's the product info from the website:


Get high impact lips with True Colour Lipstick in a gorgeous matte and sheen finishes in a variety of shades that are highly pigmented, and conditioning to keep lips soft and supple. Enriched with vitamin E helping to hydrate and protect the lips. Comfortable to wear and glides on with ease this is the must have to awaken your makeup look.
Smoulder is a sheen deep berry red; keep the rest of your makeup simple when you’re sporting a lipstick as dark as this. Apply Crème To Powder foundation for an even natural base and several layers of Eye Drama mascara.
Available in 20 shades.
Store in a cool dry place.
Not tested on animals.
Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Polybutene, Isononyl Isononanoate, Polyethylene, Caprylic/capric triglyceride, Diisostearyl Malate, Microcrystalline wax, Beeswax, Simmondsiachinensis (Jojoba) seed Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Mica, Titanium dioxide, D&C Red No. 6, D&C Red No. 7, D&C Red No. 27, Iron Oxide Yellow, Iron Oxide Red, Iron Oxide Black, FD&C Blue No. 1, CI 77019, CI 77891, CI 15850, CI 45410, CI 77492, CI 77491, CI 77499, CI 42090.
How to: 

Step One:
  • Prep lips ensuring all dead skin is removed, leaving a smooth surface.
  • Step Two:
  • Apply to clean lips, building intense colour as you go.
  • Step Three:
  • Part your lips, and blot with a tissue, removing an excess from your lips.

  • I just realized that I've been buying brown shades of lippies that look pretty much alike. Haha! This one is different since it is not matte like any of the ones I currently have.

    It's actually labeled as sheer but I don't think it's any way near being sheer. Look at the swatch below. I made it in one swipe.

    On my lips, it's pretty pigmented. Although I've already applied more than one coat. 

    I like wearing it to work. It's the perfect fall lipstick if we have the fall season in the Philippines. I still wear it nonetheless. Haha! 

    I like the creaminess of this lippie and that it's non-drying. 

    Have you tried any of Sleek's True Colour Sheen Lipsticks? Which shade?