Friday, April 12, 2013

MySlim Yerba Mate Drink

Hi everyone!

I think most of you know that I am on the heavy side. I've always wanted to lose weight but I can't keep myself disciplined enough to have a strict exercise routine. So for now, I have cut down in my food in take and added a drink to my diet to make a slowly-but-surely start to my quest to become healthier.

My Slim Yerba Mate Drink

I actually got 2 boxes of these to try out.

I wasn't familiar with the product before it was introduced to me so I wasn't so convinced that it would work. I have tried slimming coffees and teas before but they give my stomach a painful effect when I drink them so I stopped. It is one of the reasons that gave me second thoughts of trying this out but good thing I did.

A box contains 4 sachets and I drink one every other day or 3x a week. It's in strawberry flavor and it tastes great!

Here are some info at the box. Just click on them for a larger view.

And on the above pic's how you drink the product.

Why at the comfort of your home? Well, after one drink, your bathroom will sort of be your hang-out area. Haha! It sort of leaves your stomach feeling weird but not painful. And oh... there will be gases. Haha! 
After a few more drinks, my slow metabolism is getting much better. I don't crave much on food nor get hungry fast.
For the past 3 weeks, I've lost 5 pounds. Not much considering my weight. But hey! My lifestyle isn't that active for the past 3 weeks. BUT! A few days ago, I signed up in a gym to get me moving and I'm sure that that will make all the drastic difference once I get a hang of it! :)

If you're curious to know more about this drink or their capsule version, check out their Facebook.



  1. That's good to hear! :) It's a good motivational start to your new lifestyle! :)


  2. I LOVE IT DAWN!!!
    I'll support you all the way~ :)
    GO GO GO~! :> Can't wait to see you soon!


  4. Hi guys! According to their FB Page, it's available in all 7-Eleven, Robinsons and Southstar Drugstores. You can also ask them on their Facebook Page for more details. :)

  5. Hi po~ Do you still drink this product? any update po? thanks!

  6. I'm gonna start mine today :)

  7. hi dawn! no other side effects aside from the gases and frequent toilet use?
    btw,thanks for sharing!

    1. Hello Lily! Nope. I didn't experience other side effects or major discomfort.