Sunday, May 06, 2012

Haul Post: La Senza DreamShapers

Hello ladies,

Yesterday we went out for a city tour of Toronto City proper. There were quite a few museums in Toronto and I was planning on visiting this one earlier today.

Unfortunately I was not able to visit this one. I was however able to visit Casa Loma Castle in Toronto. I got too happy and lost with the beauty of the castle that we ran out of time to visit the art gallery.

Anyway, along with my city tour yesterday was a short trip to Eaton Centre in Toronto. Will upload pictures of that place in our Facebook site, so going to the point of this post... I bought my third stick-on bra from La Senza.

Firstly, you might ask, "what the heck is a stick-on bra?" which was the first question my aunts asked me. Well, stick-on bras are exactly what their name suggests; you stick them on your breasts and voila, you're wearing a bra. It's for women who feel a little off with wearing nipple tapes when they have backless dresses. It's also an alternative for strapless bras when you feel like they always slip off. Below is a detailed instruction on the use of the bra, you may be able to understand how it is from there.

Next you might want to ask why third? Well, over the past 2 years - I think - I've acquired a few numbers of dress requiring such a bra. I bought a strapless dress for Dawn's fashion show back in the day and a friend lent me hers. Then I just suddenly found myself needing this particular bra either because I already have a dress which require it or I'm being given some. The first one I tried, not bought, was my friend's La Senza, same as the ones I bought. They worked so well I wanted a pair but they are expensive in the Philippines. They cost about 4000 Php. So I bought similar items from Bench and from Divisoria, and from what I've experienced, I DO NOT recommend buying those ever! Below the picture is a comparison of the three.
Description of the product in the back.

                                                     La Senza                       Bench                      Divisoria-bought
  • Price:                        Php 4000 (at least)/                   Php 400                        Php 100 - 300
                                           in Canada: 67 Ca dollars
                                           (tax inclusive)
  • Stickiness: (meaning how long does it last stuck on your breast preventing a serious wardrobe malfunction)
                                             at least 4 or 5 hours,          2 - 5 hours, but                Not even for 
                                             even if you're sweating       always felt as if                half an hour
                                                                                     they're about to fall off
  • Repeatability: (how often can you reuse it?)
                                           as far as I know, my friend      once, the second              cry, because
                                           had already used it thrice       time you use it,                 even the first
                                           before she let me borrow it.    don't attempt to go out       time is a fail.

To sum it up, this La Senza DREAMSHAPER may be quite pricey but you get the best value for your money. The one who assisted me even told me that she's had hers for about a year and a half and it still sticks on like the first time use.

I am very happy with this purchase and I think it's a good investment. How about you guys? Ever tried wearing stick-on bras? If you have, do tell me about it.



  1.'s good to pay for the quality =) i bought this divi type stick on bra and wore it to a party, good thing I was wearing a jumpsuit with "garter" on the waist part, hehehe. I was busy at the buffet table checkin the food when my husby whispered to fix myself quick. waaahhhh the left one fell off good thing it got stopped at the waist part. =) just sharin'
    thanks for this review... ill save for one pair =)

  2. I'm quit big on the upper part so using this is not really an option for me. I feel like it may not be able to hold on to those mountains. LOL

  3. @frozen blossoms - i know the feeling. I wore it under my dress for Christmas mass and i had to keep my arms crossed the whole mass so that they won't fall

    @gellie - oh, well, if you ever think of trying one or find yourself needing one then. :)