Sunday, September 30, 2012

Review : Etude House Nail Remover in #4

Hello, ladies and gents! :)

It's a Sunday evening again.... I wish it wouldn't end so soon. I don't want Monday to come yet. Hahaha!

Anyway, today was a fun day for the Peachy Pink Sisters. We attended a fragrance launch earlier which Liz will be blogging about tomorrow so I do hope you wait for that post! ♥

But for tonight, I shall leave you with a quick review of a nail polish remover I discovered a few days ago at work...

Etude House Nail Remover in #4  #4 Dry Nail Moisturizing

A bottle is worth Php278.00

The name is a bit off... Nail remover? Errr... why would I want to remove my nails? 

Here are details of the product at the back of the bottle:

At first, I was intrigued with it since it says it's Acetone-free. I thought, "isn't acetone the one that removes the polish???" It really did made me curious on how it would work.
But when I finally got to use it, I noticed right away that it smells good. Far from the cheap acetone ones you get from drugstores, well, except for the Bobbie ones!
It has an oily consistency unlike the usual nail polish removers that has this cooling effect that evaporates fast.

What impressed me a lot with this product is that it made it easy for me to remove glittery polish. As some of you may have noticed from my previous NOTD's, I have been sporting sparkly nails for a while now. And if you love sparkly nails as much as I do, then I know you know how HARD it is to remove it. But with this pretty little thing, it just takes 1 cotton ball and a few back and forth wiping of the nails!

Though expect some wrinkly fingers afterwards. I guess it is super moisturizing that your fingers look like they have been soaked in water for hours! Haha!

I definitely recommend this to all those nail polish lovers out there! But I believe there are other variants of their nail polish removers that caters to something specific.

Have you tried any EH nail polish removers? 
Which one is your favorite?


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Review : L'Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Two Way Powder Foundation in Vanilla Ivory

Hello, beautiful people! :D

Lately, I've been using a lot of powder foundations. Some of you probably know that I like using liquid foundations because I am into makeups with heavy coverage since I have so many blemishes to hide. But since I started working, I barely have time to retouch and my skin just gets so oily with liquid foundations that I had to try something new.

So for now I am applying a thin layer of BB cream and this:

L'Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Two Way Powder Foundation in Vanilla Ivory

It has SPF20 and PA++
Contains 9g and costs Php995.00.
Product Description:

And here are details at the box:

This product is actually quite pricey for me so I really hoped that it will deliver good results.

At first swipe, I noticed that the powder is really fine and silky very easy to apply and blend. I'm also happy that the shade I got is of yellowish tone because most western drugstore brand usually come in pinkish shades. Though their warm tones are very limited. I believe this one is the lightest shade available here.

The packaging is quite nice. It looks very clean and light. Though it doesn't seem durable enough. I feel like the mirror will fall off sometimes.
But the sponge is really good! It catches the product quite well and spreads it nicely onto skin.

Here's a swatch of the powder on my arm:

And here are before and after shots of my face. Didn't use any BB cream or concealer at the after pic.

I believe it has a medium coverage. Covered the light acne scars and the redness of my face easily. The finish is matte and it really blends well with my skin tone. The coverage is buildable though and wetting the sponge also gives it extra covering power!

And here's the finish on my face!

Lasting power of this product is pretty decent but it doesn't have oil control. Even though it promises 8 hours without shine, I get so oily after 2-3 hours! But this product never gave me breakouts or other skin irritations.

So here's a summary of pros and cons for me regarding the L'Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Two Way Powder Foundation in Vanilla Ivory:


♥ Warm tone blends well on my skin
♥ Very silky
♥ I like the coverage
♥ Has SPF20 and PA++
♥ The finish is matte but doesn't look flat!
♥ Lasting power is decent
♥ Available locally
♥ Didn't give me breakouts


♥ Not much oil control
♥ Quite pricey
♥ Limited shades 

Will I buy again?
I don't think so. I have found other powder foundations that has better oil control with almost the same results. Anyway, I'm still willing to try and experiment with other foundations too so just comment below if you have other suggestions.

Have you tried L'Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Two Way Powder Foundations?
What do you think of it?


Thursday, September 27, 2012

L.A. Colors 6 Metallic Eyeshadow in Dreamy

 Hello fellow makeup lovers!

Lately, my makeup has been gloomy.
I don't have the time anymore to put on makeup as much as I did before.
I have to leave the house before the clock strikes 6:30 am or else I won't have an FX to ride for work.

And of all the makeup I have to give up, it's the eye makeup! Huhuhu...

I guess it's just the one that takes up a lot of time and besides, my eye lids get too oily after a whole day of work that it smudges all over my lids anyway. I don't get to retouch my makeup at work. :(

This kind of makes me sad since eye makeup is my favorite. Oh well. What makes this situation worse is that I even get some eye makeup freebies from events that I barely get to use now.

L.A. Colors 6 Metallic Eyeshadow in Dreamy 

Here are details of the product:

I barely have any L.A. Colors makeup so I was happy to get this along with great freebies from the event.
I don't even know why I don't have much from this brand considering how affordable it is and the nice reviews it gets from blogs.

 Anyway, I don't like the packaging. I guess it is good that it is see-through so you can see the real colors of the palette but it just looks tacky. I don't think that just because it's an affordable product that it has to have errr... not so pretty packaging.

 Even the label at the back is not properly placed. Oh well.

Anyway, the important thing to any makeup product is the performance or quality of it!

But before I give more of my opinions, here's a close up of the palette:
All so pink and girly!

And here are the swatches on Liz's arm:
(Starting from upper left to lower right)

 It's quite pigmented and it's not powdery. It is quite shimmery/metallic but the glitters are quite fine. They are all easy to blend together as well. The staying power isn't really impressive though. I guess I could blame my stubborn oily eye lids.

So have you tried this palette yet?
How about any L.A. product? Which is your favorite?


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Asian Secrets Bengkoang Indonesian Whitening Soap

Hi guys!

How's your week so far? I've been feeling quite tired. I've just started working and I've been employed now for exactly a week. My body is still adjusting to the super long commute from our place to work. That's the reason why I only produce quick posts lately.

And this one is no exception. Here's a quick review of...

Asian Secrets Bengkoang Indonesian Whitening Soap

A bar is only Php70.00. Quite affordable for a 100g soap.

I bought it because I saw good reviews of their scrubs. I still had 2 tubs of scrubs at home so I settled with their soap first.

So here are the details at the box:

I don't really want to whiten my skin. I actually want to get slightly tanned but I just have too uneven skin tone that I decided to get my skin back to it's normal color first. Starting off with lightening my face and arms!

When you open the box, the soap is still wrapped in plastic.

And here it is unwrapped!

Quite a unique shape... sort of like a leaf?

I have finished the soap already. I think it lasted like a month. I can't really remember. Sometimes i alternate it with a different bar or I use liquid soap.

The smell is just okay... nothing fancy. It's not something I love but I don't hate it. It's just okay. :P

It lathers well. It foams just right and it doesn't melt fast so it will really last a while. It never dried my skin too so I guess it really moisturizes the skin. And it's a plus that it is also Hypo-allergenic!

And about the whitening part, unfortunately, I barely see any difference. Even if I have been indoors for a long while.
♥ Affordable
♥ Locally available
♥ Lasts long
♥ Hypo-allergenic
♥ Moisturizes skin

♥ Barely any difference in the whitening part

 Have you tried Asian Secrets Bengkoang Indonesian Whitening Soap yet?
How about their scrubs?



Monday, September 24, 2012

Early Birthday Gifts from my Aunt

Hi everyone!

 Last Saturday, my aunt took me to a place where they buy fab accessories in super low prices!

No... it's not in Divisoria... But I swore to my aunt and cousin that I won't tell a soul about this shop to avoid it getting super crowded like in Divi.

My aunt gave me a budget to splurge on whatever items I like from the place...

So without further a do... here are the items I got!

Starting with the rings:

 Targaryen Ring as I call it. Too much Game of Thrones!

And of course, Headbands:

Bangles and bracelets:

And finally, the necklaces:

Yayyyy! Aren't they super nice?
Super love them all! Can't wait to wear all of them! Of course, not all at once. Hahaha!

Thank you so much, T'heart, for the shopping experience and these fabulous gifts!

Tomorrow's my birthday BTW... And I'm not really excited. Partly because I feel old but mostly because I will spend my day getting my SSS I.D. and some clearances for work. :P


Sunday, September 23, 2012

MAC Sheer/Loose Powder in NW20


Hello ladies, I'd like to share with you another MAC product of mine MAC Sheer/Loose Powder in NW20. It' actually one of mu favorite products.

Product info and packaging.

I rarely use cake foundations and compacts and am very fond of loos powders however, the only loose powder in my kit is the one from Fashion 21 which is fairly decent. So this one was a very welcome gift.

Here it is, with powder shook out of the container.

Here it is swatched on my arm... it looks whiter than I am...

...and here it is blended... blends out well.
My face is a little whiter than my arms so... it's almost just right. Haha. I have a really nasty tanning variation over my whole body with my peripherals being the darkes then gradually getting whiter and whiter.
Anyway, back to the point of this post. So, this is a really good loose powder, which I often use to finish/top off my BB creams and what not. I'm not a big fan of the smell cause it's not fragrant... then again it's not pungent... it's just... uhm... I'm not really sure how to describe it... just there.
Anyway, that's it for this quick post. Hope you like it. :)