Saturday, March 31, 2012

Review: Skin Food Glam Vita Eyes #5 Blue Glam

Buona notte ladies!

I've recently been interested in recreating Lisa Eldridge's Navy Smokey Eye Look and have been looking for products that can help me achieve it. Luckily, a friend of mine showed me an eye shadow she's had for some time and I decided to borrow it, use it, and probably review it as well.

So the eye shadow she had was this Skin Food Eye Shadow. The eye shadow is in a loose powder form and is kept in a clear pot.

I am not a fan of the packaging and the form the eye shadow is in since it's prone to be a messy little thing to handle. 
Details on the bottom of the pot.

Since it's in loose powder form, it tends to fall down when you apply it, and making clean up hard. It's easier and better to use after moistening the brush a little.

Here's how it looks like when swatched on the arm. The color is good and it spreads easily, but as I said earlier, it's a messy thing to handle. So I much prefer using other eyeshadows.
I've only really used this product once and did not feel like using it again since I feel like it's a product for pro's or people with precision skills. I haven't tried a lot of skin food products, but I hope they have other eye shadows that are not in loose powder forms.

So how do you feel about loose powder shadows? Have you tried any other skin food shadows? How are they?

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Peachy Pink Sisters x Mauve Graduation Giveaway!! -CLOSED-

 Hey, everyone!

A few days ago, we've posted about Dawn's recent college graduation.
To celebrate this special moment of her life, we teamed up with Wear Mauve to create this awesome giveaway!

 We really wanted to make this giveaway extra special so we contacted Wear Mauve who was introduced to us by Jariss of Fashion Firewoman to sponsor this. When we first saw their items - from necklaces, bracelets and rings to iPhone cases, we really fell in-love with them! They were so unique and colorful (some are so fitting for the summer!) that we want to share these awesome finds with our readers. Go check out their items for sale HERE.

So Wear Mauve sent me these beautiful accessories to be given away to some lucky winners for this giveaway (yes, i said winners. rawr).
Gorgeous, aren't they?
 Dawn actually wanted to keep the necklace! Hahaha!

This giveaway is open to Philippine Residents only.

There will be 3 winners on this giveaway:

1 - Randomly selected

2 - The person with most likes on their Facebook post
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3 - The story Dawn and Liz likes the most.

Anyway, on to the contest proper:

For the FIRST Prize:

The person who gets to be picked randomly will get the chance to win these items from Mauve.

a pair of these fab earrings
A vintage necklace

and a leopard print bangle!

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Victoria Jackson Mystic Eyes Palette

 Hi lovelies!

Yet another unnecessary purchase made by me while looking at the items for sale at GirlTalk. Haha. It has been a habit of mine to check the beauty bazaar area. I don't really mind using a pre-loved makeup as long as it is a trusted seller. 
I saw this palette and I thought it looked interesting since it already has 6 colors of eye shadows and 2 cream liners. Very handy especially when traveling (which I barely do). :P
Anyway, I got it in a good deal so I don't regret buying it. :)

Things that got me to like it more is that it has a mix of neutrals and dark shades so I can freely experiment with different looks using one palette alone. And the available cream liners are brown and black which are the colors I use the most. And this is the first time I ever get to try a Victoria Jackson Makeup.

The packaging is very simple. It's not bulky so it's easy to carry around.
 Back of the box. Here you can see the ingredients and more info regarding the palette.

 A closeup of the palette. Shadows are very warm. Just in time for summer!! ♥

 It comes with an applicator. An eye shadow brush and a smudger.

 Swatches for the eye shadows

They are a bit powdery but still pigmented. And they don't have the annoying chunks of glitters that I don't appreciate when I use my UDNYC. But quality and performance-wise, I still like UD hell-of-a-lot more. This palette can stay long on my lids as long as I have a good eye shadow primer on. Without it, the shadows only last around 3 hours before it gets to crease on my lids.

 Swatches for the Cream Liners
Left : applied in 1 stroke
Right : when smudged

The liners doesn't lasts as long as my gel liners. Even with a primer, it blends with the rest of the eye shadow after around 4-5 hours.

I also did 2 looks using this palette a few days ago:

 A warm, neutral one for an everyday look.

 and a more darker and glammed-up look.

I could do a lot more looks with this palette that's why I use it a lot nowadays.
Lasting power isn't that strong on me though. Good thing it's easy to carry around so I can get to retouch every now and then.

What do you think of the Victoria Jackson Mystic Eyes Palette?


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dawn's College Graduation

 Good evening!

This is not a beauty-related post.

Yesterday was actually my graduation day. To tell you the truth, I didn't really feel that the day was so special. Unlike some people I know who were excited to wear their newly bought 'grad' dress and shoes, I just wanted to go back to bed and continue my sleep.
But I had to wake up since I promised some of my friends that I will do their makeup that morning. :P

After 4 hours of primping and prettifying 6 people (myself included), we went straight to UST. 
We were an hour late from the time scheduled for the attendance checking. No biggie though. 

A lot of people were there already. Some were taking pictures, a lot of girls practiced walking with their high heels, but what really caught my attention were the parents' faces all looking so happy and proud. The day wasn't entirely for the graduates but for the parents themselves. We should be proud of these people who sacrificed a lot to get their child to where they are now. 
So I would just like to say a big "THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU" to my mom who supported me for all these years.

me with my mom and my bro
Also, I'd like to say thank you to my bro and sis as well for helping me and supporting me in what I do. Ate Trace, Sayang you weren't here during my graduation. I miss, miss, MISS you so much na!

Lookie! That's me on the stage! :P

The 'Solemn Investiture' lasted around 3 hours. It was held in the new Quadricentennial Pavilion. Our batch is the neo-centennial batch because 2012 is actually UST's 401st year of existence (Yay for the oldest University in the country! :P). I was eager to hear the speeches made by some people, especially our Valedictorian who did the Address of Thanks. It was in her speech where I found a not-so-special day became something I treasure a lot. She reminded me why I shifted to the college, why it was OK for me to have sleepless night doing plates and how blessed I am for all that I have received during my stay in UST.

Here's another picture of me with my mom receiving a Loyalty Award
 I got a Gold Loyalty award too. Gold because I've stayed in UST since I was in preschool. I've been a Thomasian for 18 years (2 years were spent during my stay in the college of Accountancy before I shifted to Fine Arts). I am literally a Thomasian since birth because I was even born in UST hospital. Haha! Loyal to the highest level! I joke around that I would even study again for a masters degree so I won't have to leave UST yet. :P

Hair all ruined because of the cap. Haha. :P
Sometimes I say to my friends, "Nakakasuka na makita ang UST. 5 years old pa lang ako, nandito na ako." But to tell you the truth, I love this institution. I've been studying in UST more than I lived in our own house. Even if the area where UST stands is quite dangerous because of all the snatchers, I always felt safe when I get to step inside the campus. I'm familiar with most of the areas of the school, I've seen a lot of changes that it has undergone. But what made it really important to me are the memories I have experienced, whether good or bad, during those years and the people who I got the opportunity to meet. I shall treasure everything.

My ever-so-pretty friends. I get to do the makeup of most of these gals! :P
My block
Now I have a bachelors degree in Fine Arts major in Advertising Arts. I am very proud of myself and to my batch mates that we got the passion and perseverance to finally get this degree. Congrats to us and good luck to us as we take on the 'real world.'

But for now, I am officially unemployed. I will be a bum for a little while to take a rest. I will be blogging and meeting up with some friends I haven't seen for a long time. But I will soon go job-hunting before my mom gets irritated seeing me at home all the time. Haha!

Well, that's all!


Monday, March 26, 2012

NOTD - Summer Flowers

Good evening ladies,

Since it's my last weeks in school, I can now grow my nails and put nail polish on them without worries. And I've been dying to try the Revlon polish that I found in my mom's possessions.

Here's the nail polish on my hand.

It's a shimmery light blue color and the shade's name is Blue Lagoon.

 Unfortunately the color by itself does not look good on my hand so Dawn decided to spruce it up. Since it's summer, she decided to draw flowers.

Dawn drew them in with acrylic paints and they've stained on my nails for almost a week now without chipping. :)

My classmates loved the art a lot. As for me, I think it helps me calm down a little during exams whenever I see them. It's like a visual promise that summer just right around the corner and I just have to hang on a little more.

How do you like it? Does it also remind you of summer?


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Swatches: NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipsticks in Sparkling Apricot, Sparkling Salmon and Sparkling Dusty Rose

 Hi girls!

Yet another swatch post for today.

You might notice I have been putting quite a lot of posts about lippies from NYX and this post is one of them. I like NYX lippies because they perform well and are very affordable. Soon I will also make a post regarding my round lipstick collection! :)

Today's swatches will be of my NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipstick. I currently own 3 of them and here are their swatches:

| Sparkling Salmon | Sparkling Apricot | Sparkling Dusty Rose |
On Liz's arm

| Sparkling Apricot | Sparkling Salmon | Sparkling Dusty Rose |
 On paper

The lipstick's packaging closely resembles the NYX Black Label Lipsticks (Which I also have and done a post about). The difference is the print on the caps.

And here are individual swatches on my lips:

Sparkling Apricot

Sparkling Salmon

Sparkling Dusty Rose

My favorite is the Sparkling Dusty Rose but I don't use these lippies much since I'm not into frosted lipsticks. I like them though because it's pigmented. All the swatches were done in 1 swipe on my lips. They also glide smoothly when I apply them. The smells aren't irritating too.

What do you think of NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipsticks? Do you like frosted lipsticks?


Saturday, March 24, 2012

MAC Hello Kitty Too Dolly Eye Shadow Palette and UST Baccalaureate Mass 2012

 Hi dears!

Today's post is a swatch post of a palette I used yesterday for our Baccalaureate Mass.
Our college's color is maroon and green, the colors present in the MAC Hello Kitty Too Dolly palette which I currently have.

I'm proud of my college that's why I think it's a nice idea to use the colors of our college for my EOTD. :)

I already did an FOTD with this palette. If you'd like to see how I wear this with the rest of my makeup, click here.

Here are the colors in the palette:
 (from left to right)
 | Yogurt | Romping | Too Dolly | Stately Black |

 The back of the container:
 And finally,
the swatches:

 Here's how I usually wear the palette.
 I use all 4 of the eye shadows. :)

So there you have it. I really love the palette cuz it's just so girly and the shine is pearl-like. Different from the matte or shimmery eye shadows I have.

Oh, and our baccalaureate mass yesterday was so memorable. I've been in a student in UST for 17 years now... yes, since I was in preschool. I've been going to UST longer than I have lived in our current house. Haha! And I am literally a Thomasian since birth (I was born in the UST Hospital). Yesterday was very emotional for me since I have to bid farewell to my second home. I even joked that I won't be leaving yet because I will take my MA soon! But who knows? Maybe I will someday, right? Haha! 

I managed to get some snapshots:

 My classmates waiting for the program to start. Anna at the middle looking busy with her cam.

 A shot of my friends. Look at their uniforms filled with dedications!

 And of course, a pyromusical display!
I so love the music selection chosen for this! I was teary-eyed during the "You'll be in my Heart" song. I love that song so much!

Lastly, we get to walk under the historical Arch of the Centuries... but this time, facing España. It's something very symbolic to every graduating student from UST. The shot above was taken while we wait to cross the arch. I wasn't able to snap a pic while we were near since we ran our way through it. Excited much? Haha!

Oh how time flies. On Monday will be my graduation! I'm too excited I can't sleep! Haha!