Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Laneige Snow Crystal Intense Lipstick in Orange Bloom

Hello loves!

Here's a swatch post of one of the lipsticks that make me feel simply pretty when I wear it...

Laneige Snow Crystal Intense Lipstick

The shade I got is YR28 or Orange Bloom.

I bought it for around Php 500.00 since it was on sale. 50% discount, baby!!! Yayyy!

Ingredients below:

The packaging is gorgeous! The bottom area looks pretty! It fits the name of the lippie since it looks like a crystal. The gradient effect adds a classy look to the tube packaging too.

Look at that beauty! I love PEACH! That's why I'm the "Peachy" part of the name of the blog.
Swatch on paper

Swatch on arm

On my lips

The shade is lovely—simple and beautiful. I like that it looks great on my warm-toned skin. I just don't like that it's not long-lasting and it's too creamy that some of the lipstick gets stuck on the lines on my lips. So it's very advisable that you get your lips exfoliated and very moisturized when you use this. If it weren't for the shade and the packaging, I would probably be disappointed with this since your lips should be in perfect condition before you apply it. Plus, it can be quite expensive... good thing I got it in a huge discount.

So what do you think of Laneige Snow Crystal Intense Lipstick in Orange Bloom?
Do you like this kind of shades too?



  1. You are officially the best sale-finder!!!!

  2. I love the shade on your lips!

  3. Tellie - I'll tell you if I see more makeup on sale na! Haha!

    becomingsleek - Thanks! Super loving it too! :D