Friday, July 30, 2010

Review: L'oreal UV Perfect SPF50

L'oreal UV Perfect Longlasting UVA/UVB Protector SPF 50
Even Complexion (Tinted)
30 ml

L’Oreal Skincare Laboratories have created the new L’Oreal UV Perfect Long Lasting UVA/UVB Protector – enriched with a powerful anti-oxidant complex – for an inside/ out protection against brown spots, skin darkening and premature aging. Tailor made for Asian skin, the XL Block provides optimal UVB (SPF50) and reinforced UVA (PA+++) protection. Can be used at the end of your skincare routine, or as a daily moisturising makeup base.

Bought for PhP 380 @ Cash and Carry

Paper Swatch:

On Skin (notice how runny it is!):

Blended (result is a slight sheen, almost zero coverage): 

My take? 

It's a decent sunblock, but it is not my type - on the oiliness part, I'm disappointed. It makes the skin shiny and my foundation (Revlon Colorstay or MAC Studio Fix Fluid) cakes with it underneath. I have tried using it after moisturizer or mixing it with moisturizer so that I don't put too many layers on my face... And no, not a huge dollop of sunblock (unlike what most beauty gurus recommend), just the size of a 25cent coin. Unfortunately, even with all these experiments, my pores appear like craters and all the gunk on my skin ball up

I was so dyahe at school a while ago because of my cakey face!

The texture itself is actually quite runny and smooth so I thought that it will absorb on my skin better. But instead, the sheen really stays on the top layer even if I blot. So no - for very oily skin like mine, I don't recommend this sunblock. Dry/Normal/Combo skin types will probably have more luck with this.

I am not so sure about the mega-benefits (like anti-oxidants and anti-melasma claims) since I don't expect too much from sunblock. It smells slightly herby but not off-putting, pretty similar to L'Oreal face products if you've used/use them. The packaging is clean and basic (looks inconspicuous on my dresser!) and the plastic bottle pretty sturdy too. Plus, you can control how much product is dispensed since there's only a small opening.

It also leaves a slight white cast (not ghostly, but 1 shade lighter than your skintone) when your picture is taken with flash. Don't use it when you're getting photographed.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shu Uemura Nobara Foundation

Medium Beige 754 - Warm undertone
The stick version sells for $42 online and PhP 1900 locally. 

I am using the pan version which I bought brand new from Hedley of MySweetFix. This has been discontinued already.

  • Three types of oils, gliding, light and emollient, combine to enhance the foundation’s spreadibility, creaminess and comfort felt when applied to the skin.
  • Available in 13 shades, this new-generation foundation makes it easy to not only match virtually every skin tone, it also allows the ability to achieve precise highlight and lowlight effects by applying several different shades.
  • For best results, blend foundation with Synthetic Brush 14 for wide coverage and Synthetic Brush 12 for more precise areas.
  • Ingredients: dimethicone, neopentyl glycol dicaprate, isotridecyl isononanoate, synthetic wax, ceresin, talc, diisostearyl malate, sorbitan sesquioleate, phytosteryl/octyldodecyl lauroyl glutamate, alumina, aluminum hydroxide, tocopherol, canola oil, may contain: i 77891 / titanium dioxide, ci 77491, ci 77499, ci 77492 / iron oxides, mica

Swatched heavily on the left side, you can see just how dark this foundation is! It probably fits NC30-35 girls instead of my NC25 complexion. Even when blended well on the right, you can really see the difference compared to my skintone.

My review? I've heard a lot of raves about this foundation, and this sounds like a favorite of makeup artists as well. I can understand why: it's good for oily skin, it covers well even the pores disappear to oblivion, it's totally tool-friendly (hands, brush, sponge, you name it!), and the finish is satiny-matte. Still, nothing can match the staying power of Revlon Colorstay or the blendability of Studio Fix Fluid for me. But if I'm in the mood for an alternative foundation (a cream one at that!), this is MY CHOICE! Now if it weren't that dang expensive...

The catch? WRONG SHADE! I can pull this off as a bronzer, but I don't like piling on creamy stuff on my face after foundation (I prefer powder foundations). Would be nice if I have a 774, but I won't troop to a Shu Uemura counter anytime soon - I still have loads of foundies to finish up.

Read more (mostly positive!) reviews about this foundation at:


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cleaning Makeup Brushes the MIchelle Phan Way

Trace writes: Let's start with the video that inspired this post!

Squeaky Clean Brushes! by Michelle Phan
She uses the technique she learned from her oil painting class - oil and detergent do mix after all! Interesting, right? It sounds scary though - what if the brush hairs become too oily and fall off?!

But what the heck, I've decided to take the risk and clean ALL my brushes - even the recently washed ones. Methinks Michelle's reputation is too good to give out an awful suggestion. So let's get started with a...

Background: I own a lot of brushes for one person (Dawn has two sets too) and this is because I alternate between tools every week so that I don't need to wash them too often - only twice a month for each brush. 

 My brushes! 
I have a Suesh 28-piece brush set and an assorted loot of ELF, Shu Uemura, Prescriptives, Guerlain, Bare Naturals, Marionnaud (great find!). I clean them using generic shampoo, shampooing and rinsing three times per session. I think this technique is affordable and convenient by itself. I still get the same performance from my brushes and most are still oh-so-soft. But sometimes, I don't get all the pigment out especially on light-haired ends.

So let's see if this new experiment will work out for the best...

Olive Oil (mixed with of Ilog Maria's Chamomile Massage Oil so that it smells heavenly!)
Joy Ultra Liquid Cleanser
Pail cover instead of a plate (since I'm cleaning ALL my brushes)

Equal amount of Olive oil + Joy on the pail cover. I had to replenish the mix four times the amount used by Michelle on the video since I have to clean a lot. The technique's pretty icky and I did not like the feeling of swirling dirty brushes on the palm of my hand. 

After 20-30 minutes, I'm done swirling!

I don't have pictures of me rinsing the brushes. But I did use shampoo again just to ensure everything's extra clean, since I am afraid there's a possibility for the olive oil not to get washed off. I rinsed all my brushes twice.

I don't own brush guards (so donate me two sets!!) and being stubborn, I don't want to get four or five glasses to keep my brushes standing upside down. So I just laid them flat on an old towel, and waited 3-4 hours for them to dry.


All the pigment on my ELF Studio Flat Top Powder brush, which I use on my face to stipple REVLON COLORSTAY Foundation, is gone! The hairs are as black as night!

My Shu Uemura 20 Pony blush brush regained its lost shine and softness (it was beginning to get scratchy out of daily use).

The Guerlain mini-meteorites pink brush looks cute and smells good, too!

But my Marionnaud Foundation brush, unfortunately, didn't like this technique, nu-ah. It retained some of the olive oil and I had to re-wash it again. I guess for silky synthetic foundation and concealer brushes, this method is not good. For animal hair and fluffy vegan brushes, Michelle Phan's brush cleaning technique is fantastic!

Will I do this again? SURE, once a month or every two months at most for deep cleaning. I'll still stick with my former method, because Olive Oil + Liquid Detergent is actually expensive compared to one measely bottle of shampoo.

I hope this helps with your brush cleaning woes!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

NOTD: Elianto Nail Polish

Colour Lacquer @ PhP 99
Strengthener @ PhP 130

Bisque, Thistle, Alice Blue, Strengthener

On Dawn: I applied Thistle as base, Alice Blue for a large french tip, and decorated with nail art stars from Divisoria. Cute right?


On Trace: I used the Strengthener as base coat, Thistle as color, and Orly Nails for Males as top coat for a semi-matte finish. A side story: I have successfully not bitten my nails for three weeks now - after 16 years! It's because I want pretty nails and hands, too!

We have both been looking for polishes that are of "pure color" - no shimmer, no glaze. These Elianto ones are affordable, but it takes two to three coats for the color to become opaque. You also have to work with the brush and be patient to make the finish look nice. 

We confess! We are not nail mavens and we haven't tried higher end brands aside from Orly bases and topcoats =( We hope to get some on our hands soon, hoping that these polishes are easier to use - less coats, fast drying time, easy application.

Dawn and Trace

P.S. from Tracy: I've also noticed that due to the thick layer of polish, it takes so long for it to dry. And even after 3 hours, I got some dents on my left fingernails =( What top coat should I use? 

Monday, July 26, 2010

Tutorial: Contouring with Karl on TMD

We're avid followers of The Makeup Den - Dens Congco, who happens to be our gorgeous cousin (third degree? or fourth? - not really sure haha)! Read the Peachy Pink Sisters' review of our super favorite products (MAC Studio Fix Fluid, Nars Orgasm/Laguna Duo, Maybelline Volum' Express Cat Eyes Mascara and Smashbox Lip Enhancing Glosses) here.

The talented and fashion-forward Karl of totallyinkarlcerating, one of her guest bloggers, has posted a really helpful discussion guide on the benefits, recommendations, and how-to's of contouring the face. I am sure a lot of beauty-conscious folks out there will benefit from reading what he has to say.

Trace and Dawn

Sunday, July 25, 2010

EOTD: NYX Runway Palette in Champagne and Caviar

in Champagne and Caviar, here are two looks for you as promised! 

I (Trace), as usual, sported more toned down look, good for mid-afternoon to night. While Dawn's eyes are all smoked up and cat-lined! Sorry for the brows, we weren't able to fix 'em up properly during the shoot. Eek!

Palette labelled!

Bare eyes

On Trace: Use #4 all over the lid. Apply #7 on the contour of the lid, and #5 on the outer edges, and blend really well. Put #4 on the middle of the eye.

On Dawn: Apply #6 as a lid wash, and #2 from the bottom to mid-level of the eyelid. On the outer half of the eyelid, apply # 8 and then #10 to form a triangular shape - concentrating #10 on the edges of eyelid. Clean up the excess below the shadowed area.

On Trace: Using MAC BlackTrack Fluidline, line the upper lid and the half of the lower lid. Slightly extend the line a bit outside.

On Dawn: Go all-out with the eyeliner! Line both upper and lower eyelids, and make sure you create the best cat's eye line ever!

Curl lashes, apply mascara, and and ensure you tightline so that no white areas on your inner lids are visible.

And if anyone is kind enough to gift us with Urban Decay's Naked Palette, we're happy to create two EOTDs for you. Hahaha. 

Trace and Dawn

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Review: NYX Runway Palette in Champagne and Caviar

Because we are still salivating for Urban Decay's Naked Palette (Fish Fish has done an excellent review of this one!), we have decided to do a review of a more affordable set of neutral eyeshadows:

NYX The Runway Collection 10 Color Eyeshadow
in Champagne and Caviar
Net WT. 0.49oz (14g)

NYX's best-selling shadows in one sleek case for design, storage, and mobility. This product offers colors, high pigmentation, and lasting wear.

$9.75 at NYX Cosmetics
$9.29 at MakeupGeek
Bought online at PhP 470 from CareFreeShopper

Dawn's Take: A bit boring for a palette, but it is very useful. It goes well with everything! If you don't know what makeup to wear, this is the palette to use. I agree that the shadows are great for lid wash, and the other shades for the crease... but I don't like that fact that I need to pile on the eyeshadows to make my eyes pop (most are sheer). I still prefer my colorful pigmented shadows over this.

Tracy's Take: This is my go-to neutral palette. I agree that most of the shadows are sheer and some are even chalky, but I have no problems with that. Why? Because when I am in the mood for everyday makeup, I don't want a pigmented shimmerbomb on my eyelids! This one does the job, since I can slap the product on, mess it up, and still manage to look respectable. Perfect for lazy days when I just want a taupe wash. And wow, this holds a lot of taupe-y brown which I love.

If you want to read or see more swatches of this product, check out these other blogs:

We'll be doing two looks using the same palette, 
so watch out for that!

Dawn and Trace

Friday, July 23, 2010

Review: The Face Shop Professional Makeup Base

This review is inspired by the write-ups of 
Donnarence of My Lucid Intervals and Brigitte of Abubots.

The Face Shop Professional Makeup Base
PhP 350
40ml/1.4 fl. oz.
#01 Green for Combination to Oily Skin
Oil-free, non-sticky makeup base helps skin banish unwanted shine for fresh makeup. Green neutralizes redness and evens out skin tone.
#02 Violet for Combination to Oily Skin
This line is ideal for oily skin cause of oil-free non-sticky and soft texture. It also covers blemishes effectively. Violet neutralizes and brightens yellow tone for healthier complexion.

On white paper

On skin (violet on the left, green on the right)

Dawn says: I use the #02 Violet version. I like that this primer is cheap, readily available... and it works for me. I used to go around without using a primer (just moisturizer) and my skin looks rough and bumpy with foundation on. This primer fills in my huge pores and brightens my skin tone! Unfortunately, the product doesn't have oil control. I suggest you only use a small layer, because it can get cakey if you put on too much. All in all, this is a good deal!

Tracy says: I bought the #01 Green for myself. I have to disagree with Dawn on this one. I hate this primer. Why? I just think it is too thick! It's like I'm putting on a less tacky version of Revlon Colorstay. Perhaps I am just used to the silicone or runny textures of the primers I have used/alternately use - like Philosophy's The Supernatural Poreless, Flawless Tinted SPF 15. I don't think it neutralizes redness well too - in my opinion, it just lightens the skintone. When I used Dawn's TFS Violet primer, I get the same effect!

That's it! A diametrically opposed sibling review for you. We hope this post helps in your decision to buy a primer!

Cheers everyone!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

EOTD: MAC, Stila and Maybelline

Hi pretty gals! Using the same tools, my sister and I have come up with a two looks! 

I (Trace) have decided to do something completely apt for day and just enhanced the shape of my eyes - hence, I confined the bronze and brown within eyelid fold. I also only lined 3/4 of my eyelid to make the impact very subtle. 

Dawn, in the meantime, went all smokey and perfect for night! She blended the shadow beyond her crease line, following its contour. She also extended the liner to create a mild cat's eye shape!

Do notice that MAC Rubenesque showed up peachy on my NC25 skin, while Dawn got a very gold finish when applied on her NC5 tone. Using Stila's Bronze Glow Eyeshadow Trio, I also liberally concentrated the bronze shadow on my eyes while Dawn blended the dark  brown on hers. We both lined the inner corners with the brightest shadow for a brightening effect. The same Stila Smudge Pot liner became vibrant bronze on me, while on Dawn's eyes the effect simmered down to a darker hue. But of course, no complaints using the Maybelline Cat Eyes Mascara! 

Funny that even if we use the same products, the end result is always different - blame it on the skin tone and the technique!

MAC Paintpot in Rubenesque

Stila Eyeshadow Trio - Bronze Glow

Stila Smudge Pot in Bronze
Maybelline Cat Eyes Mascara

We hope you like our little experiment!

Trace and Dawn