Friday, October 9, 2015

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Rosy Future

Hey dears!

I've mentioned my fascination with pinkish/peachy nude lipsticks, but I guess it doesn't stop there anymore. I'm also liking the shade on lipglosses as well!

My sister sent me this product that I use quite often. I don't usually wear glosses but I really like this shade on my lips so yeah, I use this more than usual. The product is...

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss

The shade is 260 Rosy Future

It's a warm-rosy shade but not very pigmented which is fine. It does have fine silver glitters that I really like.

The effect on my lips is just beautiful. Look at how beautiful the glittery shade looks on my lips:

And it gives that simply pretty finish to an everyday makeup look!

I remember a Gossip Girl episode regarding lipsticks and lipglosses. There was a line that Serena mentioned that if you want something like a glamour or sophisticated look, go for lipsticks, but if you want to keep it fun, then go for lipglosses. I do agree with that. So if you're the person who likes to keep it simple but wants a hint of fun in their look, then I'd recommend this lippie for sure!

What do you think of Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Rosy Future?


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Have Instantly Smooth and Shiny Hair #AnytimeAnywhere with Cream Silk Leave-On Cream

Hey loves!

The past few weeks have been like a battlefield for me because of all the work I had to finish for my classes as well as events organized by our department. I've been running from one room to the other and when I get home, I don't get enough sleep. Good thing my load has lessened because both events we planned just finished yesterday. Yay! And I am proud to say that I didn't let all the busy activities make me look haggard and tired... I handled everything well while still looking pretty! ;)

One thing that helped is this kit that was sent to me some week ago...

A "Just In Case" kit to treat all the #Beauty911 emergencies so that we're ready to face all the challenges with grace and beauty #AnytimeAnywhere!

And it even has my name on the kit! Cute right?

So what's inside this kit that will help us look fresh throughout the day? 

A Vaseline Lip Therapy Skin Protectant to keep our lips moisturized.
Lovely Meex My Lips Eat Cherry Aqua Tint to make our lips and cheeks look flushed and healthy.

A very handy sewing kit for those wardrobe malfunctions!

A mini medicine kit when you're not feeling well and also a box of Tic Tacs (yes, it's pink and strawberry flavored) for minty fresh breath or just something to chew on to make you stay awake.

And finally, the last but not the least, the Cream Silk Leave-On!

Going to and fro hurriedly from places to places messes up my hair. I have a combination of wavy and straight hair (the ones in front are quite wavy) and the strands are quite thin so my hair gets messed up quite easily. Cream Silk's Leave-On has helped me tame my hair and make it look straighter. I'll show you photos in a while but for now, read the press release regarding the product below.

 Cream Silk Is Taking Hair To More Gorgeous Lengths
The environment can drain the hair of its natural moisture, making it dry, dull, frizzy and rough. Every woman has had her fair share of bad-hair days, and no amount of twisting, tying or clipping back (not to mention hiding under hats!) can mask the utter frustration of dealing with hair that just won’t fall in place. That’s why the Philippines’ no. 1 conditioning brand, Cream Silk, has come up with the perfect hair solution for the modern woman on the go!

Introducing Cream Silk’s Standout Straight Leave-On Cream, a hair polish and a leave-on conditioner in one. With the smoothness of conditioner and the shine of hair polish, it gives you instantly smooth and shiny hair, #AnytimeAnywhere that only the no. 1 conditioning brand in the country can provide.

This new Cream Silk innovation has a light and non-greasy formula that is infused with Hair Reborn Actives, which smoothen and nourish frizzy hair to keep your hair looking gorgeously straighter. It can be applied to damp or dry hair, so you can use it in any #Beauty911.
Need to style your hair for a job interview, or a quick fix for an instant night out? This two-in-one product is an instant fix to your everyday hair emergencies. Start with a pea-sized amount of product on your palm, spread across your hands, and work the cream evenly into your hair from root to tips - your hair becomes noticeably more beautiful in just one application! Apply it #AnytimeAnywhere throughout the day for an instant hair touch-up. It comes in a conveniently sized 40ml applicator that anyone can easily carry in their bag to suit their busy lifestyle.

Cream Silk’s Leave-On Cream is available in all major retailers for only PHP 49.00. Now you can get instantly smooth and shiny hair, anytime, anywhere with Cream Silk Leave On.

The product smells really good and it's non-sticky. I like applying it on my hair because I love the scent that it refreshes my sense of smell and it makes my hair look better instantly. 

 The product looks like this but I apply more amount compared with the amount you see above. Haha! I just wanted to show you how it looks like. I usually apply like a pea-size amount... or maybe a bit more.

And now, let's see how it works on my hair...

 Left: Without the product
 Right: With product

I comb my hair before I took my pictures even before I apply the product so there's no cheating involved! As you can see, it makes my hair a little straighter.

The effect is more evident on the next series of photos...

 Left: Without the product
 Right: With product

  Left: Without the product
 Right: With product

My hair looks messy before even when I combed it. I went back and forth from our office to the building's gallery that's why my hair looked like that. But with Cream Silk's Leave-On, I got my hair looking tamed and moisturized. Plus, my hair really feels softer! Even my boss who borrowed the product noticed how her hair felt softer when she applied it. Woot!

I'm certainly liking this travel-friendly product. I love how affordable this is as well! I will surely put this in my #Beauty911 kit at all times so my hair will look great #AnytimeAnywhere!

What do you think of the Cream Silk Leave-On Cream?


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

August and September (2015) Haul + Gifts

Hey loves!

Just sharing the items I acquired during the months of August and September. This post is quite lengthy because I admit that I bought a little more than I should. September is my birth month so I got a little more extra money from my birthday bonus. :P I also posted gifts I've received from my birthday and from my sis who's in AU. :)

So I'll start with these purchases I made when I went to SM Manila to renew my passport...

These Parisian Comfort Shoes are awesome! They look cute when I wear them and they are super comfy! And they are quite affordable too at PhP 699.00!

Products to help me treat my acne problems.
Snoe Shoo Zit Don't Bother Me Spot On Spot Off - PhP 399.00

Daily Defense Keratin Treatment
I bought this because it's only Php 199.00 and you get two! :P

Theproducts in the next three photos were bought at 10% off BTW. :)

I've seen so many raves on these products from Shawill so I thought that these were worth a try...
Shawill Coloring Eyebrow - PhP 188.00
Shawill High Precision 24 Hour Eyeliner - PhP 99.00

It's been a while since I bought some things from Holika Holika. I have tried a few and loved most of them so I wanted to try more.
Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Brow Mascara - PhP 325.00
Holika Holika Cover and Hiding Stick Concealer - PhP 275.00

I saw the Bobbi's and L.A. Girl's stalls and wanted to try some of their products and bought these:
Bobbie Cosmetics Poof Concealer - PhP 100.00
and I bought the Essence Ticket to Paradise Cream Eyeshadow because it was on sale for only PhP 50.00!

I lost the receipt of these products. I will do reviews though. :P

Bought these stuff on sale!
Beauty Bar Corner False Lashes - PhP 82.50 (Reg. price is Php 275.00)
 CND Effects Copper Shimmer - PhP 50.00 (Reg. price is Php 475.00)

This Hario Cold Brew Coffee Maker!!!
Forgot how much it was but WOAHHHH! I love this thing. :D

And the next three items are the items my sister in Australia sent me. Most are preloved...

And these below are products my friend who got back from a 2-month vacation in Japan bought me...

And the products from Daiso are actually things that Liz bought me during one of their events...

And these are items that Tellie gave me, and some I bought from her blog sale, before she went to South Korea to study.

I also spoiled my sale with some art books.
Dong-A My Metal Ballpens - PhP 179.75
A Life of Picasso by John Richardson - PhP 695.00

Japanese Art Close-Up by John Reeve - PhP 974.00

My mom bought these shoes for me as a birthday gift. It's Comfort Plus from Payless.

More stuff from Daiso Japan! Wooot! I just love shopping there. :P

And these are stuff Liz got me for my birthday! YAYY! She actually mentioned this on her haul post a week ago.

And below are more gifts from friends. :)

I'll try to review the Tomato Soap. It looks interesting and I love using tomato soaps. :D


That's quite a lot, huh? I'm certainly enjoying all of these great stuff! I feel so blessed with all the gifts that were given to me. (Thank you, guy! You know who you are.)

And that's it for now. Do let me know if you want me to review some of the items here. :)


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