Thursday, October 07, 2010

Review: Local Body Scrubs! Nanay Earth, Vanilla and Co., Indulgence White, Asian Secrets

I am a big fan of body scrubs. 

Yes, I've professed my love for The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Africa Ximenia and Salt Scrub, but I have a couple more in my personal arsenal (because a tub is too expensive!). Here are my requirements:

  1. The scrub should smell mouthwateringly good. I prefer yummy, oven-baked scents and occasionally florals and citrusy ones. Best also if the scent lingers.
  2. It should have a pleasant balance of scrubby bits and creamy moisture. I first started hoarding scrubs because of the ingrown hair from waxing and shaving, and I find that using scrubs help a lot in sloughing off the top layer but without making the skin crack.
  3. Because I like scrubbing myself down 3x a week, I like my scrub affordable and locally available!
  4. As a matter of preference, I like it if the scrub professes semi or super whitening powers.

Think I've set the bar too high? You'll be surprised that locally available scrubs can fit the bill! Now my notable indulgences, most of which can be bought online:

Nanay Earth Body Scrub Cream
200g - P120
Order at:
Special Ingredients: emu oil, shea butter, milk proteins, aloe, vitamin e, honey bearberry, carica papaya, glutathione, and kojic acid

Review: One of my best finds ever, because this specific scrub fulfills all my requirements! Even if the texture is a bit runny compared to other brands, I find this suits my already oily skin well so that I don't get breakouts when I use this... daily (haha!). I hoarded when the price was just P108 and I think I have tried almost all the variants - yes, I am excessive like that) - Aloe-ha beach buddy, Vanilla Manilla, Strawberry Milkshake, Ripe Mangoes, Warm Milk, and Chocolate Truffle. Unfortunately I don't like all the scents, except for the highly addictive Strawberry Milkshake and Warm Milk. 

Dana is also a darling to deal with, and she gives out freebies too (since I have tried a lot of her stuff). I like the Drama Cream and the Flowers and the Bees Premium Lotion.

Vanilla and Co. Organic Whipped Buttercream Scrub
180g - P199 / 300g - P299
Order at:
Special IngredientsEnriched with Organic Shea Butter and crushed Apricot seeds to effectively exfoliate your skin without the harmful reactions of chemicals.

Review: Uhm, okay I admit I have used almost 1/3 of the available gazillion variants from Vanilla and Co. The best thing about this brand is that ALL OF THE FLAVORS SMELL GREAT! I've never been disappointed (which is why I've bought from the brand about 5-6x already), and my favorites are still Vanilla Paradise, White Chocolate and Cocoa Whipped Buttercream. I haven't ordered anything this year though, because (1) I finish up a Vanilla and Co. tub very fast so it's not too affordable for me; (2) the creaminess of the scrub, which I think explains why the scent stays on the skin, scares me that I might get breakouts on the back!

On a different note, you can also try their Crystal Grapeseed Polish, which is (and tastes) sweet! Their products (especially the Whipped Buttercreams) are lovely and I am happy to have tried them but I guess I am just too lazy to put layers and layers on. I hope to repurchase soon though, when I have cash on hand.

Strip It Indulgence White Whitening Apricot Body Scrub
150g - P135 / 500g - P350 / 1kg - P580
Order at:
Special Ingredients: Papain, Calamansi, Tea Tree, Kojic Acid, Glutathione and Vit C

Review: I ordered a small tub a year ago online and I must say that I was impressed with it. The Olive variant is wonderful (the smell is very close to The Body Shop's) and the scrubby bits do their job well. For people who like clean scents, this should be on your list! Also, it isn't too creamy to the point that you think you're slathering on lotion. It just leaves your skin cool and lightly moisturized, apt for the tropical weather. Unfortunately, when I ordered a 500g tub a couple of months ago, I was disappointed. There's not much scrubby grains and the formula doesn't moisturize well anymore. I also find that it didn't help much in whitening the dark areas of my skin too. Will not repurchase because the quality isn't the same.

Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub
250g - P130 / 135g - P80
Available at Watson's.

From Liz of ProjectVanity
Review: I am pleasantly surprised that I am in love with the scent of this scrub. Fulfills all my requirements and the softness of the skin post-scrubbing is really noteworthy. Will probably repurchase FOREVER after buying my first tub one lovely day at MOA

Read more happy raves and see pictures of this amazing find from Project Vanity, Shopaholic Girl, Women's Central, and TracietheDiva. The blog reviews have enticed me to try this out, and I am so happy I believed you guys!

Honorable Mention: This isn't a scrub, but whenever I use Cyleina Organic Soap in Honey Oatmeal, I think I get the same smooth, silky results. 

I like it so much I hoarded six pieces yesterday. Try it, it's cheap at 65! Well, I've been using it twice a day and I am almost finished with one block of soap. My seller is Patty of AllOrganicsOnline, who is one of the kindest online sellers I've ever transacted with.

That's it! 

I hope this post... makes you want to spend more money on body scrubs. Haha!



  1. You're on body scrub addict, Trace! I like Vanilla & Co. body butters though I haven't tried their scrubs. I like Asian Secrets too but I sometimes find it a little too gentle so I mix a little of Yoko in it. I like that it smells a lot like Tommy Girl. :P Great review!

  2. Hi Pammy! Indeed a scrub addict! I might follow suit and mix Yoko with Asian Secrets to make it work better. :) Cheers! =)

  3. oh,i want to try those body scrubs too! thanks for sharing :)

  4. Shame to say, I have never used a body scrub. Even for face scrub, I have only tried the Origins sample scrub.

  5. Locke, sure no problem! =)

    Fish Fish - exfoliation is great for the skin if done properly! :D I love deep cleansing!

  6. You are such a darling sis tracy. thank you so much for the special mention in your blog ♥

    Your post is so convincing I had to buy my own nanayearth's scrub. I also tried lulur, helped me get rid of my bacne. Because of that, I now am in love with scrubs din! haha.

  7. I have to try out Nanay Earth and Asian Secrets! Thanks Trace! :D

  8. Patty! No problem! =) I hope you'll enjoy these recommendations. Scrubbing is much more of a luxury compared to plain soap! Thanks as well for the thumbs up on Honey Oatmeal, it's my fave on my off-scrub day.

    September - Of course! Enjoy!!! =D

  9. Hi! Natry mo ba yung Abonne salt scrub? Ano opinion mo about it? Many people are raving about Abonne scrub kasi.

  10. Yup, we've tried it. It meets the requirements mentioned in this post naman especially the scent part (Milk is ♥). We buy it every now and then but we still try out other brands. I mix it usually with johnson's milk bath kasi it's very magaspang. :P

  11. So mas ok pa din yung Nanay earth kaysa sa Abonne? I'm torn between the two kasi. :) I don't know what to buy. Asian Secrets has parabens daw kaya off my list na siya.

  12. I like Nanay Earth's scents but Abonne exfoliates better, plus the milk scent is yummy too. :)

  13. Hi! Can you give me your contact of Nanay Earth reseller? And cylenia honey oat too. Thanks! :)

  14. me too! cocoa whipped buttercream is also 1 of my favorites from their body scrub..aside from the benefits of cocoa in the skin, the scent suites me and my friends love it! -io eco beauty shop tagbilaran city bohol