Friday, August 09, 2013

Review : Hayan Real Cover & Clear Concealer

Hey guys!

Here's my review on Hayan Korea's Real Cover & Clear Concealer.
I bought this concealer around 3 months ago. It's price is around Php 300.00 but I only got it for Php 180.00 because it was on sale. It was my first purchase from Hayan Korea, Cosmetics.

Hayan Real Cover & Clear Concealer
The tube has .20 oz and has a life span of 2 years.

I don't know much about the brand to be honest. What I know is that it is a Korean Cosmetic Company that offers affordable products. 

So anyway, here's some info from the packaging about the Real Cover & Clear Concealer:

And there are also some info labeled on the tube:

It has a doe foot applicator

And here's a swatch on hand

and on paper

I'm glad that it has a warm, yellow-ish tone so it fits my complexion.

I usually use this to cover darkness under my eyes.
Below are my bare and when the product was applied pictures:

When bare

with the product

The product is effective on concealing the darkness and it still looks natural. But I'm afraid that this is the only purpose I have for this concealer since it is not strong enough to conceal pimples, dark scars or other skin problems that I need to conceal.

But what I like about it is that it feels so light on the skin and quite easy to use too. I also like that I experience minimal creasing under my eyes when I have this on. And these are why I like this as an under eye concealer. And I also didn't encounter any irritations which is good.

Locally Available
Minimal Creasing
Feels light
Conceals my under eye darkness
No irritations whatsoever

Not pigmented enough to conceal darker areas and imperfections

Have you tried this product yet?
What about other items from Hayan Korea? Which ones do you like?


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