Thursday, August 01, 2013

Zenutrients Cooling Tea Tree Underarm Deo Spray

Hey Loves!

I've been loving organic soaps and shampoos lately that I went on and started using other organic stuff like body lotions and lipbalms. I've also been using this organic deodorant from Zenutrients...

Zenutrients Cooling Tea Tree Underarm Deo Spray

50ML - PhP188.00 
100ML - PhP275.00 
1LTR - PhP2,005.00 

Details from the site:
Whiten & smoothen underarms with this triple blend of Papaya, Kojic & Tea Tree Extracts

I got this deo spray from Sample Room a few months ago.

What I like first in this product is that it's so easy to use since you just have to spray it. I also liked the scent because it smells refreshing. Once I sprayed it, I certainly liked that it dries quite fast—only had to wait for a few seconds for it to be completely dry before I put on my shirt.

That's the amount of product you get when you spray once. It's enough to cover one underarm. It is a very effective deodorant. It keeps my pits smelling fresh whole day! But take note, this is a deo spray and it is not an anti-perspirant so do expect sweating. I don't mind that though. And oh, even if the product has a milky look to it, it doesn't stain clothes. :)

I like that they have 50ml bottles—perfect for traveling! I love that they have big versions too. I think this is something that I would buy again once I run out.



  1. I really love that deo too!

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  2. Glad to hear you like it too, Kumi! :D