Thursday, November 01, 2012

Review : 4U2 DreamGirl Faith BB Cream

Hello Beauties!

How was your Halloween?
Mine was a bit boring but I am looking forward to pampering myself this long weekend. It's also the time to write more reviews! I apologize for doing very short posts most of the time lately... I've been really tired.

So anyway, first off on my reviews to share with you is...

4U2 DreamGirl Faith BB Cream

It's Php184.00 at Watsons but I think I bought it for less since it was on sale. I can't remember how much exactly though.

It was so affordable that I just bought it. It says it's a BB cream so I gave it a try. I didn't expect much on this item though since it's price is so cheap. :P

The packaging is... well, not really anything great. Something you'd expect to get with a very cheap price I guess.. 

At the back of the tube, this is what you see:

And here's what's on the container of the tube:

It's great that they indicated the manufacturing and expiration dates. It also helps that they list the direction, precautionary advices, and the ingredients.

But I don't really know why they call it a BB cream... I think, as I read the description, it's just like an ordinary tinted moisturizer. And it only comes in one shade... well, most BB creams come in like 2-3 shades anyway.

But anyway, let's see how it works...

The product is easy to squeeze out...

Here's a small amount of product on the back of my hand

When blended

It blends well on skin. Not too creamy but not too runny. It smells just fine too. No strong scent.

Here are before and after pictures of my cheeks:

It has medium coverage which surprised me. I didn't use any primer nor concealer here. I'm quite lucky that it blends with the shade of my skin nicely. But with a coverage like that, I don't think it would look good on people with skin way lighter or darker than mine.

The finish is matte which I like since I am not a fan of dewy finishes. It has a warm shade too so it looks natural on my Asian skin.
 After 4 hours, my makeup is still looking good but getting really oily already even though I stayed in an air-conditioned room. I guess lasting power of the product is pretty decent but no oil control.

♥ Affordable
♥ Locally Available
♥ Decent Coverage
♥ Decent staying power
♥ Warm toned
♥ Smells okay
♥ Easy to blend

♥ It's not really a BB Cream for me... more like just a Tinted Moisturizer
 ♥ Would appreciate more if it had some SPF
♥ I am not a fan of the package design
♥ No Oil control
♥ Comes in 1 shade only

Will I buy again?
Though it is very, VERY affordable... I don't think I will. It's something that didn't really impressed me that much for me to buy it again. I like experimenting and I want to try more products anyway. :P

So have you tried 4U2 DreamGirl Faith BB Cream yet?
What other 4U2 products have you tried/ would you recommend?



  1. Great honest review sis. :) Have you tried their powder? Read that it's good daw.

  2. love the review! i'm quite surprised with the coverage too! :)

  3. Thanks for the review! Mabuti na lang nabasa ko agad to. It's on my "to buy list" sana. I tried the powder and still road testing it.


  4. It actually works well on your skin :) I love it!

    The Misty Mom

  5. Cool! I think 4U2 has good cosmetics, although I haven't tried anything from the brand yet. :)

  6. If anything, the coverage is really nice. Too bad no oil control properties.

  7. I was thinking of buying this one already but the cons are actually the things I look for in a foundation/tinted moisturizer/bb cream.. I guess I won't buy this then.. Thanks for the detailed review doll!


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  8. thanks for the review! I thinks I'll skip this too ^_~

  9. thanks for sharing - it is so affordable that i want one for myself =) plus it looked so natural on you - almost like a skin =)

  10. I share the same sentiments Dawn. I have it now and I haven't reviewed because I do not know. hahaha

  11. Belle - I have tried their 2 way powder and I love it!

    Raych - me too!

    Kath - Will wait for your review on the powder! :)

    Shari - Thanks!

    Martha - I think so too! Affordable as well! :)

  12. Kitten - I wish it did. I really have annoying oily skin!

    Iya - I agree that some of the listed cons are also some of the things I look for on my foundies/bb creams.

    Janet & Frozen Blossom - You're welcome! :)

    Sam - Haha! Well, would be nice to read your detailed review on this as well! :D

  13. what shade is this?

  14. Anonymous - It only comes in one shade. :)

  15. Have you tried their BB powder? I heard it’s great.
    ~Pauline @Kallony

  16. Actually it is "one shade fits all"..