Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Tony Moly Floria Active Peeling Gel

Hey everyone!

Among all the GWP's (gifts with purchase) I've received from buying beauty products, the one I'll be talking about in this post is probably the best of them all since I got a full size product! And I was actually surprised since I the price of what I bought was more or less 1k only!

Tony Moly Floria Active Peeling Gel
This tube retails for Php 478.00.

It is housed in a tube which makes it easy to control the amount of product you take out.
The design is very simple compared to some of the products from the brand.

At the back, there are labels, directions and list of ingredients written in english.

I was happy that I got something like this since one of my major skin problems is my acne scars. I use this once a week to peel off dead skin on my face. 

The product has a gel-like consistency. Quite easy to spread all over the face.

Just massage it to the skin in around a minute and you will see some "dead skin" coming off. After that, just wash it off with warm water.

I was amazed at first that the amount of dead skin removed was that much and thought that maybe it's just the product... So I tried it on different surfaces and not on skin. First, on a wooden table, nothing happened. Then, on a leather wallet, nothing happened as well. I was somehow convinced after that. What made me like it is that after a few more times of using this product, I got less of the dead skin so I think that since I exfoliate every week with this that I don't have as much dead skin than the first time I've tried it. And my skin feels so soft as well. This does very subtle peeling though so don't expect that the scars would get lighter instantly.

What I like about this is you get to peel without the drying and not like the peeling products that causes skin to flake and makes makeup application look bad. This didn't dry my face (my skin is very oily) but still make sure to use moisturizer. I also didn't experience any irritations.

So have Tony Moly Floria Active Peeling Gel yet?
Do you know any similar product?



  1. Parang cure.

    I have skinfood chlorella peeling gel naman... can't really tell kung ok ba so far. But kumokonti din yung "dead cells"

  2. Very similar to Cure. And I know Ginvera and Laneige have something like this too :)

  3. I would love to try that...I feel that I have a lot of peeling to do because of our weather. my skin is dull nowadays.. :(

  4. Missha also makes something like this- mas expensive nga lang kasi it was more than P1200 locally

  5. This reminds me exactly of that product called "cure"...have you heard of it? It's the same thing and helps exfoliate dead skin...however to me the logic is that dead skin is shedding all the time so unless you get flaky skin a lot or have very dry skin I personally wouldn't invest in these products because my regular routine I believe does the job!

  6. Yeah... this kind of product exists in more expensive brands. That's why I'm amazed that Tony Moly has this as well and sells it at a very affordable price compared to other brands. :)

    Sharlynn - I do agree that it's just natural that dead skin fall off. It's just that I think that applying a lot of products can be damaging and can clog skin that's why I think some products like scrubs and something like this can help so that our skin can breathe more easily.

  7. I would think this product would work well for acne or pimple prone people, because even though naturally dead skin cells will flake off and fall off on their own, people with breakout prone skin type often have a condition where the sebum gets "sticky" and the dead skin cells therefore pile up, clog pores, and create pimples. So I think this product would be beneficial and not just doing what skin normally does, if you are acne prone. :)

  8. Sherene - I got mine at Tony Moly, ATC. But there are quite a lot of stores in the PH now and other stores outside the country.

    Anonymous - I have oily, acne-prone skin so that must be why it works well on me. :) Thanks for the info.