Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tutorial : How to Depot Lipsticks

Hey loves!

Last weekend, I posted this pic on Instagram:

Some were curious to know how I do it and asked for a tutorial. Good thing that in the moment I was doing it, I already thought of taking pictures just in case I feel like blogging it as well. LOL

So what will you need?

Lipsticks that you want to depot

Containers in which you will place the lipsticks.
I bought this, which is actually for medicines, in Saizen for Php 88.00. I like that it is clear and that it can be stored altogether in one clear container.

A candle (also a lighter/matches to light the candle up)
I like mine scented. :P

A stainless spoon in which you will place the lipstick bullet to melt

Tissue for wiping

and I forgot to take a picture of an rubbing or isopropyl alcohol which I used to clean the spoon after I wipe the lipstick stains off. And a lip brush which I use to get the remaining lipstick off the spoon when I melt the lippies.

And when you have everything I mentioned, we can start depotting!

  First, put the lipstick bullet on the spoon

Place the spoon above the fire of the candle.
Do not place it too close to the flame. Maybe at least 2 inches above the fire is good. Melting time varies depending on the kind of lipstick. The creamy ones tend to melt faster than matte ones for example. 

If you leave it too long on top of the flame, it may create bubbles. I don't really know if it does anything to the performance of the lipstick but I just don't like it simply because it doesn't look nice when it dries. It doesn't look smooth and pretty anymore. :P

Once it is completely melted, transfer it to your container.

The remaining melted lipstick on the spoon I slide into the container using a lip brush.

Let it cool first before closing the lid. No need to refrigerate. Room temperature is enough for the lipstick to return back to its solid state.

Peel off the name of the lipstick so you can keep track on what shade you are using. You can glue it (or use double sided tape) on top of the container.

And that's it! It's so easy to do! Don't you agree?

Now you can save storage space!

 Instead of keeping all these lipsticks,

 You only need to keep this!
It looks neat and organized! Great thing about it is that if I only need 1 color, I can just take the small container with me. I may have to bring a lip brush too but that's fine. It's small and thin anyway.

I hope you find this tutorial helpful! :)

Would you depot your lipsticks like this too?



  1. Thanks for sharing, Dawn :) This is really helpful, considering I clutter too much. :)

    See you soon!

  2. Love the containers. Thanks for this post! :D

  3. I love this idea! Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. I saw something like this in Project Vanity and have been itching to try it out since then! The lipstick doesn't "burn" too easily?

  5. You're very welcome, girls! :D

    Tellie - Nope. Just pay attention since they melt pretty quickly. :P

  6. Hello! I saw a video of MakeupGeek doing it the same way. I think this is a great way to fully use up a lipstick.

    By the way I'm a new follower. :-) Hope you could follow my blog (and on bloglovin', too) as I've recently "resuscitated" it: lavita-est-bella.blogspot.com