Saturday, April 30, 2011

NOTD: Elianto Nail Polish no. 24

I  wanted a soft, light colored, yet playful color for my nails today so as I was looking at my box of nail polishes, I found one of my old nail polishes which we've blogged about before.

 I used our Elianto Nail Polish 24. It still performs well after 9 months. It's easy to apply and has not gone sticky yet. Although you need to apply 3-4 coats for it to be this opaque.

Then I added Caronia Nail Polish in Crystal on top to give it a frosty, sparkly finish! I love anything sparkly! haha. :P


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Guess who went makeup shopping this summer?

  • Make Up Forever, The Fort
  • Rustan's Essences, RP Manila 
(promo @ the Laura Mercier counter - purchase PhP 3, 500 worth and get a full-sized Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer for free!)
  • Beauty Bar, RP Manila


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Paintings during the Summer... so far.

Since there is no school for now and I have time, I made some paintings that I want to share. :)

These two were made with acrylic paint. I made these two paintings for my mom. She loves flowers so much that she goes to Dangwa every week to buy some.

This is the most recent one I've done so far. It's in Oil paint and the headpiece is made with real beads. 

I have plans on making more for the rest of the summer. I want to add more works for my portfolio which I need to present when I look for an adviser for my thesis for the next school year. :P


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Review: San San Mousse Foundations and Blushes

As mentioned in one of our posts, here's the review for the Mousse foundations and blushes of HBC San San Cosmetics.

Since my best friend, Liz was also at home when I was trying the product out, I let her use it too. I think it's a good idea since I have very oily skin and she has somewhat dry skin.  I used Natural and Liz used a mixture of Natural and Beige.

Here's our take on the foundations:

  Mousse Foundation in Natural

   Mousse Foundation in Beige

 Mousse Foundation in Olive

 Natural, Beige, Olive
Swatches on skin

  Natural, Beige, Olive
When blended.

  • It's not suitable to oily skin. My skin got really oily in a short amount of time. Unlike on Liz that stayed longer for about 4 hours.
  • It's very sheer so very minimal coverage.
  • Very light on skin so it feels like you're not wearing makeup!
  • A bit hard to apply since we're used to powder and liquid foundations. 

    And here are the Blushes:
      Mousse Blush in Pink

      Mousse Blush in Mocha

    Pink, Mocha
    Swatches on Skin

     Pink, Mocha
    When blended.

    • The blushes are very pigmented so be careful when applying so you won't put on too much.
    • The pink one looks cute on fair complexion. It reminds me of the rosy cheeks of a porcelain doll! :P
    • The mocha blush can also be a bronzer. Very handy during the summer for that bronzed look!
    • Quite difficult to apply since we're used to powdered blushes.
    • Staying power varies. It doesn't stay as long on oily skin as on dry skin.
    Hope our review helps!

    Thursday, April 21, 2011

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    Tuesday, April 19, 2011

    Review: Beauty Treats Lipstick in Ruby Ruby

     Beauty Treats Lipstick in Ruby Ruby (303)

    Last month, I had a project in our photography class where I needed to make a Product Advertisement. I already shared in one of our posts that I had my sis,Tracy, as my model, but I also need a product shot as well. I went to SM San Lazaro to look for a lipstick that has a really good looking package. As I was browsing around, I encountered the Beauty Treats Stall and I find the packaging of their products really unique and very classy. I immediately bought a red lipstick without even trying the product at all. :P

    After the photoshoot, I finally tried the product out! I actually loved it! Once I applied it, my first thought was ambango! --- It has a rosy scent. It has a smooth texture which makes it easier to put on. At first it was a bit sheer but after some time of using it, it gets more and more pigmented. So here's the photos when it's applied:

    On lips. It's sort of a red orange color.

    applied on paper

    applied on skin.

     My friends think it looks good on me. I think so too! haha. :P

     I was really surprised how good this product was because I didn't even tried it out before I bought it. It stays quite long as long as I don't eat stuff other than finger food. It doesn't make my lips chappy although sometimes it tends to clump together at some parts of my lips over time. Plus, it's very affordable at about P250 only! My sister actually bought another color. Will post about it some other time. :)


    Sunday, April 17, 2011

    Weekend Haul with Liz

    My best friend, Liz, asked me to help her look for new clothes for her wardrobe. She recently had her 22nd birthday (last April 14 -- belated happy birthday!). and she has cash to spend! :P

    We went to SM San Lazaro (mall closest to our houses) and it's their BIG sale! Every store we went to had really good stuff with very good deals. We were walking for about 5 hours! We were tired -- tired but HAPPY with all these amazing purchases!!!

    Liz's white polo from Sabella
     Liz's dark grey top from Sabella

     Liz's White Top from Sabella

    Dawn's Yellow Blazer from Sabella

     Liz's Black Blouse from Hug

     Dawn's Blouse from Hug

     Liz's Floral skirt from Scoop Project

     Liz's White Dress from Scoop Project

     Liz's Summer Dress from Get Laud!
     Liz's Black Blouse from Maldita

     Dawn's Grey Blouse from Woman: Philosophy

    (the owner of this is a C-cret! haha)

     Shoes from B Club

    Well, there you have it! It was a long and tiring day but we think it's one of the best shopping days we have had in a long while. Hope we can save up money for a next time. :P


    Sunday, April 03, 2011

    Look what HBC got for us!

     An HBC Blogger Kit!!! It contains their mousse foundations and blushes.

    Here are some closeups of the content besides the pamphlet and CD:

     Mousse Foundation in Olive

     Mousse Foundation in Natural
      Mousse Foundation in Beige

     Mousse Blush in Mocha
     Mousse Blush in Pink

    Can't wait to try them out! Will post our review soon!

    Dawn and Trace