Sunday, August 25, 2013

Review : Kanebo KATE Eyebrow Mascara in LB-1

Hello loves!

My eyebrows are probably the hardest part of my makeup routine. It takes me longer to prep my brows than to do my thick-winged eyeliner looks. Haha! My brows just have too thick hair strands and some even grow in different directions. Yikes!

So a brow mascara has been a must in my makeup routine. I've tried a few and been loving them. I haven't settled for a particular one yet so I'm still open to buying new brow mascaras from different brands.

This one that I will review is from Kanebo KATE which I bought in December of 2012. I only started using it this April 2013 since I was finishing an older product.

Kanebo KATE Eyebrow Mascara

I'm not sure how much this is in stores since I bought mine during Kanebo's Christmas Office Sale. It was 50% off and I think I got it for around Php 300-400.

I got the shade LB-1.
Back then I was sporting a lighter shade of hair so I thought that this would suit my brows perfectly. But since it took a while since I opened it, I forgot about it and I got my hair colored again in a darker shade. Oh well. :P

Some info from the website:

"An eyebrow mascara to change your eyebrow to match your hair color"

This product comes in 4 shades.

So it comes in the usual mascara tube.
The packaging is pretty simple and classy.

The brush applicator is small enough to easily apply color on your brows. I like that it gets smaller at the tip so it gives a neat and clean finish especially at the tail of your brows.

Here's a swatch on my arm.

It is metallic. I was scared to use it when I first swatched it on the back of my hands but once it dried, the metallic effect is not as strong anymore. I just top it off with translucent powder.

Swatch on paper

Below's a picture of my brows without the product...
I lined my brows with a brown eyebrow pencil just to give it a better shape.

And with the product applied.
It's all bronzy brown now. You can barely see any black strands. Try your best not to put some product on the skin. It's still better if you use powder/brow liner underneath.

Still metallic but as mentioned before, it will lessen the metallic effect if you top it with translucent powder.

This is very long-lasting. I believe it is even waterproof or at least water resistant. It doesn't get smudged even if I get sweaty or when I got soaked in the rain. It doesn't flake or clump the hairs on my brows neither. I don't have to do some retouching with this. What I apply in the morning is already good enough for the whole day! :)

All in all, I like this product. It's easy to use and the color is true to what you see in the packaging. I like that it is long-lasting and doesn't smudge fast. What I am not a fan of is that it is metallic. :P

Have you used this product? Do you use brow mascaras too?
Which one is your favorite?