Sunday, August 04, 2013

Holika Holika Opens First Store in the Philippines!

Hey guys!

Finally, Holika Holika has hit the shores of the Philippines!

And good news to those who frequent SM Fairview for their first store is in it! Too bad I live far from the place, I would love to go back in their store to grab more of the Holika Holika goodness! You will know why once you read the rest of this post.

The opening of the very first store of the brand in the country happened last Friday.
They invited friends, family and bloggers to this very special event. Bloggers who live quite far from the venue were picked up from Trinoma and were even treated with free Starbucks drinks! Such convenience is greatly appreciated. :)

You know it's gotta be Holika Holika when you see the cute purple and white balloons!

The event started with a store blessing...

And after that, we were free to roam around the area to check out the place. I do not know much about the products of the brand so I was really enthusiastic and curious.

There were so much stuff! And the products are so interesting and soooo affordable too!

Lots of people started to show up and browse around the store too.

I'm in-love with their nail polish selections!

And this area right here!!! I didn't want to leave it!

Then Mrs. Belinda Valentino, President of Anibela Corporation gave us a short introduction about Holika Holika, what sets them apart, and what else to expect from the brand.

Holika Holika, which means Beauty-holic, is a Korean Cosmetic brand that aims to transform one to an enchanting beauty. It has a wide variety of products from makeup to skin care! The image of the brand is magical and enchanting though now it has been tweaked a little and became a bit more feminine with the cute butterflies!
They plan to expand and open more branches. I think they mentioned opening stores in SM Southmall and 2 others soon. Yay for more stores!!!

 Here are some products that I found really interesting...

This is the first time I've seen a Jelly BB! It's so light on the skin! I'm looking forward on trying this one myself.

They have their very own CC Cream too!

 And these lip products are too cute! Especially the heart shaped one! :)

 I've been so curious to how snail BB Creams work. They are a bit pricey but maybe someday I can save up and get me one.


Cuuuuute packaging!

 The skin care product that I am soooo interested to take home!
It smells like sweet red wine! LOVE!

 My favorite area! The eyeliners and mascaras are BEAUTIFUL!

And after we explored the area, we were treated to lunch at MyThai Restaurant!
It was my first time to eat here and I am actually starting to like Thai cuisine!

And of course, I had to take pictures with my blogger friends!

 My transpo buddies—Erika and Carizza

Me, Erika, Kira and Carizza

Say, Kira and me

Sai, Erika and Carizza

Donnarence and me

And a group pic with Ms. Belle and the bloggers!

I also went home happy with all these stuff:

Got this from Jon for being an early bird! Thank you!

And a blogger loot bag containing all these stuff! And they even promised to send full size ones! Wow!

 And I couldn't help but buy more. Too bad they can't accept credit cards yet.. I would have gotten way more! Haha! I will still though! :P

 I'd like to congratulate Holika Holika Philippines for the successful opening of their first store! I sure hope they open one near my area! 

 Do you love Holika Holika? Which products do you use or would like to try out?
Do share your thoughts! I'd love to read about them. :)



  1. Hello Dawn,

    I'd love to lay my hands on the ff: Aqua Petite Jelly BB, Hello Holika Blusher (because the cat design is soooo cute), Honey Sleeping Pack, all their listpicks, luminous silk powder pact, that CD pact that has a contouring powder, highlighter and powder, oh and the water drop design emulsion. Aaah so many products. I guess it was a good thing they didn't accept cards yet. i would have been in trouble!

  2. Oh I want to get so much as well! Though I may live far from SM Fairview, Holika Holika is teaming up with Glamourbox and Lazada so that we can buy their products online. Yay!

  3. Wow, that's great news! But I seriously hope they open one in Megamall! Is that near your area?

  4. Wow, another beauty store from Korea. More Korean products to try. :)

  5. Patty - Quite far but more accessible compared to Fairview. :P

    Style and Glow - Yes! :D

  6. I'm so excited to visit the store!
    I'm glad that I live near in sm fairview I've been waiting holika holika to open. And now they launched it already!
    May I know the prices of the products?

  7. Yey! They open the store already!
    I've been waiting holika holika to launch!
    Btw, may I know the prices of the products?

  8. I'm so excited to visit the store!
    I'm glad that I live near in sm fairview I've been waiting holika holika to open. And now they launched it already!
    May I know the prices of the products?

  9. The prices are quite close to Etude's. When I bought some, I didn't get any samples or GWP but I do think that they will have those someday. Just my guess though. :P

  10. Dawn!! I wanna go back and purchase the wine theraphy!! amoy jellyace, i want it~

  11. Carizza! I want din! I REALLY want that Wine Therapy mask!!! I'd keep the container even after I finished it! <3 <3 <3 Ang layo kasi ng fairview!!!! :( Order na lang tayo kay Ms. Jen! :P