Monday, August 19, 2013

FOTD : A Sweet Everyday Look

Hey everyone!

Heavy rains are pouring since yesterday. I hope that you're indoors and safe.
A few weekends ago, this kind of rain happened as well but just for an afternoon. It caused flood and heavy traffic that got some of my friends stranded at my house.

While waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up, Vireza became a victim of a quick makeover! Haha!

I did a a sweet look that can be easily done for every day.
It's composed of light pinks and some shimmer for a nice glow.

Below is a closeup of Vire's face:

Unfortunately, I didn't keep track of the exact products I used for this look. Sorry. :(

I used soft pinks on her eyes, cheeks and lips. I used a dark brown eye shadow to contour her eyes and also a dark brown get liner to enhance them.

Anyway, below are more pictures of Vire sporting the look:

It's such a wearable look and fit for most occasions. It can even be a look for a date! :P

Well, that's all!
Keep dry and safe!



  1. I bet the bf was like whoooa :)) I can't believe how good you are with makeovers. When my friends ask me to do their makeup, they always end up looking like a the matchmaker in Mulan :|

  2. Tellie - Thanks! Madaming practice from my part. :P