Monday, January 30, 2017

Review : Maybelline Illegal Length Fiber Extensions Mascara in Blackest Black

Hey lovelies!

It's time for a mascara review! 
For today's review, I'll share my thoughts on the...

Maybelline Illegal Length Fiber Extensions Mascara in Blackest Black

I don't think it's available at the Maybelline stores in the Philippines, but the price is around $8 to 9.00.

I've been seeing some good reviews on this product and I'm looking for a mascara that not only lengthens and volumizes, but also is easy to remove. I like wearing mascaras whenever I go out, but most of the good ones I've tried are so hard to remove! Since it says it's a washable mascara, maybe this is the product that I've been looking for!

Anyway, before I continue with the review, here's the product description from the packaging:

Info from the website:

Break every law of lengthening! The Fiber-Fix Brush and Sealing Formula work together to deliver dramatically longer lashes.

Illegal Length® Fiber Extensions Washable Mascara delivers longer-looking lashes for dramatic eye looks. 

Maybelline's first mascara with 4mm of measurable fiber extensions delivers dramatically longer lashes. The Sealing Formula visibly stretches and securely seals fibers to lashes without breaking or flaking. The Fiber-Fix Brush has six different contact points with each lash for optimal fiber placement.
Ophthalmologist tested. 
Suitable for contact lens wearers.

How to Use:

Step 1. Extend lashes upwards with the Fiber-Fix brush from the root to tip of lashes. 
Step 2. Only a few strokes are necessary. 
Step 3. Do not let mascara dry in between coats. 
Step 4. Easily remove mascara with Maybelline Expert Eyes® 100% Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover.

The package design is just okay. It's not striking but it's not bad. I like the shape and the color because it's easy to spot when looking at my makeup collection. However, I'm not a fan of the fonts nor the hot pink shade. I think it's my least favorite design among the Maybelline Mascaras I've used.

I do like the applicator. It is long enough that the wand nor my hand doesn't touch my nose bridge when I apply the mascara. The length of the bristles are long enough to coat my lashes well but are spread apart so that my lashes do not clump together.

It's really easy to use on both top and bottom lashes.

The product is really black and I like the consistency. It's a bit creamy, which I prefer compared to the watery ones.

Now, for its performance on my lashes. See the photos below.

Bare eyes

Lashes when curled

With one coat

With two coats

As you can see, the fiber extensions really did something to make my lashes longer and it looks like it's really part of the lashes. The product didn't clump my lashes and even with two coats, my lashes don't look like they're becoming those "spider" lash effect (that is if you want a more natural look). It still looks "natural" but more defined, longer, and a bit volumized. I would like it to have more volume but I think it's still pretty good, especially since I plan on using it when I go to the office, which is every weekday. 

 And when I apply this, it dries quickly on my lashes so I don't have to wait a long time before I can blink.

It's also easy to remove. I just use my physiogel cleanser and a cotton pad and I just massage my lashes and the product completely comes off! And even though it's easy to remove, it doesn't give me panda eyes, meaning it doesn't smudge. Even when I sweat, I don't see it transfer to my skin. 

To summarize:

What I LIKE:

- Lengthens
- Sort of volumizes
- Affordable
- Easy to use applicator
- Doesn't clump my lashes
- Dries easily when applied
- Easy to remove
- Doesn't easily smudge
- Natural finish

- Not locally available
- The packaging is just okay

I really like this mascara. I like how effective it is, but still is budget-friendly. I've been a fan of Maybelline mascaras since I started playing with makeup and this one is added to the list of mascaras that I like from the brand! I recommend this, especially to those who are new to makeup or just looking for a mascara to define and lengthen their lashes.

And that's my review!


Friday, January 27, 2017

Beauty Backstage: European Brand Shopping Galore!

Hello ladies,

Yesterday we were fortunate enough to be part of Beauty Backstage at White Space Manila. This was a shopping party featuring brands distributed in the Philippines by Bhagi's International.

Here is a look at the haul I brought home which I will show to you by brand as you read on. 

The brands consisted of European and US drugstore brands, most of which can be found at Watsons.  So let's start off with my dream-country-to-travel-to, Italy.

Deborah Milano is an Italian cosmetics and skin care market. It promises an array of innovative, top-quality cosmetics and skin care at an affordable price. Their most popular product is the Absolute Lasting Liquid Lipstick which I made sure to secure in my shopping bag. Their foundations are also highly reviewed and it was a struggle choosing what foundation to buy.

I ultimately ended up choosing their Perfect & Natural Foundation Natural Look in 03 which is 0% silicone, mineral oil, parbens, and acrylates.

Deborah Milano's products are the most pricey of the brands in the event with prices ranging from 300 to 800 pesos.

Next stop is Germany, where two brands hail from.

The first of the two is Essence and is the one I am more familiar with. I've tried some of their blushes before - those owned by Dawn. However, since I was in need of a new lip liner and Liz Lanuzo of Project Vanity recommended theirs, I went and got their nude lip liner to try out.

Here's a fun fact that I learned about Essence, they invest more on their product quality than any ad campaign. This is one way that they are able to delivery high quality low priced products. True enough, they are one of the lowest priced items in the event with a price range of 100 to 500 pesos.

I also got their I Love Stage Eyeshadow base and this beautiful Mosaic Blush. It's a little orangey-peach in color - which at some point I am hoping that I don't already have.

Another fun fact, all Essence products are not tested on animals. So feel guilt-free to splurge on their items!

Next is Catrice.

Catrice's make up line can be called as the runway dupes, in the sense that they take the runway trend of make-up as the base for their product development and then from there, the innovate formulas and textures from high quality ingredients. They boast of a large choice of colors which covers both trendy and classic shades.

They also regularly release limited make-up collections per year so you'll always find something new from them. 

Yesterday, their "featured" products were the  highlighting palettes, the cream bronzer and highlighter compact, strobing duo and such. However, since I think I already have too much bronzers, I skipped out on buying it.

Catrice is mid-range at 200 to 500 pesos.

Last stop on our European based brands is Il Salone Milano.

This is a hair care and hair color brand. They actually have 27 hair color products to choose from BUT there are only 6 of them available in the country; and if my memory is any good, those are:  Dark Blonde, Light Blonde, Burgundy Red, Dark Copper, Light Caramel Brunette and Light Chocolate Brunette. If I ever get one color wrong do tell me. I'm just generally sad that they do not have Blue Black available in the country.

Also, they have a spray leave-in that is perfect for colored hair but I'm not sure if it's available in the country as well.

Now we head on to Turkey with their number 1 make-up brand Flormar.

It's being number 1 isn't only in Turkey though, as you can see in my picture of their booth below, they were the first ones to get most of their items sold out. All of their liquid foundations were just gone in a few minutes to an hour.

And since I didn't want to lose out, I grabbed one of their matte foundations before somebody else takes it. I was also fortunate enough to get the last piece of loose powder in 04 which according to the sales representative, is not really the tester. Well, I just really wanted it and when she opened the lid, it did look pretty untouched so I just went for it.

Since I was "gaya gaya" and Helen of Lucky Citrine got a lipstick, I also got one. Anyway, it's in a shade I've always wanted to try so win-win. Their prices also range at 200 to 800 pesos.

Now we cross the ocean and go straight to USA.

Jordana, in comparison to the previous brands, is relatively young at 25 years in the business. They're a family-owned, LA based brand which offers value-priced cosmetics.

Their best selling product is the Sweet Dream Matte Liquid Lip Color in Tiramisu. Actually, Jordana was our first stop during that day and so we were able to secure a Tiramisu shade before everyone else. 

Since I wasn't familiar with the brand yet I decided to just go with their tube 2-in-1 concealer foundation. The good thing about this, according to their sales lady, this has yellow tone in it and is perfect for us Asian ladies so I don't really need to fret that much if the color I got was a little lighter.

The final stop is the perfumes section. The perfumes were from Joe of London  and Romantic Collection.

I chose the blue one since it smelled the lightest. There were also two fragrance mist from this brand which to me smelled like jelly-ace. :)

Joe of London had several scents available during the event like: Sage, Lily, Creme Noir, Orangey, and Lime Mousse to name a few. I really wanted to get Sage since it smelled powdered down and soft but I guess I share the same taste with a lot of the other attendees that's why it sold out quick.

Also aside from playing around the booths and getting busy shopping, there are also other activities set-up; for example, this make-up session and the nail atelier. I guess people were just too busy shopping to think of getting their nails done. :)

Now, I'd just like to share that Helen, Kaycee of KikaysiKat, and I were really early birds. It was nice seeing Helen again after so long. 

I was also equally happy to meet Kaycee and her purple hair! Ah, I think we kind of bonded over our mutual like of purple color in our hair. Hers however has such a pretty fade out... kind of inggit inside. :)

Anyway, that's it for this post. Do wait for the reviews of the products.

Hope you enjoyed this short trip around the "world" stalls.


Thursday, January 26, 2017

Celeteque DermoCosmetics Ultra-Nourishing Lip Lacquers in Velvet Red and Soft Pink

Hello dearies!

Love wearing lipgloss? Then you might like to try these babies out!

Celeteque DermoCosmetics Ultra-Nourishing Lip Lacquers 
in Velvet Red and Soft Pink

These were sent to me along with other products from the brand last December. These are just a couple of the new products from Celeteque DermoCosmetics.  

What I love about this brand is that they promise to create products that help enhance your features while at the same time, help take care of your skin.

 "Céleteque DermoCosmetics are all dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic, perfectly blending the enhancing effects of cosmetics with the nurturing benefits of expert skin care."

With that being said, the products I'll be sharing today are lip products that enhances the lips while keeping it moisturized! 

Here's the product description of the lip laquers:

For an extra-kissable pout, you’ll definitely want to carry around the Céleteque DermoCosmeticsUltra-Nourishing Lip Lacquer (P545), which is lightweight, smooth, and non-greasy and comes in three shades: Natural Nude, Soft Pink, and Velvet Red. This gel-based lip moisturizer will keep your lips soft and supple all day, thanks to a formulation that includes the hydrating and moisturizing Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), castor seed oil, and Panthenol, all of which contribute to softer, smoother lips.

More info from the packaging:

Here are the swatches:
Velvet Red and Soft Pink

Here's The Ultra-Noursihing Lip Lacquer in Soft Pink

The shade is aptly named as it really is a soft shade of pink.

See how it looks on my lips on the photo below:

The other shade I have is...

Ultra-Noursihing Lip Lacquer in Red Velvet

I love red lippies! And I'm pretty amazed how pigmented it is!

Unfortunately, I noticed that it bleeds on my lips. I think you should have a well hydrated pair of lips so that this wouldn't happen.

Other than that, I think these lip lacquers are pretty good. They don't feel greasy nor thick. It feels light when worn and glides smoothly when applied.

There's also another shade that you can check out—Natural Nude! 

If you're not into glossy lips, there's another product that you can check out, and it's for both lips and cheeks! Will blog about it soon!