Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Missha The Style Eyeliner Pencil in White

Hey dearies!

I was supposed to post a review on a BB Cream today but I got home late so we'll just have to settle with a swatch post again. :P

Missha The Style Eyeliner Pencil in White
Bought this some months ago at their branch in SM North. Unfortunately, I can't remember how much it is. I'm guessing it's around Php 200?

Some info from the website:

01 Features

The Style Eyeliner Pencil

- Pencil type eyeliner, easy to use even for beginner.
- Soft, creamy and long lasting
- Softly glides on the sensitive eye area without irritation, smudging and

Color: Black, Brown, White


02 Ingredients

- Botanical ingredients: wrinkle prevention and skin protection from lipoper odixation and extreme skin sensitivity.


03 How To Use

- Apply along the upper or lower lash lines.

- Sharpen Eye Definer with MISSHA The style pencil sharpener and
between each use to prevent the spreading of bacteria
- For a softer or smoky look, smudge the line with MISSHA Smudgy brush.
To make eyes appear bigger, try lining the lower eyelid (or on the waterlines) with Eyeliner pencil : White.
This is the pencil

swatch on hand

It's pigmented and matte. I did that in just one stroke. 

Used it to line my inner rim.

I just learned recently that it is better not to line the entire rim like I did in the pic. Just line middle area covering two-thirds of the rim.

The staying power is pretty decent. It can stay on my inner rims for 2-3 hours. I haven't used it on my lids yet (I find white lines on the lids awkward) so I can't say much about that.

That's that I guess... There's nothing too special with this product. It functions well but I know there are other pencils of the same quality that are much affordable.

Have you tried Missha's The Style Eyeliner Pencil?



  1. Haven't tried this one. For white I'd opt for the ones in the local scene, EB/Nichido. Question though, why is it better to just line the middle part of the waterline?


  2. Hi CJ! Because it would look more natural that way. :)