Monday, August 26, 2013

Victoria Jackson Survival Kit

Hello dears!

One of our blog's very successful giveaways was sponsored by Granton World and in this giveaway, the prize was a Victoria Jackson Survival Kit.

When I picked up the prize, they also gave a kit for me! Yayyy! 

This is worth Php 999.00 if you buy it at GrantonWorld.

I was curious about this because it's a small box that carries ALL THESE MAKEUP!

So the minute I got into the car, I opened the box and played with my very own Victoria Jackson Survival Kit!

So this post is all about the swatches and my thoughts on this product...

It's all black and classy. It's 3 inches wide, 4 inches long and an inch thick. It's small enough to fit in a purse!


Diamonds will always be a girl’s best friend but Victoria Jackson’s Essential Survival Kit is a woman’s foremost ally in the city jungle!

In the hustle and bustle of city life, only the creme de la creme of the female species know the secret of balancing time and motion. Their secret weapon is a drawer-type, all-in-one compact makeup kit that contains all the ammunition to outdo all the vavavoom wannabes. With 10 eyeshadows, 5 lip colors, 2 blushes, mascara, eye and lip pencils, 3 applicators, mirror and pencil sharpener with a shavings compartment that takes little space in her purse, transforming to a gorgeous woman of the millennium has never been easier and quicker. 

Victoria Jackson, better known as the goodwill ambassador for makeup, carved her niche as Hollywood makeup artist, cosmetics entrepreneur and TV infomercial pioneer. Tried, tested and true for 20 years now, the VJ brand draws out a woman’s inner confidence through outer beauty. 
Walk confidently to your business meeting way ahead of time while others are still fumbling through their makeup pouches!

It has a compact mirror and a sharpener for the eye and lip pencils.
The kit has a black eyeliner pencil and a dark nude lip liner.
Swatch on paper

Swatch on hand

Both are very pigmented and quite creamy so it glides easily on skin. The eyeliner isn't waterproof. It smudges so I guess it is better off for smokey eye looks. The lip liner, on the other hand, is too dark for my taste. I would have preferred it to be a brown eyeliner instead. :P

This is the mascara from the kit. It's black.
The wand of the mascara

Swatch on paper

Swatch on hand

Bare lashes

with the mascara

The mascara is not waterproof as well but it doesn't cause flaking. It can get smudgy when you have oily skin. It has a chemical smell too which turned me off. It's a bit volumizing but it tends to clump my lashes if I do more than 2 coats. I like that the formula is light. It doesn't bring down my lashes when I apply it.

These are the applicators included.
From top to bottom:
Eyeshadow brush and sponge tip applicator,
Lip brushes
A blush brush

Not a fan of these since they are too small. I'd rather use my fingers for application. :P

Below are the swatches of the eyeshadows and lip colors on paper:

Wow, right?
10 eyeshadows and 5 lip colors!

These are the matte eyeshadows

swatches on arm

The shimmery eyeshadows

Swatch on arm

The eyeshadows are very pigmented. Quite silky but is also powdery. The staying power isn't long but nothing a good eyeshadow primer can fix!

The lip colors

Swatches on arm

And the next photos are the lippies applied on my lips:

The lip colors are sheer except for the red one. These are not drying but they aren't long lasting. I'm not a fan of the 2 lightest shades since I find them too shimmery and makes my lips look dull. But the shades are mostly neutral and are wearable, especially the first two shades.

And that's the Victoria Jackson Survival Kit!

It's very practical since you have most of the makeup you need. You only need to bring your foundation and eyebrow product and you're good to go. Quite handy for travel.

I have to be honest, the quality is not the best I've tried. I probably wouldn't use some of the products included in it for everyday use. But I would still use it at times when I go out of town/country and would only take a light load with me.

Would you like to have something like the Victoria Jackson Survival Kit?
What do you think of this product? :)



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