Friday, August 30, 2013

Yabu: The House of Katsu, SM North Opening

Good evening ladies!

We were really quite happy to have been invited to the opening of Yabu's 6th branch at SM North Edsa, The Block, Liz was more excited though as she's been craving to eat really good food.

First off, we're very big fan of the manga arts that decorate every Yabu restaurant. So here's the four "paged" manga of SM North's Branch.

We started with a blessing and it's a little bit of a shock to see so many people working in one restaurant. Well, anyway, after all this was a big day so everybody has to be on board. :)

I love how the space feels so spacious. Because when you look at it outside, it seems too small, but you get inside and the does not feel cramped. I cannot express how much I love the modern minimalist interior. Although I know all Yabu restaurants are like this. :)

Love the bar. Always wanted to taste one of those, but it's the middle of the week and I have duty the next day so I passed on the alcohol for the night.

And here we go with the food.

Liz had the hardest time picking what food to eat as it's only her second time to eat in Yabu. Thankfully Dawn has been a frequent customer.

And today's tasty treat... CURRY!

Hire Katsu Curry for  Liz. (sorry for the unappetizing pic... this proves Liz will not make it big in a food blog)

And Menchi Katsu Curry for Dawn.

The tasty sauces waiting to be mixed in. :)

And our after thought appetizer. Yummy octopus!

And then came dessert, choco lava cake. It was very very scrumptious but the serving was a little small, but then again since we were already full from the main course, the portion was more than enough.

Lastly, we love how Yabu serves their customers. They always always make up for any small mishap. They were a little late in giving us our dessert spoons and they make up for it with a second helping of that scrumptious choco lava cake. Yum!

So that's it for our Yabu experience, we had such a great time, before we knew it, it was already 9. Food was exquisite and service was excellent. This is their 6th branch and we cannot be happier that it is in a very familiar place. It's a great place to eat whether you're celebrating an occasion or just hanging out with friends and family. Hope you guys visit and check the place out for yourselves. See you in one of their branches!

Dawn and Liz

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  1. My love and I are planning to have lunch in there on Friday. We're hoping to enjoy the food as much as you do!