Thursday, August 15, 2013

First Time to Try Suede Nails

Hi dolls!

So the Suede Nails are getting more popular now. I actually see posts on this every now and then on my Facebook Timeline.

I honestly think it's not really that pretty. LOL But everyone is entitled with their own opinion.

But just so I could try it out (for the sake of beauty and curiosity), I bought a pack of it for around 70-80 pesos at Divisoria a couple of months ago. I actually had it for a while but I just used it now. :P

* Apologies for the low quality photos. I only took this using my phone. :P

And this is how it looked like!
I didn't put it on all the nails because... I was lazy. I found out that once this got wet, it wouldn't look as good so I didn't want to waste my effort in applying it since I'll just be at home anyway. :P

This is the set I bought from Divisoria. It's so affordable compared to the ones you buy in the malls or other brands. One shade can amount to hundreds of pesos already. This one, on the other hand, has 12 shades and is less than a hundred.

 These are the products I used on my nails.

Shade of the polish
I've had this nail polish from The Face Shop for probably 2 years now and it still works well.

You may have to put some extra effort in doing Suede nails but it's not that hard. You just need something to brush off the extra "suede material" from your nails after you dip them in the container.

I don't hate it but I don't love it. I do see myself sporting it again when I feel like doing a fuzzy themed NOTD. :P

Do you like the Suede look on your nails?



  1. Interesting idea, but it's probably not for me either. It just looks too..messy? The fibers kasi can't help but go beyond the nail.

  2. Messy indeed. It was all over my pillow! Better ready a workstation when I do this. Haha!