Thursday, August 22, 2013

Too Cool For School: 1 Day Tattoo Eye Brow

Hello ladies,

I have the thinnest pairs of brows. Not only are the hairs thin, they are very sparse and since I need to trim them because they're also unruly, I'm left with next to none-existent brows.

For the longest time, my most valued ally in making them look fuller/thicker are the good 'ol brow pencils, and sometimes, matte eye shadows. This might be the first time I'm trying a liquid based brow liner. So... here's my very short review on this product.

I really find the packaging of products from Too Cool for School adorable.

This product comes in two shades: #1 Ash Brown, #2 Light Brown

I'm not really sure what this thing says... I hope the one written on their site is the translation for this:

The unfading pretty eyebrows that sustain on your skin like natural.

Easy and delicate drawing made possible with this brush type liquid eyebrow.

Natural color liquid soaks into the skin and stays neat all day long.

Flat extra fine brush fills up in between the eyebrow hairs to the most minute details for making the line much more natural than the pencil or cake type.

I agree about it being very natural looking. Here's a picture of it when applied on my brows.

It does need a little getting used to. It took me about 3 tries to get the shape right. Also, there is a tendency for first time users to make the line stronger and harsher than it should be the first few tries.

It's very long lasting and smudge proof when it dries which is it's advantage over pencils and eye shadows. So it performs best in expert hands since it requires a little precision work.

They do give out instructions on how to better use it in their site:

1. Lie the brush down and fill in between the eyebrow hair gaps with a broader side.
2. Straighten the brush up and draw the tail part and hairless spot.
3. Apply for 2~3 times to match your haircolor.

Brush away foundation or sebum before use. If a general eyebrow is applied on top after the use of this product your eyebrows will last longer.


What I like:
Fine tip
Long lasting
Natural looking

What I don't like:
Nothing really... just a warning that it needs precision work.

Around 400-500 Php
Not sure how long it'll last me so can't comment on it's practicality yet.
But... so far, I haven't really regretted buying it.. will probably buy again in the future.

Well, that's it for this post. Hope that helps people with brows like mine.



  1. This is an interesting take for a brow product. I like that it looks so natural on you. I hope they'd make one that's slightly darker, though.

    Thanks for reviewing!


  2. Where can I get/buy one of this? Thanks! :)

  3. I love Too Cool For School brand. I have their sleeping mask. This eye brow pen is a must try :)

  4. I love Too Cool For School brand. I have their sleeping mask. This eye brow pen is a must try :)

  5. I love Too Cool for School brand. I have the night mask and will add this to my wishlist :)