Monday, August 05, 2013

Love Your Buddy Giveaway

Hello Loves!

Friendship is something we all should treasure.
That's why we are very thankful that Liz and I found this in Helen of Lucky Citrine.

We met June last year during a blogger event by The Body Shop—their launch of the Beautifying Oils to be exact. We were a bit shy to introduce ourselves at first but once we started talking, we immediately clicked! Since then, we always communicate and make sure we see each other through blogger events wherein we were all invited. We talk about loads of things like beauty tips, our love for blogging and stuff about life like family and work! There's no dead air when it comes to our conversations. 

It's rare to find a person that shares the same interests (we even call Helen our adopted sister) and that is why we want to celebrate this one year of friendship by doing this giveaway collaboration. We wouldn't be able to meet if we weren't blogging and our blog wouldn't survive without our readers. So this is a way for us to also thank all of you for being a big part of Peachy Pink Sisters and Lucky Citrine.

We were blessed enough to have The Body Shop as our sponsor for this big event. The Body Shop has played a huge part in this genuine friendship and of our blogging career for we have been fans of a lot of their products for a long while now. Helen, Liz and I have agreed that only The Body Shop can make this giveaway extra special and thank goodness that they agreed to sponsor these lovely products:

Exciting, don't you think??

There will be 2 winners for this giveaway. 1 will be chosen randomly via Rafflecopter, while the other 1 will be chosen by Helen, Liz and I. I'll explain that to you in a bit...

So there will be two sets of these goodies:

1 Cream Compact Foundation SPF 15
1 Born Lippy  Lychee Shimmer Lip Balm
1 Colourglide Shine Lip Colour in  Cheeky Coral

Let's go to the mechanics!

This giveaway will run for a whole month. Last day will be on September 5.

This is open to Philippine Residents only.

1st winner will be the one who has the best entry in our Love Your Buddy Photo Contest.

* Upload in your Facebook Wall a picture of you and your "Best Buddy" The Body Shop product. It can be makeup, skincare, etc. as long as it is your favorite The Body Shop product!
* Explain to us why this product is your buddy.
* Tag The Body Shop Philippines', Peachy Pink Sisters', and Lucky Citrine's Facebook Pages.
* The entry can be a simple photo, collage, poster.
* Make sure the entry can be viewed publicly.
* Criteria for judging: 75% creativity and 25% Number of Likes

Here's a sample entry that can serve as your guide:
My current favorite product from The Body Shop is the Strawberry Eau de Toilette. It reminds me of the Born Lippy Strawberry Lip Balm I used way back in high school. No other fragrance can get any sweeter and yummier than this! @The Body Shop, Philippines, @Peachy Pink Sisters, @Lucky Citrine

And if you think you're lucky, send your entries below for we will also draw the other winner randomly via Rafflecopter!

Make sure you send correct entries so that we won't invalidate your answers!
Try to send as many entries as possible so that you get a bigger chance to win these fabulous items from The Body Shop!

So join and share with us your "buddy." We'd love to hear what your favorites are. You can also share your friendship stories as well! 

So good luck, guys, and thank you for everything. Though Helen, Liz and I may not have met most of our readers, we all appreciate the support you have given us. 

Here's to friendship!




  1. chrisair

    nice giveaway,

  2. Krisella Chua

    I miss my housemate back when I was in college because of this post. She really loves the Body Shop's foundation. She would always say that "it's her precious" (gesturing like frodo does) lol. Anyways, thanks for giving us the chance to win this awesome giveaway!

  3. Maria Fe Manlapaz

    The first Body shop item that I owned/got is from a very dear friend.. It was a body wash and sponge that she gave as a christmas gift.

  4. Norissa Chavez

    I have a lot of favorites from the Body Shop from skincare to makeup. It's always fun to shop at the Body SHop :)

  5. Jawaher Banico

    For a make-up newbie like me, your page is really beginner friendly! I always read your reviews about different brands and products and so far, the items you recommended never fail me. Thanks!

  6. Monica Kerstin dela Cuesta

    I have my Vitamin E Lip Care SPF 15. I bought 2 for me and my sister. And it's just that good to use to protect my chpa lips. Never let my lips to that awkward moments. Goob and best buy!

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  8. Marie Gisela Aquino

    When my boyfriend doesn't know what to give me, he always buys something from The Body Shop. He knows I'd surely love it. :)

  9. Vanessa Rose Palacio

    Thanks for the giveaway! Hoping to win! <3

  10. June Iris Aidyl A. Mangubat

    I hope to win this giveaway for my sister! She's simply the best, and she will always be that bestfriend I can't get rid of! <3

  11. twinkle tapalla
    hope to win for me and my friend hehehe

  12. Anjela Mae Era

    Hi Dawn! Mauubos na 'yung TFS Clean face BB na binili ko sayo. Just saying. Hehe

  13. Anjela Mae Era

    All in one face base is the best! ;)
    Also, their tea tree line is my best buddy

  14. Annie B. Egalin

    God bless everyone! :)

  15. Rosalie Tangonan

  16. Liberty Floro

    URL Link share;
    Thank you for nice Giveaway,God bless and more power!!

  17. Thanks for this giveaway! Hope i get picked!

  18. Geraldine Valeriano Hernandez

    My entry in Love Your Buddy Photo Contest:

    I remember my first Body Shop product was given by my friend way back in college. It was a shower gel also and since that day I'm addicted to it. :)

  19. Sheena Malate

  20. Sheena Malate

  21. Gina May Mungcal

    I miss my sister who used to be my makeup buddy, she's too busy now with her mini business which is a made-to-order cakes and cupcakes. She's the one who introduced me to makeups, the first makeup that she bought for me is the cheek tint then the tinted moisturizer. How I wish we could have time to bond again and shop for makeups.

  22. miyuki yamaguchi

    love the prizes ! gosh

  23. Jubilee Macatangay

    Awesome giveaway peachy pink sisters! More awesome reviews and posts to come this mid-year :D I'm a fan! <3

  24. Nerissa Marin


  25. Sheila Tan

    Love the Body Shop!

  26. Sheila Tan

    Love the Body Shop products!