Friday, January 29, 2016

Snoe Rouge Deluxe Complete Lip Care in Bite Me

Hey dearies!

The cool weather lately is mighty awesome, don't you agree? I wish this climate will stay longer, but I heard that summer will come as soon as the month of March arrives. Another thing is that it may be hotter than usual because of the El Niño. Ughhh. So I should better enjoy what we have now eh? One thing that I do during colder days is to wear darker lippies and I just bought the darkest one yet!

Snoe Rouge Deluxe Complete Lip Care in Bite Me
PhP 399.00

I have been meaning to buy this since its initial release years ago, but I keep forgetting and when I do remember, it's not available in the branch I was in. :P Anyway, I finally have one! Yay!

This is actually a limited edition shade so that's also a reason why I'm happy to get it. :P

For the product details, see the labels on the packaging below:

What made me want to buy this is the color. I really want a close to black lipstick color. It's not for an everyday wear though. It's mostly for my creative looks that I've been planning. ;)

The black shade has violet undertones and if you find the black too harsh, you can blot it out to get a dark plum, more wearable shade.

This is actually my second lipstick from Snoe. I have Plum Crazy as well and my experience with that lipstick is great—no drying, cracking, nor bleeding.

A closeup of the lipstick

A swatch on my arm

The shade is pretty close to another lip product that I have, NYX's Soft Matte Lip Cream in Transylvania, but this is a whole lot darker!

And now for the swatches...

On my lips

when blotted

I'm really liking the shades this lipstick can produce. If only I can wear it to work... or maybe I could? I dunno. Haha! Is this good to wear inside a university? Haha! Anyway, this lipstick is pretty easy to apply. No need for lip liners and such. It can be pretty glossy for my liking but I can just easily blot it for a more matte finish.

So what do you think of the Snoe Rouge Deluxe Complete Lip Care in Bite Me? :)


Monday, January 25, 2016

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

Hey loves!

Got another freebie product from my sister. Haha! She gives me the products that she bought that she's not satisfied with. That means she has only used them for around three times. One of them is this mascara...

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

My sister's lashes are not naturally curled-up. They are kinda straight and thick which is why she is very picky with mascaras. There are only a few mascaras that can keep her lashes curled after she has used a lash curler and unfortunately, this one did not do it for her. And so, I was the lucky person to inherit it. :P

I like the packaging. It's sleek and classy and the purple fonts make it look fun, edgy, and... well, let's just say the color purple has this sinister-ish quality to it (pretty much like why villains always have this purple and green combination when it comes to Disney movies). I like the thin shaped metal tube that makes it easy to carry during travels. So in short, I like everything about the packaging!

The tube contains important labels too such as the shelf life but for more info, here are some details from the website:

Get bigger, blacker, badder lashes with our ultra-creamy, lengthening and volumizing mascara. So intense you might need a safe word, Perversion glides on and gets you sexy in one stroke. (Yet it won’t quit until you say when.) It’s insane how black it is…the purest, deepest, most intense black color imaginable. 

Perversion has a creamy, full-bodied texture that’s not too dry, not too wet. This allows just the right amount of “pull” so it glides through lashes. The result: incredible control for insane lashes. Go ahead and pile on coat after coat. Want to apply more before you go out at night? No problem. Even if it’s been all day since you applied, more Perversion always means more beautiful lashes. Our formula NEVER gets brittle or clumpy. 

Perversion Mascara contains Hairdensyl, a complex blend of proteins and amino acids—including marine glycogen, known to stimulate lash growth. Honey extract provides deep nourishment, sea idrolized elastine stimulates the hair follicle, and marine collagen protects. 

The twisted trim on the high-tech, volumizing brush latches on to each lash to separate and define; finally, a volumizing mascara with a clean, clump-free finish. It pulls through lashes smoothly and lays down a generous amount of product. No need to wiggle the wand or maneuver it at all different angles! 

If you need to apply in public, you’ll look good holding Perversion. We emblazoned our gorgeous, highly metallized black tube with a big purple “Perversion” and our tagline: “Bigger. Blacker. Badder.” 

Fill Weight: 12 ml / 0.4 fl oz

Ingredients: Aqua (Water/Eau), Synthetic Beeswax, Acacia Senegal Gum, Stearic Acid, Palmitic Acid, Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax (Cera Carnauba/Cire de Carnuba), Butylene Glycol, Glyceryl Stearate, Polybutene, VP/Eicosene Copolymer, Aminomethyl Propanol, Pentylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Sodium Dehydroacetate, Potassium Sorbate, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Soluble Collagen, Myristic Acid, Arachidic Acid, Behenic Acid, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Oleic Acid, Mel (Honey/Miel) Extract, Sodium PCA,Hydrolyzed Elastin, Glycogen, Serine. [+/- (May Contain/Peut contenir): CI 77499 (Iron Oxides)]

This one is a deluxe size so this only carries 3ml of product. The regular-sized one has 12ml.

Closeup of the wand

The wand is in the mid-large range when it comes to size in my opinion. The wand carries enough product for application on both eyes. It can be a bit difficult to put the product on the bottom lashes if yours are short with this wand though. 

The mascara is really black and creamy. I do agree that it is not too dry nor too wet, but I just have to say that it dries too long when applied. I had to try and keep myself from blinking or looking down because I'll get some mascara under my eyes. It's quite frustrating when that happens actually.

Anyway, see below how it works on my lashes:

Bare lashes

Lashes when curled

Lashes with 1 coat of Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

Lashes with 2 coats of Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

Is it lengthening? YES! Is it volumizing? Yes as well! The wand prevents the lashes from clumping even if I add multiple layers of the product. And even though it is not waterproof, it doesn't smudge even on my oily skin so that's also great. Plus, it's not difficult to remove with the right eye makeup remover so no tugging will happen on your skin around the eye area. Yay! And oh, unlike my sister's experience, this mascara holds my curled lashes well. Double yay!

I really like this product because it basically has all the qualities I look for in a mascara EXCEPT for the part that it takes a while for it to completely dry after application. I often get mascara under my eyes because I thought that it already dried and I proceeded to doing things that makes me close my eyes like putting on my shirt. I guess this is because of the creamy formula. Other than that, I like this mascara very much!

Have you guys tried Urban Decay's Perversion Mascara yet?


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Review: BYS Jumbo Liquid Eyeliner Pen

Good evening ladies,

I have been using this eyeliner pen from BYS since they gave it during their anniversary event last year. I'd gotten so busy in the following months after that event that I kind of forgot to share what I thought about it. So here's my review of this product.

At first, I wasn't all that happy about this eyeliner pen. First, it's JUMBO, so naturally I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to get a thin line with it. Second, when I first tried it during the event, I had to put some pressure before getting the line I want (thus I thought it was going to be one painful liner to apply). It laid around my make-up stash for sometime until I had to travel and pack light so (at the time) I felt forced to use it. After my second use, I never parted from it again.

I guess since I left it with the point down, it had enough time to soak the felt so when I used it again,it glided smoothly over my lids. One swipe and you get a jet black finish. The line is not as harsh as the older pen/brush type liquid liners and to me looks more like an in between gel and pencil. Also I found that I had better control with the jumbo than with my old thin pens.

Here's a swatch I did on my hand. 

It looks a little less appealing since I tried drawing a very thin line.

Anyway, here it is after vigorous rubbing.

Since I am prone to rubbing my eyes, I tried simulating that here. The fade out is still quite acceptable and I like the fact that it doesn't smudge as much.

Unlike previous reviews where I have picture of my eye immediately after putting make-up on, I opted to post the after 10 hours look.

This is exactly why this jumbo liner will be a permanent resident in my make-up stash. I did not retouch nor did I put any eye primers prior to applying the liner. It stayed jet black and without smudge for the whole 10 hours I was at work.

It's very durable but clean up is easy as well. I basically just wet a cotton pad with cleansing water, press it onto my lids for 5 to 10 seconds (no need to rub) and the liner comes off cleanly. I haven't experienced any post-make-up raccoon eyes with this liner so I'm quite happy.

I haven't visited Watsons in a while so I can't give you the price for this liner yet. I will try to update you with the price range as soon as I can.

So, would you give this liner a try? If you have, do share your experience with us.


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Cream Silk Transformations: A Spotlight on the #ModernFilipina

Hello loves!

You might want to check out this very exciting event happening this Saturday by Cream Silk in partnership with the top magazines in the Philippines. Read the press release below.

A new year marks the beginning of new hopes, new promises, and new ambitions. As we all strive to be the best versions of ourselves, we constantly try to find ways of going beyond beautiful, and transforming ourselves for the better to become the woman we aspire to be. Gone are the days of the Maria Claras, as women are slowly climbing up the ranks and embracing bigger and better roles for themselves. Today, the Modern Filipina has become both a spotlight and a beacon. She has evolved into a fearless and trailblazing individual determined to realize her dreams and make a positive influence in the world. 

Cream Silk, the number one hair brand in the Philippines, together with the Philippines’ top magazines, continues to champion every Filipina’s journey of transformation, as they launch Cream Silk Transformations: Spotlight on the Modern Filipina, a glamorous, empowering and inspiring activity-filled event this coming January 23, 2016. 

The one-day affair, to be held at the World Trade Center tent will feature several areas hosted by MEGA, Preview, Metro, Meg, Yes, and Cosmopolitan. Attendees will be able to explore the whole venue, attend a variety of workshops presented by their favorite magazines, and experience their own hair transformations at Cream Silk’s special booth.

Every woman has the capacity to transform herself and unleash her beauty and become the woman she wants to be—and Cream Silk, with industry experts from each publication will show them how. The event’s workshops aim to empower the Filipina and equip them with confidence to maximize their assets. Just like how Cream Silk has been designed for the Filipina, to transform any hair into beyond beautiful hair, enabling them to conquer more. Topics include fashion, beauty, confidence building and hair care. 

Aside from that, Cream Silk will also be introducing a strong lineup of Modern Filipinas, women who embody the traits and characteristics of the Modern Filipina to serve as inspiration, each being on the verge of their own transformations.

For the first time ever, the no. 1 hair brand in the Philippines and the top magazines, bring you the first ever live cover shoot experience. With this, event attendees will get to witness the transformations of  the new generation of Modern Filipinas, who will surely make their mark this 2016.

Event guests will head out transformed with beauty and confidence to inspire, create, and make a mark in the world. Doors open at 2 PM.

Excited to see what these transformations are? We surely are. Liz will be attending on behalf of the Peachy Pink Sisters blog so do say hi if you get the chance!

Monday, January 18, 2016

First Impression: Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow

Hello dears!

I would just like to share my first few impressions about this product. Why not a full review? Well... I lost the foundation after three times of using it. When it comes to foundations, I usually apply the product around 7 to 10 times in different days so I can give a fair and accurate review. Since I've only used this a few times, I would only consider this my "first impression."

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow

I really find the name of this foundation funny. My officemates and I are fond of doing the Doge impressions for more than a year now and that "wow" at the end just reminds me of the memes. Haha!

Anyway, the shade I have is "Cheers to Me" Champagne. This foundation is available in 10 shades according to the website.

The one I have is the deluxe or sample size. This only holds 5ml while the regular size has 30ml. The sample's packaging is pretty close to the regular-sized product and it also is a pump bottle. It's pretty handy when you're traveling. I like that you can see how much product is left from the transparent packaging and the design is just really pretty—something I expect from Benefit.

Below are the important details on the labels:

And more info from the website:

Our brightening liquid foundation builds from light to medium coverage for a natural complexion you can believe in. It's you...just more luminous & healthy looking.
  • Oil-free
  • Hydrating benefits
  • Broad-spectrum SPF 25 PA+++ *
*Our foundation’s superb protection, explained: SPF stands for the protection grade of the UVB filter. PA refers to that of the UVA filter. The stars indicate the level of protection with three-stars being the highest.

Okay, so on to my thoughts about the product. First of all, I like that it has SPF 25 and PA+++. That's something that I like seeing when it comes to products for the skin because sun protection is always a must for me so if a product has it (SPF 25 is pretty decent), then that's always good news for me. 

I also like that they have warm shades. Although it's not shown on my hands as seen on the photo because that's actually my palm and my face is pretty warm so this shade is actually pretty close to my face (my face is a little darker compared to my body because it is exposed to the sun more often).

The coverage is light but buildable to a medium. Having to deal with a lot of pimple scars would be a problem though because this foundation cannot conceal them alone and that is why I rather get foundies with thick coverage as to fasten the makeup application process. 

The consistency is not really watery but not thick at all so it glides on skin pretty easily. Spreading it on the face would not be very hard so you can easily get that even application. It's super lightweight too!

The finish is a bit dewy—something that I am not a fan of because of my oily skin. My oiliness can easily make any matte makeup dewy in a matter of an hour so dewy finishes aren't very desirable for me. I go for foundations that help lessen the shine. :P

For the few times I used this, I didn't get any breakouts nor skin irritations. I actually liked the foundation when I applied it because of the warm shade and the feeling that I am not wearing foundation at all because it is so lightweight. But after around 4 hours, the product is caking on my face and it happened on all three days that I used it. I dunno why. I thought that this being oil-free can prolong the wearing time, but it did not for me. So oh well.

As for the skin benefits, I can't comment on that because... well, I only used it three times! :P

And those are my thoughts about this product. If you've been using this longer, do share your experience! I'd like to know if I should give it a second chance. :)


Saturday, January 16, 2016

NOTD: Girl Stuff Nail Lacquer in Grace

Hello loves!

Sharing my NOTD! 

I actually just recently bought this shade from Girl Stuff. If you don't know this nail polish brand yet, then you should start getting familiar with it because it is a Pinoy brand that is made of high quality ingredients. The polishes are long-lasting and even if I haven't used them for a while, they don't easily dry in the bottle. These polishes don't turn my nails yellow either even if I apply the dark ones. So yeah, I really do like this brand.

Anyway, during the holiday season, Girl Stuff was on sale and I bought two shades from them for only PhP 100.00 each. One shade I bought was...

Girl Stuff Nail Lacquer in Grace

Normally, I wouldn't really pick this shade. I'm not into grey-mauve look. I think it's too pale for me and it might make my nails look dull or lifeless.

The reason why I bought this is because I was looking for a nice nude shade. I knew right away that the other shade I bought, which is Machiatto, will look great because it's close to the color I usually buy, but this shade was recommended by the SA. At first I wasn't sure because it is not something I would pick up. But the SA reassured me that it will look good. Since it was on sale, I just trusted her recommendation and bought a bottle. :P

Ingredients list and other details on the back

So I used the polish and this is how it looks like on my nails:

Apparently, it does look good! Don't you think so too?

It's not really nude but it's a cooler shade of neutral. I'm not sure if it will look good on every skin tone but I guess I can't really judge until one actually wears it just like in this particular case. I thought it wouldn't look good, but I think it's alright. It actually looks pretty classy when you see it in person. :)

Do you like this kind of shade as your nail polish? 


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Lancome Artliner Precision Felt Tip Liquid Liner

Hello dears!

Other than foundations, I think liquid eyeliners are the products that I buy most frequently (mascaras are a close third since it expires pretty quickly like eyeliners). This is why I just love it when my sister sends me some, and I love it even more if she buys me the expensive ones to try. Haha! ;)

Lancome Artliner Precision Felt Tip Liquid Liner

I rarely buy products that are more than a thousand pesos each so getting something from Lancome makes me so happy, especially because it's free! LOL Anyway, I'll just share with you swatches and show you its lasting power. 

First off, let's inspect the packaging. It's housed in a classy-looking plastic container. You twist the head to get a pointed felt tip applicator while the body contains the liquid liner.

On the box are important details regarding the eye liner.

Here's more info from the website:

The #1 liquid Liner on the market!

This effortless liquid eyeliner features a unique combination of two film-forming polymers that make every look last. Rich, deep, luminous color pigments offer the most intense color, and its uniquely shaped foam tip pen allows for precise shaping and defining of the eyes.

And it's available in nine shades.

The felt tip makes the application process very easy. It pretty much feels like you're just doodling or writing! The tip is quite sturdy to create those pretty thin lines. I really think that eyeliner beginners will not have much problem using this.

When the liner dries after application, it creates like a sort of ultra thin rubberized film that makes it so easy to remove when you wash it off but it stays really well on skin throughout the day as long as you don't rub it off.

This is how it looks like when swatched once.

I tried to rub it lightly here

Rubbed it harder several times

See? Not even a small smudge happened.

Rubbed under running water

Rubbed hardly with running water

And that's the only time when the product got removed! So yeah, it's really long lasting and quite easy to remove when you want to take off your makeup!

And how does it look when I use it?

There you go!
It's easy to use and it makes it easy to create that eyeliner wing. I do not, however, like that it's not black enough and I'm more into matte black eyeliners. 

To make things short, the product's lasting power is pretty impressive. It can last the whole day although there are times that I get little smudges when my skin gets too oily, but that happens very rarely. The applicator makes using the product really easy too. BUT I am not fond that it's not matte and as black as some of the eyeliners I've used. The price is also a big issue (it's around $30 USD) because it is three times more expensive compared to one of my current favorite liquid liners.

I really like this product but I am equally satisfied, if not more, with other products that are more affordable than this one. If you do have the financial ability, I would still recommend this product because I still think it's pretty good, especially if you like having differently colored eyeliners! 

Have you tried the Lancome Artliner Precision Felt Tip Liquid Liner yet?