Friday, August 16, 2013

Review : 4U2 DFY9 Liquid Eye Liner in Jet Black

Hey loves!

This is actually a long delayed review post. I bought this eye liner last January but I only opened it last April since I was finishing off some of my liquid liners before using a new one. :P

4U2 DFY9 Liquid Eye Liner in Jet Black
I can't remember how much I bought this. It's most probably around Php200-250.00.
I got this in Jet Black but it is still available in 2 other shades—Dark Brown and Blue.

Let's explore the labels first...

We can see the lot number, manufacturing date and expiration date...

There's also a short description, how to use and safety precautions...

As well as the list of ingredients and info about the brand and manufacturer.

The packaging is simple and sleek. The shape is like of a tear drop or a potion bottle but thinner. It's quite easy to carry around since it is not that bulky.

The brush is long which makes it easy to use and create a desired line whether you like it very thin or thick.

Below are the swatches:

With one stroke
It is very black, just the way I like my eyeliners. It dries fast as well upon application.
As you can see, it is easy for me to create a thin line using this liner which I usually use when I do the cat eyes wing.

When smudged a few times

When smudged when wet

With running water, it barely does any damage to the lines. But when I started rubbing it, it got smudged off easily. I guess it isn't waterproof. Oh well. :P

Here's the product in action on my eyes.

I just love doing that flick! Though it isn't that perfect on this particular look. :P

The eyeliner stays on perfectly on my eyes when I use powder eyeshadows with a primer underneath. But once my lids get oily, there's minimal smudging. It's worse when I don't use primer—I get the black line at the upper lid. And it gets disastrous when I use cream shadows. Haha! That's why I don't use creamy eyeshadows. :P

Locally Available
It's really black
The finish doesn't look plastic-y/too shiny
Easy to use
Brush can easily do thin and thick lines
Dries fast when applied

Smudges when my lids get oily

Would I buy again?
Most probably not. My lids are too oily for this. I need a stronger staying eye liner for this. But I do think this will work well with dry-normal skin types. :)

Do you use 4U2 DFY9 Liquid Eye Liner? Which shade?
What's your go-to liquid liner?



  1. You eyeliner queen! Ganda lagi ng application! :D Sayang this one smudges. Di rin pwede sakin. :p

  2. I love this kind of eyeliner yung brush siya na super slim. Good thing you pointed out this is not for those with oily lids as I count myself one. My fave eyeliner is Shawill, 128 only :D Have you tried that? It's waterproof and doesn't smudge at all. :)

  3. Helen - Haha! Eyeliner Queen na ba agad? :P Princess na lang muna. <3

    Genzel - I haven't tried that yet pero I do have the glittery ones. Medyo nagsisting sila sa mata ko so I avoided eye makeup from Shawill. That happens to me when I use Nichido too. Baka masyado matapang yung formula for me. :(