Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Disappointment: Studio Fix Salon by Alex Carbonell

This is a copy of my complaint letter addressed to Studio Fix Salon. ​

On Aug 5 and 6, ​I emailed this letter to both and (my mail to the former - which is the official email of the salon on the company card - bounced back twice, and I received no reply from the latter) and messaged the facebook pages of Bench Fix Community, Studio Fix Salon by Alex Carbonell, and copied L'Oreal Professionel Philippines about this issue​. No one has gotten back to me yet. I have not called the phone line (+632 5013062 / +632 501 3064 / mobile +639275767698) since I am in Australia and cannot afford to pay the charges I may incur for filing a complaint. 

I've decided to post my letter here, in the hope that I can get a response about my complaint, and also to inform the readers about the disappointing experience. ​While I understand that it's possible that the Studio Fix team has probably not read my letter yet, I think it's plain annoying that I can't get in touch with anyone about it even if there are so many channels for communication available online. 

Bottom line?​ My hair sucks right now and I'm mightily pissed about it.  

(Oh, I'm Tracy --- Dawn's, uh, real sister).

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Unedited, under sunlight. Horrible, huh?

Studio Fix Salon by Alex Carbonell 
G​reenbelt 5 


My name is Tracy, and I am writing to you about my experience in your salon, and hopefully you can do something about my concern. 

On July 28 2013 (Sunday), I went to your salon at 12nn for steambond, full color, and haircut. I left the place at around 7 pm. The persons who serviced me are Hermes, Lovely, and Eman. I paid PhP 11, 850 for everything. 

History: I had my steambond last February before I left for Australia as part of the L'oreal launch. I blogged about the experience in my sister's site and gave a splendid review. Hermes told me that my blog entry led to more people to try his service at Studio Fix and promoted your salon. 

Since I went on vacation last month, I decided to get my hair done again. However, the result's a disaster. Even the previously uncolored and unrebonded parts are now horrible. The ends are very dry - to think I've had more than 3 inches cut off when I went to Studio Fix! And even if the color is darker now, my hair still looks very damaged. I have been using the Schwarzkopf Ultimate Elixir Line to repair the damage this entire week, but to no avail.

Please see the pictures of my hair, all taken in sunlight --- straw-like, very dry, scratchy, and rough. This is after shampooing, conditioning, and using the mask and the elixir. 

My hair is very thick and frankly not in a very good condition when I started. But I think it is in an even worse state now --- too overprocessed. It's quite upsetting. I find it very difficult to style. 

While I think the service is great (Hermes, Lovely, and Eman are really caring and nice), I'm really disappointed with the result. I am now back in Australia, and will return to the Philippines December 23. 

I hope you can offer a response to this, especially since I have paid a lot of money and trusted your team that the results will be good. I also want to keep our blog readers' trust by being honest about the service. 

Looking forward to your reply. 

Thank you, 

UPDATE! -- The issue has been resolved! Read all about it here:


  1. I can imagine how difficult it is to live with that texture... the last time I had my hair like that was before the advent of rebonding when I used to undergo what I now refer to as sosa-straightening since lye was the primary ingredient used. Rebonding done wrong can also yield similar results though. I hope they can make it up to you somehow.

  2. OMG!!! You paid for almost 12K then that's what happen to your hair, that was horrible :(

  3. Thanks, I do hope they do something about it. The reason I went for Steam Bond (despite the hefty price tag) was because the result last February was very good, as in gorgeous hair. But I guess just one glitch, everything can go wrong nga... I don't know if they left the formula too long, or if the straightening technique's messed up, or something --- basta, nakakainis. Hay. It makes me sad giving such a negative review based on the result, when the people who did the service were really nice pa naman to talk to and deal with. Sigh.

    - Tracy

  4. just curious, has it been resolved? btw, how's your hair's texture for the moment?i was going to suggest treating it with olive oil/ almond oil and then using olive oil shampoo (like palmers) and argan creme conditioners (my hair went through a super dry phase) . you can also rinse it with an organic rinse before using t he olive oil things...

  5. Hi Shella, my sis, Trace is currently in Australia and isn't active in blogging but the issue with this salon wasn't resolved. Her hair is doing much better now though. i forgot what products she used but I believe she does use palmers. :)