Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Specials: Made in Candy

Hello guys,

SO just recently, I learned that apparently, trick or treating is now practiced in our country... and well, I have no candies to give out. I'm sure some of you also share this dilemma or not. Anyway, for those of you looking for candies to give out whether it's for the coming Halloween, or you just want some sweet treat probably for Christmas, we present to you, Made In Candy.

Made In Candy (M.I.C.) is a store specializing in handmade  rock candies... here's how they started.

It all started with a fascination for art and a very sudden
flight to Australia to learn the basic skills of Rock Candy making. This followed by a year of
hard work, sweat, and self-experimentation before finally taming heavy, hot, melted
sugar into masterpieces of Candy art. In the year 2009, Candy Chef Wayne could finally
leverage on his own Artisan craft to open Asia’s first Candy Kitchen in Singapore.
-official press release

They actually make the rock candies in the store. You can have them make a specialized candy for any occasion you may think of. For them Candy is more than just a sweet delicacy; it’s a symbolic
tribute- as well as a perfect gift to bring meaning to someone. The store assistants are the actual CandyMen/Candy Artisans who make the candies. They have about 40 different flavors and designs in the store for you to choose from. All flavors and ingredients are imported from Europe and processed in Singapore. Here are samples of the candies they make: (all photos provided for by M.I.C.)

So, if you're aching for some sweets to give away, to hoard, or to just enjoy, then pop on to Rockwell’s Powerplant Mall from October to December and see them in action. Their store in Rockwell is located at one of the connecting bridgeways on the second level.

Come and see what's in store... you might just be in for a treat. :)

Hope this solves your holiday candy dilemmas. I know mine will. :)


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

NOTD : Embroideries

Hello everyone!

I'm quite excited to share my NOTD. It's just so... PRINCESSY! Haha! And I have mentioned many times before that I have... just a little bit of the princess complex! Haha.

So here's my nails...

I guess the title is somewhat obvious on this NOTD. It looks better if you see in personally since it sparkles more!

 But it still looks clean and girly at the same time. Definitely loving this NOTD!

Here are the polishes I used:
All Etude House Polishes. :P
Well, that's all for now.

Hope you all like this NOTD as much as I do! ♥


Monday, October 29, 2012

Wet 'N Wild MegaChrome Eyeliner Pencil in 150

Hello dears!

How's your Monday so far?

Been a busy, busy day for me. Work drained all the energy I had from the recent long weekend. Now I'm just looking forward for the soon long weekend ahead.
I was also looking forward for the new phone I will be getting from Globe Rewards. I wish it will be ready for pickup tomorrow. ♥

Anyway, I was fixing my makeup case last Saturday and saw some of my not so used eye liners and among them is...

Wet 'N Wild MegaChrome Eyeliner Pencil in 150

I don't know why I barely use this. It's actually good! Now I'm thinking of an EOTD/FOTD wherein I can use this.

The product isn't really creamy so it doesn't smudge fast but it is still easy to apply. It glides on to skin easily.

It's also quite long lasting when I apply it under my eyes but on my lids, it's just so-so since mine is very oily. :P

Here's a swatch on my hand.

It is quite pigmented! I love the metallic gold finish! ♥
It's a really good eye liner and an affordable one for only P299.00.

So any suggestion for a theme using this liner? Been thinking of a Cleopatra or something futuristic... Will appreciate any suggestions! Comment them below! :)



Sunday, October 28, 2012

Snoe Beauty Hair Heroes Intense UV & Thermal Barrier Shield and Intense PM Repair

Hey guys!

Since I have been very impressed with the effectiveness of the products I've bought from Snoe Beauty (can check my reviews here), I bought some more. This time, I bought some items for my hair!

Snoe Beauty Hair Heroes Intense UV & Thermal Barrier Shield and Snoe Beauty Haqir Heroes Intense PM Repair

I bought these three months ago. I am almost done with both bottles as I am writing this post.
I got them for Php249.00 each at Landmark, Trinoma.
These two work hand in hand for me. I use one before I leave the house and the other before I sleep. I just loooove them to bits mainly because of the scent! They just smell fantastic! I can't get enough of it! And since the lower half of my hair is permed, they help in detangling it. Makes my hair easier to manage.
Anyway, I'll now give my thoughts on each product next...
At the back of the bottle:

I love the package design of Snoe Beauty. Everything from their beauty bars to the Hair Heroes line, the designs are just great. It really shows the theme of the items just like in this bottle, it gives off the superhero comics feel to it!

The Snoe Beauty Hair Heroes Intense UV & Thermal Barrier Shield is in a pump bottle.

The product has a thick consistency which makes it easy for me to control the amount I put on my hair. I can't put too much since my hair can get really oily by the end of the day. I don't like it looking all greasy.

I usually use 2-3 pumps and mostly at the ends to keep it moisturized and at the top of my head since that's where the sun hits the most. Like mentioned before, I use this everytime I go out. It really helps my hair look shiny and hydrated. Swear! Plus, it keeps my hair smelling great all day! ♥

Next up is...
...Snoe Beauty Hair Heroes Intense PM Repair!
I use this every night before going to bed.

Item Description:
Hair Heroes "Intense" PM Repair with Argan Oil is a 'no-rinse' special remedy that will condition, nourish, beautifully soften & repair damaged hair while you sleep. make it an essential part of your bedtime beauty routine and awake your hair to a new level.

Details at the back of the bottle:

Snoe Beauty Hair Heroes Intense PM Repair is in a spray bottle.

The product is oil which is easy to spread throughout the hair and scalp. I bought these since I asked the SA which item can help with my hair fall problem and she recommended this. 
I'm not entirely sure if it really does work but a few days ago, when I was having a haircut in the salon, my stylist said that I have lots of baby hair growing so I don't have to be scared of my hair fall problem much anymore. Phew!

So those are all my thoughts for these products. Will I buy again? I don't know yet since I am dying to try their Intense Argan Oil! ♥

Interested to know more about Snoe Beauty?
Check out their:



Saturday, October 27, 2012

Recent Obsession with Hair...

Good evening ladies,

So I've just started growing my hair out... cause I've never had LONG longest length before this one was during my senior year in high school.

Me during 4th year Prom

Then after a few weeks in first year Medicine... I got so frustrated that I cut my hair twice within a month resulting to this...

And I found myself liking this look... though for most people, they say I look like a guy... I feel like short hair suits me best.

But, I wanted a beautiful graduation picture when I graduate. So I promised myself that I won't get my haircut more than just a trim since I've noticed that my graduation pictures are prettier when I have long hair.

Problem was... I don't know anything about styling hairs... all I know how to do are your regular buns, ponytails, half-dos, and one regular braid. And well, I get tired easily of my hair especially when I can't play around with it to change the way I look... so, for months I struggled until I came upon this picture in Who, What, Wear

which introduced me to Bumble and Bumble and their many hair creations. They are professional hairdressers and have done some of the hairstyles for the recently concluded NY fashion week. This hairstyle was actually one they did for Mathieu Mirano.

Here's the tutorial/backstage video for this hairstyle by Rolando Beauchamp.

Long story short... after this, I got so obsessed with styling my hair I went through a ton of tutorials. When I first saw the picture, I couldn't find the video link so I had to learn how to do the rope braid first then on to experimenting.

Though my hair is still not at that length that it can look like that one I can now do a shorter version on it on me and a similar looking version of that pic on my sister, whose hair is long enough for me to be able to do all the other hairstyles in the tutorials/backstage videos in TheHouseofBumble channel.

I am very much obsessing on these stuff right now that I started looking for the tools they use like the hair bungees, the various combs, the substitute product for that thickening spray, etcetera etcetera.

Anyways, maybe one day I'll be able to do more personalized hairstyles then put them up here if anyone's interested.


Friday, October 26, 2012

Avon Haul

Hi lovelies!

Hooray for the long weekend!

Time to rest my aching leg muscles and catch up on my sleep! It's also the time to stop buying stuff. My wallet is almost empty. Haha! Been buying stuff lately since I just recently got employed... so I splurged on myself first but I promised that I will start saving on my next payday! I PROMISE! Haha!

So for now will share with you another haul post. Bought some stuff from Avon this time.

It has been a long while since I last bought something from Avon. I used to love buying from them because they are very affordable!

This month, they have so much items on sale that I can't help but buy some.

Here are the items I bought:
Avon Glimmersticks Eye Liners in Blackest Black and Cosmic Brown

Avon One Great Mascara

And Avon Extra Lasting Lipstick in Vintage Rose

The total cost of all these items are only Php558.00! I saved around Php600.00!
Great deal if you ask me!

Will definitely do some reviews on these items!


Thursday, October 25, 2012


Hello ladies,

Just for today we are veering away from our usual beauty posts to share to you our BIGBANG ALIVE CONCERT TOUR experience. Yes, we were there. We have to say, great job to the staff in MOA Arena for organizing the lines and the entrance stuffs well. We were able to get inside very quickly.

And so, here we were getting cozy very early on in our Upper Box seats... we were very near the Gen Ad first line, they were behind us.. but nonetheless... we had a great view.

Plus, as bonus (or consolation) our free Jeju Fan's Designs were all TOP. I exchanged mine for the GD fan because most of the Gen Ad people sitting behind us wanted the TOP fans, they even took the fans of the those who weren't in their seats yet. Haha!

The crowd was really wild that night. They were all screaming even before the concert even started. Even with just the music videos playing, they'd show their support and love by screaming and singing along with the songs. There were a number of times that we were misled into thinking that the boys were peeping behind the curtains because of all the excitement.

So the show started about 15 to 20 minutes late, which was already pretty much on time compared to the last concert we attended. It started with this AVP of the 5 capsules being deployed containing the 5 boys and as the curtain fell, we see them emerge and start off the whole concert.

We were pretty much on a high so we can't really remember all the songs that they sang... but definitely our favorites from the Alive album and Still Alive Album: "Feeling", "Blue", Bad Boy", "Still Alive", "Wings", and "Fantastic Baby" were sang. They also sang our favorite songs from their past albums like: "Haru Haru", "Heaven", "Lies", Liz's favorite "Cafe", "Love Song" and so many more. 

GD even treated us to acapella versions of songs from  his new album: "Crayon" and "One of a Kind".

Of course there were also the solos... GD and TOP's "Knock Out" and "High High", Daesung with "Wings", Taeyang's medley of "Only Look At Me" and "Wedding Dress", and Seungri's medley of "Strong Baby" and "What Can I Do?". TOP closed the whole concert with his Tabi Dance Moment which Taeyang coaxed him into. :) Thank you Young Bae!

All these plus all the awesome choreographies, fireworks, Segways and bike props, and AVPs that changed according to the theme of the songs, it was a very satisfying concert experience indeed.

And the crowd sang and danced with the boys for the rest of the night. The ear shattering screams of love and support from the fans made showed them how big their Filipino fan base is. We were actually deaf for an hour after the concert, but it was fun!

We were somewhat envious of the people in the lower box seats who were sitting beside the stage. They got to take home a lot of Bigbang's personal effects, like Daesung's jacket, towel, and shirt(??? not sure about the shirt), GD's t-shirt and towel, Taeyang's shirt... and others which we were not able to notice. Fans also handed them items to remember them by... I think a kind of rag doll/bean doll was handed to GD, a panda stuff toy to Seungri, and a special something to TOP ;) , and let's not forget, a ROCKING MEMORY from us crowd to them. :)

The concert ended on a high note with a very satisfying LONG encore performance and again TOP's solo dance... the boys expressed how much they've enjoyed their stay and  kept saying "Salamat" and "Mahal ko kayo"  apparently taught to them by our Sandara Park, 2NE1's Dara, which was by the way part of the crowd that night. :)

They left with the promise of coming back soon and very soon. Hopefully they do. :)

And of course, we went and bought our souvenir light sticks... though it's not the crown one... but then again... they did say that they'll be back... so here we go gathering funds for that next time for better seats and for better glow sticks. :)

Took a picture of Liz's stocking... she wore this to a party, never got a scratch... wore it to Bigbang concert and this is what happened. Oh, and we got to test Liz's La Senza stick on bras. After the heat of standing in line and the heat of the day, plus after all the jumping she did and the dancing, from 3 pm to 11 pm they stayed there reliably. So hoorah for them!

So there, tomorrow we'll be back to posting beauty related stuffs. And to our beloved BIGBANG... See you guys very soon! Do come back, we'll be here waiting. :)