Sunday, June 30, 2013

Clinique Bonus Pack

Hello ladies,

Let's say hooray to free make ups! My mom was given this Clinique Bonus and well... it went to me. Haha!

This Bonus is full of plum colored make-up items. I don't really know why, but since I don't have plum color stuffs in my palette, it was a welcome present.

Take The Day Off Makeup Remover For Lids, Lashes and Lips

Thank heavens the bonus came with this make up remover. My Bifesta is almost running out and my money to buy a new bottle is still non-existent. Will review this once I get to use it. :)

And as I said earlier, this collection is full of the color violet... in all it's different shades. :)
Clinique Colour Palette (Colour Surge Eye Shadow Duo and Blushing Blush Powder)

Pretty Lips Colour & Gloss Duo (Different Lipstick and Long Last Glosswear SPF 15)

There's also this handy mascara... travel sized.

Lash Doubling Mascara

And a nice travel sized lotion as well.

Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

Somehow, the names seem long... I don't know if that's really how products are named in Clinique. That's all for this short post. Tell me if you want any other thing reviewed. :)


Saturday, June 29, 2013

Haul from Nature Republic and Their Mid-Year Promo

Happy weekend guys!

I'm sure most of you will be a happy shopper for the rest of the week since almost every brand is having their mid-year sale!

I grabbed the opportunity to get some awesome deals from Nature Republic yesterday. They have this on-going promo on their selected items wherein you can buy one and get another for free provided the free one is of lesser price.

They have dozens of products included in the promo. I wasn't able to take note of the items though (I was quite tired and it was already 9pm then).

So anyway, here are the items I bought!

I actually bought stuff that I don't immediately need. They are still sitting pretty in my closet—not yet opened. Haha! But will do reviews and swatches once I finish up some of my old products. :P

So here are the individual pics of the products with their prices:

Nature Republic Collagen HD Makeup Fixer - Php 495.00
This isn't included in the sale. I am just starting to try out different makeup fixers. You know, experiments here and there... which I think is the best way to find what is the most effective for you. But the process can be a bit pricey. LOL

Nature Republic Magic Remover Makeup Gel - Php 295.00
Also not included in the promo. Also just experimenting with other makeup removers. This is my first gel type. :P

And the only two items from the promo that I bought:

Nature Republic Pumpkin in a Raw Scrub Massage - Php 385.00
This is a scrub mask in a really cute packaging. I love the smell too which I wasn't expecting since... well... it's pumpkin! :P

Nature Republic Collagen Pop Gloss in 02 Sugar Candy - Free because of the promo but its regular price is Php 285.00.

I think the promo is really good since you get to pick what item you get as free. And if I had the money, I would have gotten more... especially the skin care products.

And oh! I get to take home these little bottled samples as GWP. I love shopping at Korean Stores because of the free stuff you get even if you didn't buy really expensive stuff. Haha!

That's all for this haul post! Hopefully I get some extra income so that I can take advantage of the mid-year sale. I still wanna go shopping for new clothes and more makeup! Haha!


Friday, June 28, 2013


Hey everyone!

Here's a press release that you might like to read regarding Kérastase Paris and an innovative product they offer!

Hair and Scalp Expert since 1964
For 50 years, women and hairdressers from around the world have loved Kérastase. The brand’s ever-innovative creations offer ideal solutions for every need and every moment. 
In the effervescence of the 60s: A new field is born, the science of hair care
The winds of freedom are blowing through styles and hairstyles. A new era has arrived, the age of rock music, mini-skirts, liberation, a need for creativity, a desire for progress and lightness—women are becoming stronger and letting down their hair.  

François Dalle, CEO of the L’Oréal Group, realises that a new market with enormous potential is opening up. This visionary man invented a new field and created professional hair care with the 1964 launch of Kérastase. 

A large-scale program that sweeps away the simple, basic products of the past. Sophistication and customisation are now the order of the day, with salons featuring high-performance hair care and customised technical expertise. 

On the leading edge of the avant-garde, Kérastase innovates with customised protocols and targeted product ranges designed to give women beautiful hair. 

The 1st Cleansers 
Launch of the first Kérastase cleansers: revitalising, normalising, anti-dandruff 
Reconciling the Irreconcilable 
Bain Divalent, the first divalent cleanser to treat the difficult problem of an oily scalp with dry ends  
The Importance of Sensory Pleasure 
Kérastase Nutritive, a beautifully nourishing product for dry hair, and Kérastase Soleil, the first sun protection for every hair type, even colour-treated hair

Cutting-Edge Formulas 
The race for ever-better technology continues with the first thermo-stimulation anti-thinning product and the first nano-emulsion haircare, Aqua Oléum 

A Voyage to the Very Heart of the Hair: Ceramides 

Kérastase Résistance, which contains thermal-cement to strengthen hair fibres while protecting from dryness caused by over-processing, and the Kérastase Réflexion line with the Chroma Riche masque to enhance radiance in colour-treated hair 

Luxury Hair Care 
From the magical properties of oils with Elixir Ultime, created to bring out the beauty in every woman’s hair, to customised professional care with Fusio-Dose, the 1st system with super-concentrated active ingredients for real-time mixing by hairdresser

Hair care at its Source

Today, almost 50 years after the birth of the brand, Kérastase takes this reasoning one step further and initiates the hair care “skinification.” The professional “Hair Skincare” finds its reason why in the crucial notion, that the hair must be treated as living matter and that it stems from the dynamic biology of the skin of the hair. Thus the expression “Hair Skincare”, as we treat the scalp with the same indulgence and attention as the skin. 

To render this asset as beautiful as possible, Kérastase has taken on the biggest challenge that hair can present by creating the first Advanced Concentrate made with native plant cells that acts at the very base of the hair so that it grows stronger, more radiant, and more beautiful than ever through INITIALISTE.


25 years after creating the first hair masque, Kérastase has innovated once again by creating a revolutionary hair care product that works on your hair to make it more beautiful every day. INITIALISTE is the first Kérastase serum based on native plant cells that acts from the birth of the hair, enabling it to grow stronger, brighter and more beautiful than ever. Its exclusive Regenerative Complex® protects the scalp environment to optimise the production of the hair biomaterial, thus reinforcing fibre strength. Hair quality is improved from the source and for a long time. With INITIALISTE, an innovation inspired by skin care, Kérastase has turned a new page in hair care, ushering in a new era of stem cells biology.


The scalp is essential to bringing out the sublime beauty of every woman’s hair, which is the mission of every Kérastase hairdresser. The scalp is where hair fibres are born.  For this reason, the scalp deserves the same careful attention that is given to facial skin.

• The skin on the scalp is fine and delicate. The scalp is 4 times thinner than the skin on the rest of the body. The dermal-epidermal junction is twice as taut as the skin on the face

• This skin is made up of tissues with unique functionalities. It is  endowed with a high concentration of neuro-sensors, with 2 stem cell reservoirs and immortal dermal papilla

• This skin is where sublime hair originates -  a source of sensations,  a source of colour,  key to hair density and to growth


At the heart of INITIALISTE, the  Regenerative Complex® protects scalp environment, thus improving the hair quality at its source. This exceptional formula, developed like a skin serum optimises the follicular regenerative capacity which creates beautiful hair that is stronger, shinier and fuller, thanks to:

• Native plant cells taken from Malus Domestica, a millenary known apples species. We have proven their ability to optimise the environment of skin stem cells and to maintain their regenerating power.

• Antioxidant polyphenols to protect the scalp environment from oxidative stress (UV, etc.) 

• A Glucolipid (SP94)  that acts on the external hair sheath. The lipid component consolidates the structure of the follicle’s external sheath. The “Gluco” component is an energy reserve that enhances the cell metabolism and enables rapid hair growth. In vitro tests. 

• Ceramide  imitate the ceramides that is natural hair components, and strengthen the resistance and cohesion of the capillary fibre. 


Within 7 days, visible action on 3 aspects of hair quality: Hair is stronger (breakage reduced), shinier and more youthful: It has increased hair matter & elasticity 

Within a month: Hair full  of vitality, and fibre significantly improved. 

SRP: PhP 2850.00

For more information, visit the official Kérastase Paris website at or call the Kérastase Paris hotline at (02) 672-7200.

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Review : Snoe Hair Heroes Super Fresh Texturizing Beach Waves

Hey loves!

I'm really missing my wavy, curly hair. 
It has only been 6 months since I chopped off my permed hair and I have been missing the curls ever since. I just find my natural straight hair boring. Not to mention how you have to comb your hair to look decent. With permed hair, even if you have to face strong winds, you still look great!

For the meantime, I get to have at least some waves that gives my hair extra volume and style with the use of...

Snoe Hair Heroes Super Fresh Texturizing Beach Waves 
with Sage Tea Tree & Peppermint

This 50ml spray bottle is Php 299.00.

Details about the product:

It's so easy to use since you just have to spray it on your hair and scrunch!

This product smells so good!! It's refreshing! Sometimes I overspray just because I love the scent! Haha!

Anyway, here's what my hair naturally looks like without products (not even blow dried):

But with this product alone, my hair turns into this:

Nice, eh?

Instant wavy hair!! 
I love it so much because it makes hair easy to manage and it creates these natural looking waves! This doesn't feel greasy nor sticky. I also like that this doesn't make my hair looking so oily (I tend to have oily scalp). And it keeps my hair smelling great all day!

What I LIKE:

Locally made
Smells great!!
Gives Volume to my hair
Not greasy nor sticky
Easy to use
Gives my hair texture

What I don't like:


Would I repurchase?
I would! I'm excited to see what it can do when I get my hair permed by July or August!

So what do you think of Snoe Hair Heroes Super Fresh Texturizing Beach Waves?
Do you know of a product that gives the same results?


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Review : Hayan Auto Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown

Hi dears!

I bought this very affordable Eyebrow Pencil from Hayan Korea Cosmetics a month ago. I just had to try it out because it's Php 59.00 only (It was on sale when I bought it) and I also find Korean eyebrow pencils great in achieving natural looking brows.

Hayan Auto Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown

It comes in another shade which is Gray Brown.

I believe the regular price of this product is Php 90.00.

It's dual ended. One side is the pencil while the other is the spoolie.

Here's the spoolie.
And the brow liner. 
When I took this picture, I've used it twice already. I just mentioned that so you have an idea on how long the product is.
I prefer the triangular shape like Etude House's Drawing Eye Brow pencil but this is still easy to use nonetheless.

Swatch on Paper

Swatch on hand

When smudged a couple of times

Lasting power is pretty good. It's not waterproof though so you might need to retouch if you sweat a lot or if you accidentally wiped your brows or something.

My bare brow

with the product

It's doesn't create very bold or harsh lines. Just remember to blend it nicely. Try to do feathery strokes to achieve a more natural finish especially if you don't have thick brow hair like I do. :P 
But compared to other Korean Brow pencils I have tried, this is probably the boldest of them all. It is quite dark so be careful especially if you have heavy hands.

What I LIKE:

Locally Available
Easy to use (no need to sharpen)
Has a spoolie
Lasting power is pretty decent


Can be too pigmented for me (for an eyebrow product)
Only available in 2 shades

Would I repurchase?
I probably will if I don't find something new that I would like to try. I love trying out new products. :P

Have you tried this product yet?
What about other products from Hayan Korea? Which ones do you like? :)


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

NOTD : Sneakers

Hey loves!

I love shoes.
I'm not a collector but I think most girls would agree with me that it's fun to have new shoes that looks great and comfy at the same time.
Since I have small legs and feet (and they have to carry such a heavy weight LOL), I usually go for wedges and doll flat shoes. Most of my foot wear are flats and wedges up to 3 inches. Anything higher will make my feet tired from walking in just a couple of hours.
I don't have much shoes but I can tell you that I have a couple of dozens. But none of them are sneakers. Haha! I just don't like sneakers. I guess it's just not my style! I have nothing against sneakers but I never fancied them. Even my friends find it weird when I wear theirs... they say I look awkward in them. Haha!

But anyway, even though I don't get to wear them as my footwear, I get to wear them on my nails in this NOTD! :P

I used all Caronia Polishes in this NOTD. And I also used a black and blue Sharpee for the 'Shoelace.'

It got quite messy when I fell asleep. I thought it was completely dry but I guess I was wrong. Uh oh! :P

But what do you think of this very easy nail art?
Do you think I can sport something sporty even if it's only on my nails?


Please 'LIKE' My Entry - My Leona Lewis Make-up Look

Hey guys!

I would just like to ask for your help regarding this contest I joined. 

It's a contest by The Body Shop to create your own Leona Lewis Make-up Look using The Body Shop makeup with at least one makeup from their newest collection.

This is my entry:

1. Start with a clean face!
2. Make your face radiant with the Limited Edition Lily Cole Pearl Radiance Primer
3. Apply the Vitamin E Cool BB Cream.
4. Get flawless skin with the All-in-One Face Base in no. 35.
5. Create strong, arched brows. I used a brown powder eyeshadow from my 4-Step Smoky Eyes Palette in Smoky Copper.
6. The star of the look—Colour Crush Eye Color in Blackcurrant Affair form the Leona Lewis Collection.
7. Highlight and outline the eyes using the Wintertrend Eye Definers in Pure Gold and Golden Brown. I also used the darkest color (Go Violet) in my Lily Cole Shimmer Cubes as my eyeliner on the upper lash line. Then, dab some Think Pink shade on my cheeks.
8. To finish the look, apply Colourglide Shine Lip Colour in Pink Flash.

The criteria for judging is 50% creativity and 50%. 

So I would like to ask if you guys can help me and LIKE my entry to this contest!
I would so love to win their makeup brushes and their new Colour Crush eyeshadows.
I'd really appreciate it if you could help me out! :)

To like my entry, CLICK the link below and LIKE, Like, LIKE!!

Thanks in advance and wish me luck! ;)


Monday, June 24, 2013

My 168 and HBC Haul

Hey everyone!

Since it's Manila Day, I got the day off!
It's been a while since I had a day all to myself. So I indulged myself with yummy Silvanas and watching different TV Series. And I also did some product photoshoots for the blog.

For today's post, let me share with you some items I bought during my adventure trip around Manila last Saturday. Why did I say it was an adventure? Well, I just went around areas in the city of Manila via Jeepney for the first time—my house (Sampaloc area) to Robinsons Manila to Divisoria to UST and finally, to Lucky Chinatown Mall. I haven't tried commuting to some of those places by my self so I was curious and a bit scared during the commutes. I wasn't sure if I was riding the right jeep! Haha! How thankful I was that my friend's BF took us home with his car. I was so exhausted (and almost out of pocket money!).

Anyway, here are some of the new stuff that you'll see in my posts soon! ;)

Nail Art stuff! Woot!
Got all three boxes for PhP 250.00.

Some fake, geeky glasses for PhP 50.00 each.

Necklaces for PhP 33.00 each!

Also bought these products from HBC:

Body Recipe Milk + Hand and Body Lotion - PhP 142.00
Body Recipe Blueberry Foot Scrub - PhP 65.00
Body Recipe Blueberry Foot Balm - PhP 65.00
Body Recipe Blueberry Foot Soak - PhP 65.00
Allue Milk Body Lotion - PhP 59.75
Body Recipe Milk + Sunblock Cream - 83.00
Handspray Limited Edition (2 boxes - 3 sprays/box) - PhP 99.00/box

And I also received this gift from HBC - San San!

Their new eyeshadow collection!!! Woooot!
Swatches and my review on this will be posted soon!
Will also be posting different makeup looks that I will do using this babies!!! Stay tuned for that! :)

Well... That's about it! So many new stuff (again). I keep buying stuff. Someone... please stop me. Hahaha! 

What do you think of all these new stuff?
Which one do you like the most/ would like me to review first? Just comment below, loves! ;)


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Review: Too Cool for School: Hot Girl Lip Sticker in #5 Real Red

Good evening ladies,

Remember that a while back we went shopping at this new Korean Make-up store, Too Cool for School. Unfortunately for me, I was only able to purchase one lipstick... but anyway since I have a huge lack of red lipsticks (I tend to buy nude shaded ones or light pink ones)... I decided to try their red lipstick.

It's a little heavy on the budget, it cost me around  Php 435 and I wasn't really all that excited about it since I found it to be quite, short... and on first try, it didn't look very impressive. But I decided to buy it because I wanted a matte red lipstick and the color wasn't that bad on my lips as well.

Here's a picture of the product and packaging.

Here's a picture of my lips sans the lipstick.

Swatch of the lipstick on my hand.

And here it is applied with a lip brush, one coat only, unblotted... was too lazy to run another coat.

Anyway, the more you build it up the more red it becomes. The product did not disappoint me though, it lasted for the whole day. I wore it on my duty and did not retouch it for 12 plus hours and it was still pretty bold and red at the end of the day... here's a picture taken with my phone after 12 hours.

However, when I took this picture, I applied 2 coats that day... as advised by Lisa Eldridge. To add to it's long lasting-ness (if there is a word), it was very resistant to water and food. Also, it did not chap my lips... they do look kind of dry in this photo, but I did not have cracks or loose skins at the end of the day so that's a big plus. I read in that it contains jojoba oil, so that may have added to the anti-chap effect.

The collection comes in 5 colors:
Blossom Pink
Hawaiian Flower (which the SA said was a best seller)
Lady Salmon
Real Red

You can click the link above to check out pictures of the other shades.

To summarize...

What I like:
Long Lasting
Does not chap/crack the lips

What I don't like:
Somewhat expensive (Php 435)

Would I buy again?

It turned out to be a good purchase after all, isn't that nice? Anyway, I hope to be able to buy more great products from this store... for now I will have to wait and patiently make up strategies to save money so I can buy more make ups.