Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My May Salad Box (Missha Box)

Hi guys!

I finally received my Missha Box!

This is more expensive than the usual Salad Box. 
It retails for PhP 800.00 but if you subscribed for at least 3 months, you get it for only PhP 500.00.

Here's the box's description from the website:

The SaladBox Take
Our very first collaboration box, the Missha box contains seven (7) luxe product samples from Korea's number one cosmetic and skincare brand.

Receive three full-sized products (one makeup and two skincare), two deluxe sized samples (skincare), and two trial packs (one makeup and one skincare). A rose water skincare product, a cute-and-classy lip gloss, a refreshing face mask, a stem cell control emulsion, a firming concentrating emulsion, an immortal youth serum, and, of course, Missha's best selling BB Cream.

How It Works
Purchase this PhP2,000-worth limited edition box separately for just PhP800.00 or subscribe for at least three months, receive it by the end of May (or earlier!), and indulge yourself with everything Missha!

It took a while to get delivered. It's already mid June when it arrived. I saw on Facebook that there were problems with courrier (again) and had to change or something. But oh well. :P

So let's move on with the unboxing!

I had hope for a different looking box but it was still the same classic, green one. :P

There's the classic card that explains what the items inside are all about.

Here are the list of the products with descriptions and their prices in full size:

Below are the pictures of the items. I have arranged them according to the list above. Just refer to the photo for the name and details. :)

(Yay! Full-size!)

I expected more makeup for this box but right now I'm on the skincare phase so I was still happy with the contents. Though I wished I received a different full-sized item! Hahahaha! 

What do you think of The Salad Box's Missha box?
If you bought this, did you get the same items too?



  1. I'm a huge fan of their bb cream but haven't seen their skin care before!

  2. Sulit huh! I mean for the price of P500? :)

  3. Interesting box, the first exclusive from Saladbox. At first glance it doesn't look like it's worth the Php800, but then Missha is not a cheap brand either. Hopefully it performs well!

  4. Your box is better than mine :( I'll post it tomorrow but UGH. jealous :'(

  5. nice items, but I haven't really tried skincare products from korean brands, just scared...hehe

  6. Sharlynn - I've tried a few of their products but not so much on skincare.

    Pink Magaline - Yup! :D

    becomingsleek - True that! :)

    Tellie - Aww... will wait for your post then.

    Hollie - Oh, why are you scared? Should I be worried that I've been using some lately? O_O

  7. So far this is the best box na peg ko of all the months na dumating :D and the one with ciate. :)

  8. Hi how's the smell of your rose water controlling serum? Mine smells weird after applying it :(