Friday, June 14, 2013

Review : Missha Limited Edition TVXQ Oil Blotting Paper

Hey dears!

One of the things that is a must in my vanity kit is an oil control paper. I have very oily skin (I used to hate that fact a lot but I found out that having oily skin can mean a much later appearance of wrinkles. Correct me if I'm wrong though!) and the face looking all greasy is a big no-no! I don't have a favorite oil blotter yet so I just go and try out different brands.

I received this one from one of my Saladboxes...

Missha Limited Edition TVXQ Oil Blotting Paper

This is worth Php 150.00.

If you're not aware who TVXQ is, then obviously you do not listen to KPop at all! I'm not a fan though but I sort of had a crush on Yunho. Haha!

Some info from The Salad Box's site:

The SaladBox Take
This quick fix for oily skin is the way to go for girls on-the-go!

How to Use
Lightly pat oily sections of face with a clean sheet, using both sides until skin is dry.

The paper has Missha's logo in it if you look at it closely.

It's very thin though. You can see clearly the print of the background underneath them.

That being said, it absorbs too little of the excess oil on my face. I had to use at least 3 papers whenever I blot my extremely oily skin. It barely does any help, to be honest. There are more affordable oil blotting papers out there that performs better. I'd rather use tissue to blot than this since I don't have to dig my fingers in the envelope to get a super thin paper inside. The only thing I like in this product is that it has Yunho's face printed on the packaging.

Have you tried this product yet?
What oil blotting product do you use?



  1. i have this one too! and true, it doesn't absorb much oil. :(

  2. You have such good eyesight, I never noticed the MIssha branding on the sheets :P I'm pretty meh about this one as well, especially since it shreds easily..

  3. I haven't tried that brand. I usually use the Avon blotting paper and I also used the one I got from
    Its quite impressive coz it absorbed a lot of my excess oil.. :)

  4. hazel - such a let down, huh?

    Tellie - And if you use it for blotting, you'll see the flower logo of missha too!

    Em - I'll check those products out! Thanks! :)