Monday, June 10, 2013

Too Cool For School Haul

Hey everyone!

It's round 2 of the weekend haul. If you'd like to view my haul last Saturday, click here.

Yesterday, Liz and I went to SM MoA to check out this new Korean makeup brand in the Philippines—Too Cool For School.

Liz's classmate told her about how interesting the products are and how cute the interior of the store was. And as we got to the place, we definitely agree with her! We weren't able to take photos of the place, but you can check it out on their Facebook Page.

What can we expect from Too Cool For School?
Here are some info about it from their FB:

A unique cosmetic brand from Korea. It's about a story of a girl who is too glamorous just to go to school.

TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL pursues new consumer culture of 1020 generation and "Fashionista". As a life beauty brand conveying the life of Too Cool people, contemporary trend leaders who shop with prudence and ensure to themselves their own aesthetic styling.
Practicality + FUN, the new concept life allows people to meet famous design and provides mode of style not only for cosmetics but also for a variety of stationeries and accessories for everyday needs.
To keep in step with the aesthetic philosophy of 1020 generation who are in the center of culture conversion, we have upgraded existing cosmetics market which has been limited to & into prop type design beauty brand with new design character cosmetics and desk items, and [Beauty & Life] as its keyword..
The brand and shop of Too Cool implies the concept of life design so that we do not lose even one beauty and precious aesthetics of Too Cool people who love style but are able to show our love.

The brand carries 189 line ups with 420 different varieties of products. It covers 62 items with Skin care, 91 items with Make-up and 36 items with Accessories.

Their first and only store (for now) is in SM Mall of Asia (in front of Etude House). They just opened last April. They will soon open another branch at SM North hopefully around July as their friendly SA's mentioned.

If you are wondering about the price range of the products, well... prices are a bit higher compared to Korean makeup products like Etude House but it's more affordable than Laneige.

Liz and I don't have much cash on hand so we each bought a single item.

Liz bought this lipstick. Cool package design, right?

 The shade she bought is Real Red. It's around Php 500+.

I bought a BB Cream.
It's their Rules of Trouble Dual Cover BB Cream.
It is your typical BB Cream with heavy coverage and matte finish! Just what I've always wanted for my BB Creams! I only got the sample size one to try it out.  The sample size is Php 265.00 while the regular size is Php 1k+.

And good news for students (or those who overstayed in college like me)!
They have an on-going promo for the month of June!
 Just present your school ID and you can be one of the 100 lucky students to win cool stuff!

It's a box full of Too Cool For School Product Samples! Neat, huh?

And oh, I just have to include this stamp like sticker they put to seal your paper bag when you buy stuff. It's just so cute!

And Liz also bought some other stuff too for her violin. 

 And that's all for our haul post for this weekend.
We have to starve ourselves again to at least have some extra pocket money again. Haha!



  1. that is awesome!! but I can't avail with that anymore. Because we don't have that here and I'm not a student anymore. hahaha

  2. Em - Aww.. They will have other promos soon. I heard they will have one once their newest branch opens.

    Tellie - It is! ;)

  3. Wow cuuuute! Would love to try their stuff... xD


  4. Gellie - Cute nga! I'll be back to get more when I have the money! :P