Sunday, June 16, 2013

Estée Lauder Double Wear Exchange at Trinoma

 Hey loves!

Yesterday, I went to a very fun event hosted by Estée Lauder, Philippines...

...The Estée Lauder Double Wear Exchange!

It was held at the first floor of Trinoma Mall. In front of Chronos and beside the stall of MAC. 

The event's highlight is the much talked about foundation from the brand—the Double Wear Stay-In-Place Foundation. It claims that besides the great finish it gives, it can last up to 12-16 hours!

 In this event, you can get a free 10 day sample of their Double Wear Foundation in exchange for your old foundation bottle!

Here's the glass container holding the old bottles exchanged. This photo was taken at 3pm. Already a dozen bottles inside at least. I wonder how many they got at the end of the day...

Once you exchanged it, you'll also get these super adorable Double Wear bottle shaped cookies!

They taste so delicious too! :D

They have a big stash of Double Wear Foundation Samples in different shades.

And displayed around the area of the event were the different products of Estée Lauder...
One of my favorite scents—Pleasures! The original one. :P 

Skin care range

And my favorite area, the makeup station! 

 And BTW, if you set an appointment for the event, you get to have a makeover using Estée Lauder's Double Wear makeup! You'll get your all-made-up photo taken as well which you can use for your profile photos on your social networking sites! 

I was scheduled for 2:30pm but I arrived late at 3pm. Booo me. I didn't expect the heavy traffic. But they were nice enough to accomodate me still after one of the makeup artists were free. :)

Here's the makeup station where I got my makeover! 

Their guest makeup artist, Lillian Yeung, did my makeup for the day. She's been working with Estée Lauder for a year now but has been a professional makeup artist for more than 4 years. She's usually the one doing the makeup for the brand during photo shoots for endorsements and such. I'm so lucky that I got her as my makeup artist for the day! It was such a great experience (naks!). She was so nice and bubbly! I had a great time chatting with her during our makeup session. :D

Anyway, here's my photo after the makeover! They even gave me an Estée Lauder USB where they stored the picture file so I can upload it when I get home. Nice, right? :)

My face seemed poreless with the foundation! The matte finish made my face looking so fresh and flawless! :D I'm not used to seeing my face lined in such a way though. I feel strange looking at the photo. lol

Below are my before and after shots from my phone:

I only had some foundation, eyebrow pencil and lipgloss on before.
Lillian used a pink lippie on me, almost close to what I wore but a bit lighter. She applied  neutral colored eyeshadows and gave me heavily lined eyes. I feel so glammed-up! :)

And oh! I was with Helen during the event. She actually was the one who informed me about this! :P
Photo taken from Helen

She looked so refreshed too after her makeover!
She had peachy makeup while I had pink! :P

Obviously, we are having tons of fun taking our pictures. 

And the pic below is us with the gorgeous girls from Estée Lauder, Philippines:
Photo taken from Helen
We felt kinda... small. Haha! 

And 6 hours after the makeover, I took this selfie pic of me in my room:

 My makeup was still beautiful! No creasing, no caking! I soooo want to get my hands on a full-size bottle sometime soon! :)

 But wait!!! There's more!!!

Besides the cookie, USB and the 10 day sample (my shade is Rattan), we took home more goodies from the event!

We got our photo taken with a polaroid camera too! 

Plus these goodies!!! 
 Samples of Estée Lauder Hydrationist Maximum Moisture Creme, A sachet of their Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum,  Sumtuous BoldVolume Lifting Mascara, and Double Wear Stay-in-Place Dual Effect Powder Makeup! There's even a list on how do a perfect pose!

It was such a great day for me! I totally had fun. Many thanks to Estée Lauder, Philippines for this event. Super thanks to Helen as well for informing me about this!

Estée Lauder will still hold 2 more of these events at Makati and Shangri-La. Not sure when these will be held so just visit their Facebook page for more info on this. :)

You can visit their locations here:

Rustans Makati 
Rustans Shangri-la 
Rustans Alabang 
Rustans Gateway 
Rustans Cebu 
Essenses Rockwell 



  1. Wow. I so wish I heard of this. It seems so fun!!!

  2. We'll definitely have more beauty bonding moments like this in the future! I had a great day with you and Estee Lauder! ♥

  3. I've heard a lot of good reviews about that products :)) I hope we also have it here!
    lovely goodies too!

  4. Tellie - They will have the same event on Makati and Shangri-La soon! You should go there!

    Helen - Yayyy! See you on our next beauty adventure! :D

    Em - I'm excited to try them! Hope you can attend their other events! :D