Monday, June 03, 2013

Nail Pamper Experience at My Pretty Nails Salon

 Hey Loves!

Are you a fan of getting hand spas or foot spas? How about getting manicure services or even nail arts? 
I actually barely get any of these since I felt like I could just do these at home. But I rarely ever do them anyway. I guess I'm just too tired to do all these myself. It was just this Saturday afternoon at My Pretty Nails Salon that I felt how rewarding such services felt.

I received an invitation from Rachelle to try out My Pretty Nails' services and I was happy to grab the opportunity. She let me pick the day I'm most convenient to visit and so last Saturday, an afternoon of pampering happened.

The place wasn't hard to find. It's just across Shangri La Plaza (Shaw Blvd. side). The building (Soho Residences) isn't fully done yet so you might have to ask the security guard there where it is exactly to avoid walking around the buildings getting lost like I did. :P

I was late that I was getting so embarrassed but I got so excited again when I saw this really cute exterior of the salon!

And upon entering, this is what you'll see...

A cute, Victorian themed room...

...with lovely furnitures...

...and a feminine and lush ambiance.

I seriously want to have this pink chair in my room! I heard that this was customized.

Loving the centerpiece of the room, the crystal chandelier,

 and the wallpaper!

The place was actually designed by a fresh grad from UP and I think he/she did an amazing job!

The princess-wannabe in me wanted to have a room like this!

Also loving this gold painted product holder:

It looks so chic! Even the products it holds have such cute containers!

But before we proceed to my experience, let me share with you some info on what My Pretty Nails Salon is all about:
(description from their Facebook Page)

My Pretty Nails

"Placing Art At Your Fingertips"

Our Victorian-inspired nail salon provides a relaxing atmosphere to clients having their manicure, pedicure or spa. With our complimentary services, clients can enjoy their choice of organic treatments in cozy victorian chairs. 

My Pretty Nails specializes in glamorous nail art designs using the latest gel art technology. Embellishments like dried flowers and rhinestones are meticulously placed on each client’s nails to give them their desired nail art look, which remains aesthetically intact for up to a month.

We guarantee that all our clients receive exactly the same pretty treatment and the same beauty attention they truly deserve.

Tools are sterilized after each use.

Use of organic products for hand and foot spa.

Complimentary drink

Nail technicians are trained to observe proper sanitation.

Wide variety of nail polish to choose from.

So let's proceed to my lovely afternoon in My Pretty Nails...

They let me try their Pretty Spa Manicure and Pedicure which includes soak, exfoliation, cleaning, moisturizer, massage and premium polish ! They even let me choose which kind to get!

I took the Kapeng Barako and their bestseller, Pomegranate and Fig.

I loooove the scent of the Kapeng Barako! After 5 hours, I can still smell it!

They use locally made products and also imported products. I was impressed that they support local goods since I believe that we really do have great products. It's just the 'colonial mentality' kicking in most of our minds which is why we rarely take interest in Filipino-made items.

 And what's even better is that all of these products are organic!!

The session was really relaxing. The place was dimly lit and the scents of the products used were just heavenly! 

Bebs, who did my manicure, and Pia, who did my pedicure, have really light hands that I could just fall asleep as they prettify my nails!

They even served me some hot green tea. The teapot looks too cute!!! I believe they offer other drinks too like iced tea and such. :P

They let me choose what nail polish I would like to wear and I chose these two:

China Glaze in United for my hands and Orly in Rage for my toes.

And here's the output:

Loved this shade so much I even bought a bottle!

I know my feet aren't pleasant-looking but as you can see, it looks so clean and soft now! 

And btw, they have tons and tons of polishes to choose from!

Not only that, they also offer nail art and gel art services!

Below are their designs:

Lovely and colorful, aren't they?
Looking at these inspired me to experiment on nail arts too. If mine didn't turn out so well, I'll just come back here. Haha!

And oh! Besides massages, spas and nail art services, they also offer waxing services!

They have a separate room for this.

They use different scents like honey and rose.

Below are the prices for the waxing services:

And here are the lists of services that My Pretty Nails Salon offers with their corresponding prices:

Isn't it fantastic that they also have services for little girls too? It's perfect for a mommy and daughter bonding session!

They also give loyalty cards that give you a free body massage or nail art for your 10th visit! These cards are valid for a year.

And of course, I had to have a picture with the lovely ladies, Pia and Bebs, who pampered me during that afternoon! They were so friendly and pleasant to talk to.

And of course, a picture with Rachelle!

She was so nice and answered all of my questions.
She told me that she was a huge fan of nail spas and that she incorporated everything she prefers in a spa salon in My Pretty Nails - the Victorian motif and the relaxing ambiance to name a few. The salon is fairly new. They just opened last April! 
She also shared that they do plan on opening other branches. I do hope they open one near our place! I would have loved to frequent the salon it's just that Mandaluyong is a bit far from our house.

It was truly a relaxing afternoon for me. I'm so happy with the experience that I strongly recommend you try My Pretty Nails Salon's services!

If you're interested to know more about My Pretty Nails, visit their 
Facebook Page

or you can contact them via phone or email:
+63 2 571 6649

My Pretty Nails Salon is open everyday from 10am to 8pm.

Disclaimer: I did not receive any compensation benefit and I was only invited to review their services.

Have been to My Pretty Nails Salon yet?
Do you like going to spas/salons that focuses on nail care?



  1. Very pretty interiors! I might just try their pedi!


  2. You should! I'm sure you'll like it too! :D

  3. Hi Dawn! Nice blog post! I was also invited by Ms. Rachelle! :) It was a nice experience.. Girl, may I borrow the gold container photo? :) I promise to credit you. Nakalimutan ko kasi mag picture. lols. Thank you!! :)