Thursday, June 27, 2013

Review : Snoe Hair Heroes Super Fresh Texturizing Beach Waves

Hey loves!

I'm really missing my wavy, curly hair. 
It has only been 6 months since I chopped off my permed hair and I have been missing the curls ever since. I just find my natural straight hair boring. Not to mention how you have to comb your hair to look decent. With permed hair, even if you have to face strong winds, you still look great!

For the meantime, I get to have at least some waves that gives my hair extra volume and style with the use of...

Snoe Hair Heroes Super Fresh Texturizing Beach Waves 
with Sage Tea Tree & Peppermint

This 50ml spray bottle is Php 299.00.

Details about the product:

It's so easy to use since you just have to spray it on your hair and scrunch!

This product smells so good!! It's refreshing! Sometimes I overspray just because I love the scent! Haha!

Anyway, here's what my hair naturally looks like without products (not even blow dried):

But with this product alone, my hair turns into this:

Nice, eh?

Instant wavy hair!! 
I love it so much because it makes hair easy to manage and it creates these natural looking waves! This doesn't feel greasy nor sticky. I also like that this doesn't make my hair looking so oily (I tend to have oily scalp). And it keeps my hair smelling great all day!

What I LIKE:

Locally made
Smells great!!
Gives Volume to my hair
Not greasy nor sticky
Easy to use
Gives my hair texture

What I don't like:


Would I repurchase?
I would! I'm excited to see what it can do when I get my hair permed by July or August!

So what do you think of Snoe Hair Heroes Super Fresh Texturizing Beach Waves?
Do you know of a product that gives the same results?



  1. I love this! Will get my 2nd bottle ASAP! :D

  2. Is that without ironing? WHOOOOA! I want my own :P

  3. Helen - Will buy a new one once I get my hair permed again. :P

    Tellie - No ironing needed to achieve this! Go get one! Hope you'll like it too!

  4. Hi, I'm about to try Ystillo salon's digital perming. Do you have any suggestions about that?

    1. I haven't tried the perming from Ystilo e. What I can suggest is that you get a good curling mousse/cream to accentuate the curls. For tangles, I comb my hair before taking a bath and after I shower, I don't brush it anymore so that my hair won't get frizzy. Use conditioner daily and if possible, use a hair treatment/spa weekly. :D