Friday, June 07, 2013

Mir and Ryvi Papaya Soap Skin Lightening Beauty Bar

Happy weekend, loves!!

Time to sit back, relax and enjoy your free time from work/school! :)

Before I hit the sack early because I'm just unusually tired, let me leave you with a short review on this organic soap I received from my April GlamourBox:
Mir and Ryvi Papaya Soap Skin Lightening Beauty Bar
I only have a sample size but the full size is PhP 250.00.

Some info about the product from the website:

Skin Lightening Papaya Soap
     Exposure to UV radition and other pollutants can make skin dull and dark. Our skin lightening bar naturally helps make a fairer skin. Papaya enzymes work as exfoliator. Our mulberry extract, sourced from the Jeju Island, has been clinically proven effective in inhibiting the tyrosinase activity on the skin. Tyrosinase activity is responsible for melanin production that, in turn, darkens skin. The mulberry extract is highly potent yet very gentle. Our soap naturally makes skin fairer without the side effects of hydroquinone.

Organic Papaya
     • natural exfoliator 
     • rich in skin vitamins such as A, E and C 
     • age-old skin practice in the Philippines in lightening one’s skin

Mulberry Extract
     •clinically proven effective in inhibiting the production of melanin
     • effective for natural treatment of hyper pigmentation
     • non-irritant

Vitamin B3
     • proven effective as skin lightening

Combination of Vitamin E and other essential oils
     • skin moisturizer 
     • supports the skin renewal, leaving a healthy skin inside and out 
     • helps in achieving a glowing skin

List of Ingredients:

And below is the actual product:

I've been using organic soaps for quite some time now and been loving them more than ever! And this bar from Mir and Ryvi is no exception. This smells pleasant and leaves my skin feeling clean whenever I use this. This product is mild on skin—never dried my skin nor caused irritations. It doesn't lather much though and it dissolves faster than the ordinary soaps, which is the case of most organic soaps anyway.

I do believe this does help lighten my skin. I actually got a little darker from a swimming getaway with my friends last month. I also walk under the sun everyday during high noon under the intense heat of the sun. I usually fear that I'll get my skintone more uneven because of too much exposure to sun. But I'm happy to say that my skin actually lightened thanks to my sunblock and using this bar from Mir and Ryvi. For now, they are the only ones I use that helps block the sun and lighten my skin.

Have you tried Mir and Ryvi Papaya Soap Skin Lightening Beauty Bar?
What about their other variants?



  1. This looks interesting but a bit expensive for my liking and I'm not a fan of lightening/whitening products. But these kinds of product could help din in evening out your skin tone no? :)

    Thanks for sharing Dawn! :)


  2. Gellie - Yup yup! It doesn't do instant whitening naman. I'm just happy that it evened out my skin. :)