Tuesday, June 25, 2013

NOTD : Sneakers

Hey loves!

I love shoes.
I'm not a collector but I think most girls would agree with me that it's fun to have new shoes that looks great and comfy at the same time.
Since I have small legs and feet (and they have to carry such a heavy weight LOL), I usually go for wedges and doll flat shoes. Most of my foot wear are flats and wedges up to 3 inches. Anything higher will make my feet tired from walking in just a couple of hours.
I don't have much shoes but I can tell you that I have a couple of dozens. But none of them are sneakers. Haha! I just don't like sneakers. I guess it's just not my style! I have nothing against sneakers but I never fancied them. Even my friends find it weird when I wear theirs... they say I look awkward in them. Haha!

But anyway, even though I don't get to wear them as my footwear, I get to wear them on my nails in this NOTD! :P

I used all Caronia Polishes in this NOTD. And I also used a black and blue Sharpee for the 'Shoelace.'

It got quite messy when I fell asleep. I thought it was completely dry but I guess I was wrong. Uh oh! :P

But what do you think of this very easy nail art?
Do you think I can sport something sporty even if it's only on my nails?



  1. Looks good! I might have to try this sometime. :)

  2. that looks really nice but I bet its not easy to do! :))

  3. thats so cute, dawn! would love to try that one out din :)


  4. wow you're creative, these are so cute! what did you use to draw the shoe laces? :)

  5. Thanks, girls!

    Shayne - I used a Sharpee!! Haha! :P