Sunday, June 09, 2013

Early June Haul

 Hey dears!

This week is a very expensive week for me. I was lemming for new makeup and I just went on a shopping spree without even thinking of how much money I have been spending! Haha! But I have no regrets since everything I bought are quite promising.

Here are my new babies:

The much-talked-about Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder
I've always wanted to try this out! Bought it from my dear friend, Erika.

Laneige Snow Crystal Intense Lipstick in Orange Bloom
Bought this at 50% off! It was only Php 525.00! :)

Got the biggest tub of Strip It! Hair Removal Sugaring.
I've been a fan since the first time I tried it! This is worth Php 355.00 at Sesou.

A Zen Nutrients Haul! I'm trying to go organic to be kinder to my skin for a change.
Aloe Vera Shampoo - Php 225.00
Underarm Whitening Cream - Php 225.00
Strawberry Lip Scrub - Php 225.00

Also did some shopping at Saizen!
Had to buy some necessities. Haha!

And finally, I bought some preloved makeup from Hollie. These are just so adorable! :)

I'll post reviews and swatch posts on these sometime soon!
Just comment below which ones you want me to do first. :)

And oh! Liz and I also bought some more today during our little trip to SM MoA. Will post about it tomorrow! ;)



  1. Oh really interesting haul!
    Now I´m following youn in GFC
    I hope your follow me back!

  2. Sakuranko- Thanks for the follow! Followed you back! :)

  3. hehehe glad you like the stuff ^_^

    BTW, I have the Ben Nye colorless poweder, it's a great mattifier.

    I've tried that Banana powder, but it's too yellow, so I find it works best if topped with a powder which is closer your skin tone.

  4. Hollie - The banana one looks good on me since my skin has a yellowish tone to it. Soooo loving it! And definitely love the stuff I got from you! <3