Monday, June 24, 2013

My 168 and HBC Haul

Hey everyone!

Since it's Manila Day, I got the day off!
It's been a while since I had a day all to myself. So I indulged myself with yummy Silvanas and watching different TV Series. And I also did some product photoshoots for the blog.

For today's post, let me share with you some items I bought during my adventure trip around Manila last Saturday. Why did I say it was an adventure? Well, I just went around areas in the city of Manila via Jeepney for the first time—my house (Sampaloc area) to Robinsons Manila to Divisoria to UST and finally, to Lucky Chinatown Mall. I haven't tried commuting to some of those places by my self so I was curious and a bit scared during the commutes. I wasn't sure if I was riding the right jeep! Haha! How thankful I was that my friend's BF took us home with his car. I was so exhausted (and almost out of pocket money!).

Anyway, here are some of the new stuff that you'll see in my posts soon! ;)

Nail Art stuff! Woot!
Got all three boxes for PhP 250.00.

Some fake, geeky glasses for PhP 50.00 each.

Necklaces for PhP 33.00 each!

Also bought these products from HBC:

Body Recipe Milk + Hand and Body Lotion - PhP 142.00
Body Recipe Blueberry Foot Scrub - PhP 65.00
Body Recipe Blueberry Foot Balm - PhP 65.00
Body Recipe Blueberry Foot Soak - PhP 65.00
Allue Milk Body Lotion - PhP 59.75
Body Recipe Milk + Sunblock Cream - 83.00
Handspray Limited Edition (2 boxes - 3 sprays/box) - PhP 99.00/box

And I also received this gift from HBC - San San!

Their new eyeshadow collection!!! Woooot!
Swatches and my review on this will be posted soon!
Will also be posting different makeup looks that I will do using this babies!!! Stay tuned for that! :)

Well... That's about it! So many new stuff (again). I keep buying stuff. Someone... please stop me. Hahaha! 

What do you think of all these new stuff?
Which one do you like the most/ would like me to review first? Just comment below, loves! ;)



  1. so many reviews to look forward too :)

  2. many shadows to try out! I'm jealous! Have fun and I hope they all work out!

  3. Great cheap finds! Looking forward to the eyeshadow swatches too! :)

  4. haha that's a loooot of eyeshadows!!! :P

  5. Em - Excited to do them too! Haha!

    Sharlynn - Hoping that as well!

    becomingsleek - Will do that soon!

    hazel - Yeeeeah! <3