Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My First Sample Room Order

Hey guys!

I guess I've been so late from all the Sample Room craze. Haha! 
Most of you are probably members of Sample Room and have tried some of their items. As for me, I just registered last week and ordered my first products last Saturday with the free 100 points I got automatically upon registration.

And yesterday, I got the package! Yayyy!

It was inside this cute recyclable paper bag.

This package contained 2 products:

It was wrapped in bubble wrap to make sure that the products remain in good condition while getting shipped.

The products I ordered are the following:

 Moringa-O Malunggay  Herbal Facial Toner


Zenutrients Tea Tree Underarm Spray

Can't wait to try these items and write my reviews! :)



  1. I also got these two! They haven't arrived yet but the Tea Tree Underarm spray looks really promising.


  2. Hey Ile! Hoping it works well on me! :)

  3. congrats on your first sample room haul! :) I super love SR and their amazing product launchings. enjoy your moringa-o haul! their tones is amazing. i'm using it right now. I also have a review on their lotion which is also my fav.! :)


  4. Raych - Thanks! I'm loving SR too! :3


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