Tuesday, June 11, 2013

GirlStuff Washable Nail Polish

 Hi loves!

Do you have a kikay daughter/niece or little sister?
 If you do, then I'm sure she wants to try and wear some nail polishes too!
Well good news for the pretty little girls out there because GirlStuff is here! They have polishes that have less chemicals and that they are safe for children and even pregnant women!

Of course these young girls can't wear polishes for a long time since I believe most schools prohibit girls from wearing polishes on their nails. And another good news from GirlStuff yet again! They have washable nail polishes too! YES! They are washable!! 

I have one and its shade is Fuchsia Pink.

I got this for free from GirlStuff to try it out personally along with their other purchases.
You can view the other items I got here.

A bottle is around PhP 100.00. 

Below are details of the product:

At the bottom of the bottle is the manufacturing and expiration dates.
 2 years life span! :)

The brush is small enough to apply on small nails of children and big enough to get an ample amount of product for 1 coat one nail.

This is the bottle:

And here's what it looks like on my nails on its first coat: 

 Don't worry if it isn't as solid as you'd like. It would look much better with the second coat on...

Gorgeous, right? 

And removing it is so easy! 

 All you need is water...

 some rubbing...

and probably some scratching off at the sides.

It's so easy to use and easy to remove!

Liz said it's perfect for her since now that she's always in her hospital duties, she can't wear nail polishes anymore. But with this, she can have pretty nails during the short hours she's free to be out in the city.

Have you tried washable nail polishes yet?
What shades of polish from GirlStuff have you used?



  1. That's so cool! I've heard of water based nail polish but its my first time to hear a nail polish that easy to remove!

  2. I remember when I used one of Allue's water-based nail polish last week. I didn't know it was washable! I was quite surprised when I washed my hands an hour after. These washable nail polish are perfect for kids. Although this Fuchsia Pink is so pretty, what a shame that it's not long lasting.


  3. Em - It was my first time to hear about a washable polish too! It's impressive!

    Ile - thanks! My niece is having fun with this polish! :D