Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Hollywood Style Light Summer Lotion

Hey guys!

Before we officially end the summer (though it doesn't feel like it since it's still super hot), here's my review of

Hollywood Style Light Summer Lotion

A bottle is Php 195.00.

I was happy that I got a full size bottle from my April Glamourbox.
My first thoughts upon opening the cap was that it smells nice and it feels so light.

Info of the product is labeled at the back:

And more from the website:

Light Summer Lotion 
Summer lotion replenishes skin with an instant burst of hydration. This 100% oil-free lotion is made with cooling cucumber, soothing aloe vera and revitalizing vitamin E to moisturize skin without leaving it feeling oily or heavy. Fast absorbing and non-sticky, it leaves skin feeling cool and fresh all day long. Contains natural sunscreen ingredients for daily summertime protection.

Pour a small amount into palms of hand, then use gliding motion to apply to skin, gently massaging until it absorbs. Apply extra amount to areas that need more attention, such as knees, elbows, etc.

The consistency of this lotion is very light. It's oil free so I don't feel greasy when I apply this. Perfect for the summer heat! It gets quickly absorbed by the skin and leaves it feeling fresh and smelling good. 

Though I feel refreshed whenever I use this, I think this isn't enough to completely hydrate my skin. I still get dry areas like on my arms and elbows unlike before when I was using a different brand.

I guess this is a good product to use in the morning when you go out but I recommend you get a different one for better moisturization at night before sleeping.

Have you tried this summer lotion yet?
What about the other products from Hollywood Style?



  1. I tried this just once, for impressions. It's pretty refreshing on overheated skin and I love that it's practically weightless, despite me staying in a hot and humid room that day I tried it out :P

  2. Tellie - Agree on everything you mentioned. Too bad the moisturization it gives isn't enough for me.