Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Dishes to Try at Yabu

Hi everyone!

Anyone here who are fans of Yabu: House of Katsu?

Liz and I have been fans of this Katsu place since the first time we've tried it and that's why I was very excited when I was invited by Erika to try their newest dishes last Saturday! :)

I'm not a food blogger but I can't pass up this opportunity to eat at one of my favorite places! :P

We met at Yabu, Robinsons Magnolia branch, where I usually go since it is close to our house and it's the least crowded mall that I find most comfortable to hang-out at. Sadly, Liz wasn't able to come since she had hospital duties so I brought my bro with me instead.

As usual, the place is getting crowded when it's nearing dinner time. It's apparent that so many people still love Yabu ever since it opened.

I just had to take a picture of the condiments... especially that salt holder thing that I fancy so much.

Anyway, Erika ordered for us so we can try the newest addition to the delicious menu of Yabu.

First off, for appetizer, we got...

Iidako Salad and Cold Spinach Salad with Goma Sauce

It was our first time to eat baby octopus!

Both the appetizers were yummy! We even had a second serving of both! I particularly liked the spinach while my bro really liked the baby octopus dish.

A few minutes later, the main dishes arrived.

My brother got the...

Rosu Katsu.

This, actually, has been in the menu ever since. But what made it different this time is that it is now made with U.S. Pork! 

It's juicier and much more delicious!

I, on the other hand, got their new...
Miso Katsu

This is definitely delish! The sauce was so rich and flavorful! I'm sure that I will order it again soon!

During and after the meal, Erika, my bro and I had a very lengthy conversation. We talked about almost everything! Haha!
It was so much fun, Erika! :) Thank you so much for the amazing dinner!

The new dishes are indeed great additions to the already delicious line-up of food from Yabu: House of Katsu. I recommend you try them out too if you haven't yet! :)

For more updates on Yabu, visit their:



  1. That baby octopus is giving me major chicken feet cravings *_*

  2. All looks really yummuy!
    Cute pics!

  3. Tellie - Haha! But do try that baby octopus dish! It's super yummmmmy! :D

    Sakuranko - Thanks! :D They are yummy! :D