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My B•liv Experience

Hello everyone!

During the last week of April, I was contacted by Josephine to try out B•liv. They asked what my skin type was and other skin concerns and they suggested me a routine to follow using their products to remedy these problems. I immediately agreed to try it and I received this products from B•liv a few days after:

I was so excited to try them out. I wasn't aware of the brand but checking out their website really got me curious. Besides, I'd do what I can to get my skin looking better since this has been an issue of mine since I hit puberty. I was glad that I got the opportunity to try something like this, a skin care set formulated to fix MY skin problems.

So before anything else, what's b•liv all about?

b•liv is about confidence as we are seeking to inspire young people to believe in themselves and motivate them to make a difference not only in their skincare but also in their lives. The name “b.liv” is not just a contraction of the word “believe” but also a union of the words “be” and “live” aiming at forming a life style motto that encourages b•livers to “live the moment.

Below are other information mentioned to me by Josephine in her email:

We are the expert in curing blackheads, acnes and scars. Our products are able to cure the most sensitive skin in the world, not to mention other skin types.  All our products are formulated with CX Formulation, an advanced in-clinic formulation that combines the power of biological active ingredients, natural plant extracts, antioxidants and a bio-active delivery system, offering the best performance for immediate and visible results within 2 weeks for various skin problems without any side effects.

Let's go to the items they gave me...

These three I use daily. 2 of them twice a day.

Below are individual shots with descriptions of the products. I've also linked them to the website in case you'd like t know more about each. I can't do a detailed review on each of them since I used them together.
Just click on the image for a larger view. At the right you can see the labels on the box - product description, ingredients, and directions.

Off with Those Heads - Removes blackheads and whiteheads, controls oils and prevents breakouts

This has a clear gel consistency and is mildly scented, much like the other products which I like since I don't like applying products on my face that smells too strong (unless they smell of Vanilla. :P). This product feels so cool on the skin when applied.

Shrink and Tighten - tightens porer, firming and brightening.

It has sort of oil-like consistency but it isn't oil! It just feels thick when applied and it has a warm sensation that will last for a few seconds til it gets completely absorbed by the skin.

Spots Got Shot - dries up acne, soaks up excessive oil, prevents acne reoccurrence and removes dead skin cell

This has a white, creamy texture. This too gets absorbed by the skin pretty quickly.

Glow and Shine - gently exfoliates skin, lightens and brightens the dull and uneven tone

I love how these smell. It's creamy with a bit of fine, gritty scrubs for exfoliation. I so love how my face feels like after using this.

(I've already used the other mask sheet before remembering to take photos. Sorry.)

Kick Spots Out - Soothing and Oil Controlling, remove acne causing factors and prevent future complications
 Japan Silk Mask Repair & Rescue - sensitive Salvation
 Japan Silk Mask Immerse Me - Utmost Moisture 

 Here are the directions they gave me on how to use these products:


1. Cleanse your face and apply toner evenly.
2. Apply 2-3 drops of OffWithThoseHeads at T-zone & problem area.
3. Tip SpotsGotShot on the affected or spotted area.
4. Apply moisturizer and sunblock.


1. Cleanse your face and apply toner evenly.
2. Apply 2-3 drops of OffWithThoseHeads at T-zone & problem area.
3. Apply 2-3 drops of ShrinkAnd Tighten+ and gently massage until fully absorbed
4. Tip SpotsGotShot on the affected or spotted area.
5. Apply moisturizer
6. [Once a week] Apply a thick layer of GlowAndShine evenly on your face and neck. Leave on for 5-10 minutes and gently massage with wet hands for 5-10 seconds. Rinse well with plenty of water.
7. [Once a week] {lace SheetMask on face for 20-30 minutes. Remove Mask and gently massage excess serum into the skin.
8. [2-3 times a week] Place Japan Silk Mask on Face for 20-30 minutes. Remove Mask and gently massage excess serum into the skin.

I followed the directions strictly and never skipped a day. Such a disciplined kid I was! It was quite surprising! Haha! I used to forget doing my skin care before. :P 

 Anyway, here was my photo before I used B•liv:

Yes, I do look unpleasant without makeup. Haha. Please bare with my natural face.

And below is what my face looked like after 3 weeks with B•liv:

I kind of got a little darker because I went swimming. :P
(Please just click on the photos for a larger view)

My face wasn't as dull and it seemed to help with tightening some of my pores which you can see in these side by side pictures of my left cheek below:

 It didn't do much on the acne marks though but all throughout the time I was using b•liv, I never got any new breakout! That impressed me the most.

My 3 week experience didn't made drastic changes to my skin but it helped avoid reoccurrences for sure. I didn't encounter and irritations on my skin and I like how these products feel good when applied (I don't appreciate products that feel greasy).

Do I recommend this?
I do, especially their Glow & Shine. Though the change was subtle, it still delivered what it promised. The products were easy to use and they didn't made any damage to my skin so I believe that b•liv is worth the try!

Interested to know more on this? Check out their


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