Saturday, June 22, 2013

Nature Republic: Herb Dressing White Honey Foam Cleanser

Good evening ladies,

This has been another long overdued post... sorry. Anyway, this product was one of our purchases during Nature Republic's sale a few months back.

I've been using it ever since and so far, it's been a really great product. It cleans the skin well and  when you clean up with a toner afterwards, there's only minimal if not none at all residue/dirt left. It leaves the skin feeling smooth and refreshed, it does not dry it out.

It has a really light "baby powder-like smell", which I like. And well, generally, it's definitely a product I'll be saving up for to buy again... hopefully it runs out on me during the holidays since money tends to come my way during those months. :)

I did get this at a discounted price of about 100-200, but the original price isn't as lucrative either, I think it's around 300-350 and it lasts for quite a while.

I really need to get a more permanent stash of facial wash, well, I am planning on having several brands as my main choices and this fits in. That's all for today.



  1. This hasn't been on my radar until now. Their ganoderma face wash is the one that interested me.

    If this one's good I'm having high hopes for the other one. :P

  2. Oh this product looks really nice sweetie!
    Nature Republic is a really cool brand!

  3. I will try to buy this bec you said the smell is powder like which I like! :) thanks! :)

  4. glad to know you found a facial wash that you really, plus the price isn't that steep either. Too bad, Nature Republic still isn't available here in Cebu.

    I'm still using Celeteque Hydration Facial Wash, been using it since 2011 and it's the only one I keep coming back to. ^_^

  5. @rae A. - I'd like to try that one too... hope you get to share your experience with that product

    @eyah - not so sure about the powder-like... i might have gotten my baby-powder-smell-memory wrong... hehe... :)... just know that I label all "good-girl" smelling products as baby powder like. :)

    @hollie - I tried celeteque facial wash but it didn't work well with me. My somewhat dermatologist-recommended-sounding facial wash would still be cetaphil... I don't really know why I don't buy it that often though. :)