Sunday, June 23, 2013

Review: Too Cool for School: Hot Girl Lip Sticker in #5 Real Red

Good evening ladies,

Remember that a while back we went shopping at this new Korean Make-up store, Too Cool for School. Unfortunately for me, I was only able to purchase one lipstick... but anyway since I have a huge lack of red lipsticks (I tend to buy nude shaded ones or light pink ones)... I decided to try their red lipstick.

It's a little heavy on the budget, it cost me around  Php 435 and I wasn't really all that excited about it since I found it to be quite, short... and on first try, it didn't look very impressive. But I decided to buy it because I wanted a matte red lipstick and the color wasn't that bad on my lips as well.

Here's a picture of the product and packaging.

Here's a picture of my lips sans the lipstick.

Swatch of the lipstick on my hand.

And here it is applied with a lip brush, one coat only, unblotted... was too lazy to run another coat.

Anyway, the more you build it up the more red it becomes. The product did not disappoint me though, it lasted for the whole day. I wore it on my duty and did not retouch it for 12 plus hours and it was still pretty bold and red at the end of the day... here's a picture taken with my phone after 12 hours.

However, when I took this picture, I applied 2 coats that day... as advised by Lisa Eldridge. To add to it's long lasting-ness (if there is a word), it was very resistant to water and food. Also, it did not chap my lips... they do look kind of dry in this photo, but I did not have cracks or loose skins at the end of the day so that's a big plus. I read in that it contains jojoba oil, so that may have added to the anti-chap effect.

The collection comes in 5 colors:
Blossom Pink
Hawaiian Flower (which the SA said was a best seller)
Lady Salmon
Real Red

You can click the link above to check out pictures of the other shades.

To summarize...

What I like:
Long Lasting
Does not chap/crack the lips

What I don't like:
Somewhat expensive (Php 435)

Would I buy again?

It turned out to be a good purchase after all, isn't that nice? Anyway, I hope to be able to buy more great products from this store... for now I will have to wait and patiently make up strategies to save money so I can buy more make ups.



  1. That looks like a really nice lipstick. I'll keep out an eye for that one.:)

  2. nice shade!! bloody red :)

  3. That's amazing lasting power and the stain is so even! I've been trying very hard to wear lip products to keep my lip hydrated but just balms and glosses!

  4. Korean makeup stores is the least I would look a matte lipstick in. I thought they were all shiny and shimmery and glimmery and glowy.

    I must check them out.